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  1. grow up

  2. 14-03-2020 02:22:05 - [me] Bryan_Wolf (0)(33410): attempting to frisk James.
  3. There was a misunderstanding due to multiple accounts being on the IP, we are sorry for this. You're unbanned.
  4. Denied, for sharing pictures of other people without consent.
  5. He had clean punishment history, has been verbally warned for pausing mid shootout. Thanks for reporting, you can ICly report the breach of not showing badge and shooting to the respective faction leaders. L&A
  6. After checking the guy, he was on duty with badge off. And now regarding the shooting it's not DM, he had proper reason to shoot you. About badge it's not a server rule breach to shoot with badge off, it's an IC breach and is to he dealt ICly. Lastly about the pausing he will be spoken to regarding that.
  7. Stop lying to me. This is when deal ended: This is when you crashed: 10-03-2020 12:02:32 - [DISCONNECT] James_Andersons (40)(23423) disconnected (crashed) This is when you came In-game but didn't sign in and logout: 10-03-2020 12:11:15 - [CONNECT] James_Andersons (30) connected to the server from IP: HIDDEN | Serial: hidden 10-03-2020 12:11:26 - [DISCONNECT] (disconnected from login screen) James_Andersons (30)(0) disconnected (kicked) 10-03-2020 12:17:00 - [CONNECT] James_Andersons (21) connected to the server from IP: HIDDEN | Serial: hidden 10-03-2020 12:17:24 - [DISCONNECT] (disconnected from login screen) James_Andersons (21)(0) disconnected (kicked) Now finally you came online at: 10-03-2020 14:19:38 - [CONNECT] James_Andersons (48) connected to the server from IP: HIDDEN | Serial: hidden 10-03-2020 14:19:55 - [LOGIN] James_Andersons (48)(23423) successfully logged in 10-03-2020 14:20:58 - [DISCONNECT] James_Andersons (48)(23423) disconnected (disconnected) And finally I banned you because you kept coming to server and check if the guys were there or not. Your history is not clean as well, casino scams are there on record, which is also another not allowed scam. So why should be give you another chance? Provided you lied to me in appeal that your light went out, yet after crashing you logged off from sign-in page.
  8. To be unbanned 12th March. Don't ban evade till then.
  9. Since you decided to came up apologizing, what will change if we unban you.
  10. Seems like this time you regret what you did. You'll be unbanned in some hours. Don't repeat this again.
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