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    Lost mask.

    In game name?
  2. You come up clean now or I'll deny you, you had high jumps, admit to the facts or I'll deny you.
  3. to be set, contact any senior ig.
  4. Alright ask a snr+ to set it IG.
  5. @LocMax do you approve increased furniture limit?
  6. I've concidered your story, I was confirmed the same by some people around the sit at that time. I'll give you another chance but, you have to make sure you never share on Mudoo platforms again not matter the context. Unbanned.
  7. I am glad that you admitted the fault, remove any sort of modifications that may give you unfair advantage from your game and you'll be put on CAC as well. Which you can download and get installation guide from here: https://mudoogaming.com/cac Unbanned and CACed.
  8. Not possible script wise, the wall is supposed to be attached to ground removing it means hollowing up the ground.
  9. Explain what you mean, I don't see need for an office here, also that shop is a betting shop.

    New int

    Stop making new topics and send a picture of house
  11. Which one do you need?
  12. https://panel-rpg.mudoogaming.com/player/james_jhonson James_Jonson does not exist only close name was this, can you give me some date when it happened or somthing
  13. Request refund in game withing 1 week from this reply.
  14. No way for us to check that, which vehicle was it? I will try to check
  15. Your account Eric_Brook is unbanned btw, USE ONLY THAT ACCOUNT.
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