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  1. Dimos

    0.3 DL

    it will be nice poilice have taser gun look like
  2. Dimosthenis Gatsby was born at jefferson hospital 9 february 1984 01:54 his parents Dimitris Gatsby and Angela Rosso lived and raised at las Collinas as kid was like action movies and cop related detective solve crimes while start going school he deside follow his father carrier as Police detective when pass Into the Police academy his parents was so pround of him but his father died from a hart attack and his Mom was murder a uncle take him and his brother in and the help the Police fight the crime reduce the criminal rate with what ever way they could.
  3. Dimos

    Mudoo map

    Oh i didn't see it thank you delete this pleaae
  4. Dimos

    Mudoo map

    Hello guys i have a idea it will be nice if exist a Mao mod with 4oafs etc and have icons where is weed spots and heroin is so New players download it and help them ether are cops or not what is your opinion?
  5. https://youtu.be/thyKtB1hbqQ
  6. Yes it is exist on YouTube too
  7. I used elm 9 but need cleo as well you can write on Google and find it
  8. @LocMax Well the only problem i see and hear all time it not lsrp so what that not make excuse not roleplay something all i hear most time is that is not lsrp get over it yes it not but we need to roleplay and not take gun out just roll down mouse and then if criminal do it to cops and lost it deathmatch but if win it okay or two criminal and one loose it deathmatch but if win its okay still is a deathmatch because you not roleplay shit
  9. Well not all player can afford buy a mask wich is lost if you die even not wear it so clothing mask hide your id icly
  10. @LocMaxthe other problem i have seen is a criminal have clothing mask on and cops su him for plant weed or Cook heroin or what ever how the know Who is for name above that is metagaming which lead to another deathmatch
  11. It need change to medium or hard roleplay for my opinion that is the only solution to solve the deathmatch or make the roleplay rules more strick
  12. I can't roleplay when someone comming take his gun out without proper roleplay and start shooting at me then i will fire back to protect myself that is simple make the rules hard at least a proper roleplay exist
  13. Yes i agreen light roleplay which mean you need roleplay at least something if not do it at all and just take gun out with just roll your guns you not belong to a rolepaly server but to a deathmutch not need to be hard roleplay for do a roleplay at least roleplay you take your guns out otherwishe it consinder deathmutch because the gun from where it came from thin air?
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