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  1. What is your in-game name? Adam Stokes Which player(s) do you want to report? Martin Oblonsky When did the rulebreak happen? 07/02/2020 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Noone. What happened? (quote what rule was broken) ((/grabmask for no reason just to identify a player, shit roleplay, metagaming, /q to avoid RP, breach of green zone rules)) So. I was in PD in Pershing Square and I had a small chat with Martin Oblonsky. So, after a few seconds of having a small conversation in character he decided to /grabmask me so he can identify who I am. He grabbed off my mask, then I asked him for the reason. He has failed to say why but he rage quitted instead. One thing to note is that Pershing Square is a Gren Zone and its not allowed to do such actions, and even more /grabmask someone just to see who he is, is metagame and shit roleplay. Evidence Chatlog: [01:17:50] Martin Oblonsky shouts [Italian accent]: ALLAHU AKBAR! [01:17:53] Martin Oblonsky shouts [Italian accent]: THIS IS THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! [01:17:58] Martin Oblonsky shouts [Italian accent]: 3 2 1 BOOM *FARTS*! [01:18:02] Martin Oblonsky says [Italian accent]: hi [01:18:04] Martin Oblonsky says [Italian accent]: i have mental issues [01:18:05] Mask_04455 says: Are you on drugs again? [01:18:07] Martin Oblonsky says [Italian accent]: wanna be friends/ [01:18:08] Mask_04455 says: Matteo? [01:18:11] Martin Oblonsky says [Italian accent]: yes [01:18:11] Martin Oblonsky says [Italian accent]: hit [01:18:12] Mask_04455 says: Faiz Lomba [01:18:13] Martin Oblonsky says [Italian accent]: hi [01:18:15] Mask_04455 says: I know who you are [01:18:15] Martin Oblonsky says [Italian accent]: ?! [01:18:18] Martin Oblonsky says [Italian accent]: who the fuck is he [01:18:20] [Ask] Maurice_Woods (51){FFFFFF}: how to change graphitti on a wall [01:18:21] Huza Magaddino (walkie-talkie): LOL [01:18:23] * Martin Oblonsky removes mask from Mask_04455. [01:18:23] Adam Stokes says: You are [01:18:24] Martin Oblonsky says [Italian accent]: now i see [01:18:25] Martin Oblonsky says [Italian accent]: u [01:18:26] Martin Oblonsky says [Italian accent]: ok [01:18:29] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-178.png [01:18:29] Martin Oblonsky says [Italian accent]: i gtg [01:18:30] PM to Martin_Oblonsky (71): WTF [01:18:31] [Ask] Xavier_Lopez (33){FFFFFF}: where is buying graphitti [01:18:32] You do not have a mask. [01:18:33] Martin Oblonsky says [Italian accent]: see ya mate [01:18:36] * Spex_Wilson (35) logged in to the server. [01:18:37] PM to Martin_Oblonsky (71): Why did you removed my mask [01:18:41] PM from Martin_Oblonsky (71): wanted to know who u are [01:18:41] PM to Martin_Oblonsky (71): that costs 60k [01:18:43] PM from Martin_Oblonsky (71): sya [01:18:50] PM from Martin_Oblonsky (71): ok lol gg see ya [01:18:51] * Martin_Oblonsky (71) left the server (disconnected).
  2. Happy bday. Best of wishes and stay always blessed.
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