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  1. I'll be handling your report please be patient while we look into the matter.
  2. Hello I will be handling your report, please have patience while we look into the matter.
  3. Hi I am the admin who will be handling your report. Please be patient while we talk to other party about this.
  4. After talking to all the party, we found you were gambling outside casino when the scam happened. And if you get scammed outside casino we can't help you.
  5. Hello after getting facts, these people did talk about these on /p and will be talked to about that, but it's not a rule break to talk about this on /p. It's a rule break once they does these.
  6. Hello I'll be handling your report, please be patient while we look into the matter.
  7. Hello, I'll be handling your report. Please be patient while we take the events in account.
  8. You are not banned, your IP provided maybe a banned one. Try restarting your router.
  9. Wrong board. Will be moved to IC advertisement. This section is for auction only.

    Staff applications

    Just remember how I like my coffee lads, with less cream and 2 cube of sugar.
  11. Light roleplay for me is to roleplay with proper motive, background and story and not having to portray each small action. Light roleplay is basically roleplay with less amount of detailing with /me /do stuffs.
  12. Boombox doesn't show in inventory. Maybe you bought it earlier, try to /boombox spawn(command to use boombox, if you have one). Let us know if that works or not.
  13. GoodDay wrote: Wed Jun 26, 2019 11:26 pm "Opium farming is the only source of income for the people of Bone County. People of Bone County has to do something to bring home the bacon. You don't offer them job, you don't offer them necessities of life, you kill them when they try to earn some money by farming opium that's why BCGOV has taken interest of people." - A journalist from Bone County Express. How will BC-GOV explain this?
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