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    Group Council

    In-game name: Eduardo Williams Registration date: 6th December, 2018. Most recent punishment, type and date: 23rd February, kick by kacper Williams for being afk as suspect. That is my only punishment. Current group membership: San Andreas Police Department- Police Officer II, Special Weapon and Tactics - Cadet, Federal Beureu of Investigation - Trainee Agent, San Andreas Impound- Impounder, Williams Family- Council, Orion Foundation - Executive Member, San Andreas Fire Department- Probationary Fire Fighter, SAPD command - Academy Instructor. Previous group membership: Los Santos Custom- Mechanic, Los Santos Vagos, Sindacco and Gambino. Motive for joining the council: Firstly I adore this server a lot, I always try my best from my side to be of help to the server and the players in the server. Now groups are one of the key features of our server, management of groups and handling them is probably the most responsible job. Being able to work with group council team is a opportunity of pride and honour. I am matured enough to provide non biased and proper aid and decisions regarding groups that will enable me to be a good addition to the team and be of great help to the council. This server helped me a lot so I am going all extents to help this server , one of the step is being part of this council and help the team. Three positive and negative attributes about yourself: Positive- * Honest * Dedicated * Matured * Friendly * Patient * Serious at work * Team player * Humourous Negative- * Inactivity stretch due to job.(doesn't exceed a week) * Slow typer * Habit to cut communication when annoyed over something * Distracted certain times over minor stuffs
  2. Finding hidden happy anniversary text, for prize. Convoy of all people around San Andreas. TDM event in paintball. Triathlon. A speech by community owners. Awards for excellent performance.
  3. As he said, 2 MIL while we sign the contract. And rest 2MIL when the contract ends.
  4. Find me a buffalo, been long since I risked my life on line and worked as a cop.
  5. I am taking off the offer, due to my buisness partner encountering some instability. Disregard my bid. Will let you know if I put a new bid.
  6. I edited my bid, you can contact me over forum or discord.
  7. I would offer you, 4 Million cash advance payment, for a contract of a month. If everything goes smoothly we will extend our contract when this one is about to end.
  8. If it's up for sell, I am offering you 6MIL. Kindly let me know if this price is okay for you or no.

    The Meme Department

    Ahh, thanks for the topic @Bruce. I'll initiate it with some of the brain memes.
  10. Your in-game name Inferno(will register) You real life age 20 Your country and timezone India, +5:30 How do you describe yourself as a person Cool, patient, friendly, responsible, someone who fits well into team environment, humourous, not easily offended, open minded, mature and man of word. What are your motives for becoming a moderator? I have earlier played in AG server and UG as well, this community is where I started my SAMP experience, for me being a moderator is not just server administration but also a way to payback for the experience this community has provided me by keeping it free of toxicity and rule breakers, making it a server where people would never face any kind of problems. Maintain a healthy game environment, helping seniors to manage server and keeping players happy and satisfied is my motivation to join staff team. How will you deal with a friend that is asking for favors? Depends on favour, if it is something that is against server rules then no. Rules are applicable for everyone, there is no friends or anyone in between rules. But if the favour is something that won't effect the rules or other peoples gameplay then that favour can be looked upon. How will you deal with a new player that keeps on rule-breaking, after several warnings? First time rule breaking should be lecture, repeated offense should lead to verbal warning, followed by reporting to seniors, and act as per their suggestion, maybe admin jail or warn, last resort should be banning the player. Any additional information you feel is relevant I can be very efficient in working in a team environment. I can keep the mood of people light with keen sense of humour I have. Also I can work upto full potential for a place I care for and mudoo community is one of those place. I have a vast experience of playing TDM servers and also good knowledge about bugs and cheats people use. I don't have a TDM account here, but once server opens I'll make one. Screenshot of your in-game stats
  11. What is your in-game name? Eduardo_Williams Which player(s) do you want to report? Flash_Gambino When did the rulebreak happen? 04/15/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? James_McCane, Ace Makkonen What happened? (quote what rule was broken) Me, james and ace were patrolling, we saw on dispatch a speeding infernus, So we pulled him over, it was flash gambino inside, he evaded and ran to gam hq, he was suspected in meantime. When we reached gam hq he went inside and locked himself by /gate. We crossed fenxe and went in, aimed tasers on him, he stood still no response and then he forced crashed himself, we waited for 10mins maybe he crashed legit but he did not come back. Evidence [13:08:10] {0235A3}[Dispatch]{006FED} Radar: Infernus (plate: 4G5FGM14{006FED}) going 158 km/h at Commerce, Los Santos [13:08:25] * Flash Gambino turns on the engine of their Infernus. [13:08:27] Eduardo Williams o<: This is the POLICE DEPARTMENT - PULL OVER to the SIDE of the ROAD! [13:08:35] Ace Makkonen says: sir by the way the infernus is speeding [13:08:48] ** Eduardo Williams o<: Bit forward ** [13:08:48] {0235A3}[Radio]{006FED} SAPD Police Officer II James McCane {0235A3}[A-1]{006FED}: Ace go [13:08:51] {0235A3}[Dispatch]{006FED} CCTV sees somebody planting a C4 at Jefferson, Los Santos [13:08:59] * Ace Makkonen whispers something to Flash Gambino [13:09:01] Flash Gambino says: first remove your shit [13:09:39] {0235A3}[Dispatch]{006FED} James_McCane suspected Flash_Gambino of Evading. [13:09:42] Ace Makkonen o<: This is the POLICE DEPARTMENT - PULL OVER to the SIDE of the ROAD! [13:09:46] * Eduardo Williams unholsters their taser. [13:10:04] Eduardo Williams says: ON THE GROUND NOW [13:10:17] * Flash_Gambino (3) left the server (crashed). After his crash we waited for him to come back but he did not return, so it's a force crash aparently
  12. Will offer 100k as starting offer. Please reply asap.
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