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  1. Still does not answer, how you were the one who was bugging in the car and after banning you the car fell down, anyways it's weird, I'll unban you but I recommend you to have voluntary cac.
  2. I believe we can help you, I'll scrutinize the area and let you know.
  3. Ask any senior admin+ IG they will do it. To who ever does the change, make sure to update this topic with property ID.
  4. Please send a picture of the property.
  5. Hi kindly DM me the video on forums.
  6. To be refunded in-game, ask any snr admin or above.
  7. Hello, Mikro is looking into this issue, once we have an update from him we will tell you meanwhile, was your Maverick despawned for a long time?
  8. Property activated 1092 with template 0 and int 136.
  9. Property activated 1144, template 0 & int 38 not to be changed.
  10. Request any snr admin or above in-game to set it.
  11. No we are not adding any business or changing type. 2- We are not adding any sort of business or editing any old business to change it's type.
  12. Nope, not that, it's not being set rn, we(management) have plans for it
  13. We are not adding any house inside LS as of now.
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