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James Mac

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    i dont know

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  1. I Don't want you guys to unban me right now i just want you to low the punishment to 1 day now.
  2. What is your in-game name? James Mac Which staff member banned you? Anonymous (MathewC) When did you get banned? 07/15/19 What is the ban reason? Returning After Death Personal comment Hello Staff Team, Firstly I was dead by Mathew Carter by a hunter at LS toll and then I spawn to nearest hospital I spawned to Montgomery Hospital To buy weapons and then went to LS LV to go to LS cause there is my small house at Temple Burger Shot and then Anonymous (MathewC) banned me for returning after death well if MathewC things I return after death then I would say sorry.
  3. I Am Here Kacper I Should Be Helper But They Don't Want Me As Helper
  4. This Is Help Section Not Your Emojis Section If You Dont Want To Help Then Dont Message Here!
  5. I dont why I get banned from Discord I Did Nothing
  6. Your in-game name [PAK]James_Mac You real life age 14 Your country and timezone Pakistan [GMT+5] How do you describe yourself as a person Well I am a kind person I always respect my seniors and I love pets and I love kindest players . What are your motives for becoming a moderator? My motives becoming Moderator is I see every staff members doing their best in Helping New Players So I want to be one of them and Help New Players and I have experienced in Being A Staff Member I was admin in too many dm's server and roleplay servers and I just want to Staff Member and Help Newbies and if I got accepted I will try my best. How will you deal with a friend that is asking for favors? I will first ask what favour he wants from me and if he said something wrong I will say him to not say it again. How will you deal with a new player that keeps on rule-breaking, after several warnings? I will give him first warning and if he do it again I will give him second warning and if he do it again I will kick him and if he do again I will say to higher admin to do something to him. Any additional information you feel is relevant No. Screenshot of your in-game stats
  7. @Leonardo Can You Handle This
  8. Well, I was talking to my friends and then when I say my friend I can do anything Sir Derek came and said me I cant do anything and then he banned me from SAPD Discord without a valid reason.
  9. Hello, I Was Ban From Mudoo And PD Discord And Now I Am Unbanned In Game So Now I Want Unban From PD Discord and Mudoo Discord. Thank You
  10. This is my first ban appeal so please unban me i love this community and i want to get in game again Please Unban Me.
  11. Full Name: James Mac Choosen Number: 20 Phone Number: 2112
  12. Cause they was insulting me and adding my role to snake and calling me liar thats why but now i leave them and now I want to get unban.
  13. I apologize Please I love this community if you want me to leave that community I will leave that community
  14. What is your in-game name? James Mac Which staff member banned you? leonardo When did you get banned? 06/28/19 What is the ban reason? Advertisement Personal comment Well let me say truth I was using discord and I just started sending invite to my friends but in my friends their was a guy name Hank Anderson I mistakenly send him the invite and then I though that he will join but then I just got message from Mathew that I banned so I just want to say sorry and it was my bad that I mistakenly click on someone name and I though that he will join this server so I just want to say sorry for that and I dont know this rule that we cant advertise.
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