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  1. Question whatever you want I told you what I got I waited 5 days to get unbanned and by the way, I had money to give them at the point.... I wasnt welling to scam anyone and my friends where next to me I like played the bet for them and I won them both if I lost they gonna get their money. And I wont take what he offered me sorry do whatever you like.
  2. Why I didnt steal those money or something I won them by myself and alright delete my brother account but that's not fair I didnt scam them or something
  3. Do add I played with Kevin something he have alot of money we played 500k and I won and I played against admin another 500k but I forgot his name you can check all these in chatlogs I didnt transfer any money and I didnt do anything wrong. My regards, Choclate.
  4. Dude, You can check the logs. I joined the casino whith my friends. Someone wanted to bet 500k. My friend told me if you lose I gona pay him I just played ad wo ad I won another 500k bet so I got 1m Check the logs I didn't transfer anything and I didnt scam no one Please check the logs I am lying.
  5. I swear I didn't transfer anymone from any account you are wrong , You can see that I won those money and my freinds where near me if I wanted to send any cash ... I swear I didnt transfer any money I just did my own money by myself you can check. And I am not responsable about my brother's deeds.
  6. Is it possible to have a reply on my unban requset ? I missed the game too much what just happened is understanding mistake Please take care of my topic.
  7. I dont want to be so much annoying , but I am seriously missed the server and I think that you miss understand the situation hope that you take care of my topic. My regards , Choclate.
  8. What is your in-game name? Choclate Which staff member banned you? [TCL]Pain When did you get banned? 01/16/19 What is the ban reason? Banevader-Botros Personal comment My brother Botros left Mudoo RPG he dont want to play it again he told me about the game and I liked it . When I joined after 3 days an admin banned me for the hell fucking reason that I dont know. We only have on PC at home and I had to play at the same user. I wanted to play with the rules and never break them. Hope I get unbanned. Thanks for giving me some of your time. With all my respect, Choclate.
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