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  1. This is your second ban for cheating, why should we allow you to play and cheat again for a third time? Give us a proper reason to unban you and then we can think about it.
  2. 02:47:57] Luca Changretta says: 700k x2 [02:48:00] Luca Changretta says: gtg to sllep [02:48:19] Vanessha Bawazer says [Japanese accent]: Go This is what you said when Vanessha said go. [02:48:30] * Luca Changretta rolls the dice, which lands on {FFCC00}4{DDA2F0}. [02:48:38] * Luca Changretta rolls the dice, which lands on {FFCC00}4{DDA2F0}. This is when dice was rolled. [02:48:48] Luca Changretta says: go poli. And this was said after this. As you can clearly see you as a dealer said 700kX2 and there were 2 people at table, so either one can say go if not mentioned properly. So now cut the bullshit and answer these-
  3. In game you clearly, lied to me and kept lying that I said 700K X2 Pol. Either way you've been dice banned earlier, still you decide to not pay a guy just because "your were not playing with him", I think it was a pretty dumb option is choose. Now why should we concidering unbanning you? How to do assure us no more such incident will happen on your side regarding gambling?
  4. Concidering this, as this is first ban on them. I'll unban them, if you repeat the same thing again, you are getting banned without any chance of getting unbanned. To be unbanned in 12hours.
  5. Denied for ban evading, /q ing to avoide RP & also for the reason this ban is issued.
  6. After log verification, we found him guilty. At 13:10:05 he was knocked by Roger, and at 13:10:10 he /q. He connected back after 32 mins and 12 seconds. He will be spoken to about this and punished accordingly. Thank you for reporting. L&A
  7. It would have been much easy, if you would have acknowledge these earlier instead of flaming @Weston.
  8. When I made James ask you where you have stored you took him to your apartment, and told him that's all you got. But James later found your other apartment filled with stuff as well. Why did you lie to me on first place?
  9. Hello, I'll be taking care of this. Side note: Player has been banned today as well.
  10. Why should I even consider this appeal? This is not the first time you are getting banned for getting guns in a illegal way. You very well know getting guns from hacker is similar to script abuse and get guns, like you did last time. Now tell me why should I consider this ban appeal & why should I unban you?
  11. Send the video over to my discord. INFERNO ™#4826
  12. I'll unban you, but keep in mind you are at worst possible position, learn from the mistakes you did as soon as you can, because I doubt if you'll be unbanned if you get banned again.
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