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  1. Hahha you knoww it
  2. Thanks guys, appreciate it!
  3. Pete Dunne Announcer: Ladies 'n gentlemen, now for the final fight of the night...the ruthless beast, the monster with no fear - Tyler Bate!!! Announcer: And his opponent. It's his first time comin' in here, his very first match...against our champion, the -..ugh..- Pete Dunne. That name - Pete Dunne after that night, it was heard a lot...he was the ma standing at the end of each of his fights, until he decided to take over. So here's how it went. Páiste tíogair Having a mother that's a hooker and an unknown father doesn't really call for becoming a good kid or a decent man. Sadly that was how Pete's life started, raised by a mom...or mostly by friends and family of her, Dunne never got taught about discipline, respect or dignity. He was a young lad living in the streets of Birmingham, that only knew how to torture the rest of the kids. Not very social and having any friends, he fend for himself...very well might I add. Daily fights and bruises, many schools changed before he got into grade 4 even....his mom was fed up with all that, she stopped trying to put her son in the right path. Pete wasn't really bothered by that fact, the young lad just wanted to have a fight with someone. Luckily for him, he found a training wrestling gym, started going there at the age of 12. Stealing cash of his family or anyone else he'd spend them on training....by the age of 14 he wasn't just a good wrestler, he was one of the best in the gym. Soon enough he got at the age where the cash he was stealing didn't cover for his expenses, already living by himself he heard about a fight club in Ireland,, without giving it much thought, he went for it. The Bruiserweight Of course they wouldn't let a kid fight. right? Well they didn't care, while for the most time Pete worked there, mopping floors and trying to get new fighters to participate, while still training he never really actually fought, because they didn't want to lose a worker like him. But a few months later and there were lesser and lesser fighters coming in, well...Dunne's time came, he didn't really ask for permission, he just rushed in the final fight. The monster that was Tyler Bate, he wasn't just unbeatable, he was untouchable, probably 3 times the size of Pete. Well lemme' tell you, Dunne not only won against that giant, he destroyed it. Imagine a 16 year old, beating Hercules-like man with ease. His fighting style was unique, using Strong British Style of wrestling and boxing, none knew if he was gonna' get knocked down by Dunne or chocked out. After that he went on a winning streak for several years, the change of an new top fighter brought new people - both fighters and audience. That brought Pete lots of cash, but also brought in many connections. Beo nó Bás: Cocky and young, Dunne was hungry for more, the fighting pit didn't really bring him satisfaction. It wasn't only for the cash anymore it was for the blood spilled. That's when Pete's brain came to use, with all the connections he had made he took over the fighting pits and turned them into entertaining program for the rich mobsters of Ireland. People from all across the UK came in for his fights. But it wasn't just who beats who, it was about life or death. The twisted minds of all those rich people knew what death was, and they were entertained by it. So Dunne made money of it, the lad gathered the scum of the streets, made them fight for their lives and the one guy standing got some small price for it. The bloodthirsty rich masses loved it. Dunne was a rich young lad, with so much power and money in his hands that even the mob noticed his presence. Tús Nua: A few years after, he became affiliated with mobsters, not only entertaining them, but assisting them in different tasks - drugs, weapons, car theft. He had the men, the power and the cash to be a mobster himself. Sadly every great story comes to an end-...after many death cases popped up, due to the "Live or die" fighting pits, The Government used all their resources and got dirt on Dunne and the locations of the fights - many of his people were arrested or killed. The whole thing was shut down in less than a month, Pete was forced of Ireland, to keep himself out of prison. With still lots of cash to his name he moved to the state of San Andreas, No information yet on what he is doing there, but I guess we will find out.
  4. Currently temp banned, If you feel you were unfairly punished you can file a report against the staff member who issued the punishment.
  5. Devitt

    Official Groups

    Official groups for July 2019 Corleone retains their status In two weeks time we will review again Andolini and LET and decide if they are going to receive status.
  6. Are you really trying to justify your actions by saying that you have been banned for 28 days? It's not OUR fault it's YOURS, we gave you a date, all you had to do is wait, you decided to banevade. It's your fault, we never asked for advertisement nor for anything of you, and if you think it gives you any privileges it doesn't, you have been sitting banned because of you and your constant lies, it took you this long to come with the truth. So I suggest you sit and wait for a conclusion instead of spamming here or in any of our PMs. That is if you wish to be unbanned.
  7. Devitt

    Staff applications

    Gratz to all the new dudes!
  8. Proud of ya'! Keep the good work,
  9. Hello there Justin! I am glad you finally decided to do the right thing, instead of creating more and more accounts. So since this is your second ban by the ban strike system, we will remove 40% of your wealth and you will be unbanned after 20 days, due to your excessive ban evading. IF you ban evade again FORGET about playing here again. Wait out the 20 days.
  10. Yours and your "brother's" account have never been IG at the same time, your account started playing 4 days after your "brother's" account was banned. And we have the logs of you admitting you are Justin. And you admitted it when I questioned you IG. Denied, go make an unabn request on your original account.
  11. Strange? You said you were in an internet cafe when I asked you, which one is it in the end?
  12. We have logs of you admitting you are ban evading, there is no need to try to lie your way out of it.
  13. Hello, I'll be handling this report. After checking trough logs Brain in no way showed that he doesn't want to roleplay, hence he wasn't forced. If it any time he had said he doesn't want this to be done and they continued with it, then that would be forcing it upon someone. He complied trough out the whole scene and didn't say anything, hence those two guys didn't really break any server rules, since he in no way didn't show disagreement of the RP happening.
  14. Make an unban request on your original account Mira_Girl.
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