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  1. Everyone is suggesting harsher punishments. I am a total fan of this idea to heavy RP, we have such a good/modern server in features and players who only use the guns in the server. Back to the harsher punishments. Do we have to remind everyone that for a simple warning, let’s say for a ram, we get the whole /p filled with “idiot admin” “what i do” “wtf” “why warn”?? You are saying we let people get away with things they shouldn’t get away with and in the meantime we get flamed for punishing people FOR ACTUAL AND LEGITIMATE REASONS. Please get a look at yourselves and observe how people are c
  2. They will not make any more farms. I’ve tried
  3. Most of the not supported opinions are from people that work/have worked/were in good relations with finneys or from people that simply hate us because we are cops or whatever reason. The argument of apply for FA to get a taste of farming is absolute garbage. I want to get a taste of it myself, my profit, my rp, my experince, my time for me, not my time for them, their profit, barely any rp. They worked their asses off.. Get out of here with this work... Everyone remembers when they were cops and did nothing just to get paychecks.. you call this haaard work? I do not. half of the farms
  4. #freethefarms Highly supported! WE WANT TO GET A TASTE OF FARMING TOO!!!!
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