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  1. Huck.


    I apologise for my previous words, I was in a bad mood yesterday for another reason and lost control of my thoughts. Admins are not the players subordinates and don't get paid for this, so i might aswell wait however much is needed. I hope you will still get this request in consideration. Changed my name to Nick_West.
  2. Name: Daniel_Morrison Type: House Reason: I need interior change with interior id 58 (OG Loc house) The house is the one in the middle of the picture. Image:
  3. My refund request got accepted and I was granted the money. This topic can be locked.
  4. Alright, I posted a refund request about 2 weeks ago and Weston said that he needs your approval for it. Could you please inform him that my request is valid? Thank you.
  5. Changed name to Daniel_Morrison. Another 2 weeks passed, asked many admins and managers to help me out, they said it will get fixed, nothing happened. Are you going to help me or not? This is getting ridiculous.
  6. If nobody isn't going to take a look at my bugged car I will post for a refund and see if I can get my money back. It's almost a month since my car got removed from my inventory and nobody does nothing.
  7. Name: Benny_Bumpkin Type: House Reason: It is close to a dock and I have a large boat to put it next to and enjoy sailing. Also it has a nice mediteraneean exterior and has a garage, which adds to its class. Image:
  8. As I said, a manager called Haylee or something like that, don't remember her name, removed it from my account. Only after it got removed I stopped crashing every time I logged in. It is an orange Clover and as far as I know it doesn't have any tax.
  9. I do not use mods and as I stated, an admin crashed too while spectating me while I was logging in and insta crashing. I asked a manager Haylee.. I can't remember her full name, to help, she looked into it and said that the car was bugged and had to remove it from my inventory so I could play. She said that I will have it back after the bug gets resolved. Yes, I can play now but I want someone to look into my bugged car - an orange Clover that got removed from my account. I highly doubt that someone put on 3 text attachments on their car until now. The bug happened after I pu
  10. It's been more than two weeks and no response. Will somebody look into it? I spent 225k to put texts on the car and I also put a free colored plate number on it and now I can't use it because it got removed from my account. Could I get at least a refund and a free colored plate number?
  11. New info: - even the admin who spectated me to try to TP me out of that place crashed when I logged in. - my car got despawned and removed from my account and now I can play - i want the same car back as I invested a free custom plate and 225k on texts with it.
  12. In-game name: Benny_Bumpkin Date of when you discovered the bug: 07/22/2020 What feature is the bug relevant to: vehicles Explain how does the bug occur: I just crash whenever I log in, I think it's because I recently added 3 text attachments that make up a flag on the roof of my car and when I approached the pay n spray the loop of crashing recured and now I just can't join the server without crashing. Please look up on it asap. Additional content: https://i.imgur.com/AaKYtDu.png - a picture
  13. You responded to your first question with the last sentence of your comment. I was frustrated because I got cought having so many c4 and marked money with me and I did not want to lose them as I spent time making the money to buy them(150k worth of c4's isn't an easy loss you know). I told you that sentence in-game because I knew I was going to get banned as I've been warned and ajailed for that before and even Eren Stokes gave me a last chance as I came clean with my wrong-doings in /pm or else I would have been banned earlier, but I failed to keep that promise too. That reaction was pure fr
  14. What is your in-game name? Rooster_Riggs Which staff member banned you? James_Kavanaught When did you get banned? 04/02/20 What is the ban reason? /q-ing mid-situation to avoid being frisked and to avoid admin punishment Personal comment I admit my mistakes and I am sorry for them. I've been doing this repeatedly for a while and I've been given enough second chances, so now I have to face the consquences for my actions. I will take this period of time in which I am banned
  15. What is your in-game name? Huck_Indaco Which staff member banned you? Billy_Miller When did you get banned? 01/06/19 What is the ban reason? Hacking Personal comment Hello. I don't have any idea what kind of hacking did I do. The only thing I could think of is that I was using the internet from my university campus and it was laggy and had high pings, it might have affected the server, I don't know. I recently changed my name, took my car and I was on my way to park it, th
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