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  1. Drop your ammunation location and the buy out.
  2. You didn't even answer me in pms and also didn't say anything in local chat. All you were doing is trying to run away, now tell me why should i unban you if you don't have any intentions to role play?
  3. You didnt answer my pms you didnt answer when i teleported to you, why did you try to run away from everytime i tried to contact you. Your punishment history is already a mess. Why should we unban you?
  4. That kind of language to a manager wont get you anywhere
  5. What are you expecting from us, you are the one that started shooting.
  6. If you were afk why did you choose to shoot the police officer?
  7. If he has seen you doing heroin or standing in the heroin shack, he has permissions to frisk you and seize if you have any illegal items. Also if you started shooting him first, expect to be shot back.
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