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  1. I am sorry...for wasting my time actually giving you a chance. You seem to not understand the meaning of cop-bait, blowing ATMs isn't cop-baiting, waiting out on cops and not trying to escape is tho. If I was arrogant I would have denied the appeal the moment you acted bossy, strange how giving someone a chance is that bad. Feel free to post an unban appeal when you have understood your mistake. Denied.
  2. That is EXACTLY cop-baiting. Excuse you? You are the one that wants to be unbanned you can't request anything. You make an unban appeal being arrogant and attacking the staff team, for YOUR mistakes. Hear this from me, your ban was justified, now if you want an unban you'll have to accept your mistake, and not be arrogant in your unban request. Now explain in 500 words what is cop-baiting why it shouldn't be done and what comes out of it if it's done, give examples too. Making "requests" or being arrogant again will result in the appeal to be denied.
  3. I like that! I still don't know who will take part of the council that's up for debate still. My idea was for every punishment the group has we take of their points. I don't know about deleting the group, they really need to fuck up really really bad for that to happen. Had it as an idea, but that would be decided later on probably, because I don't know how many groups would get the status after a month and how many will maintain it, like if we have 2 groups having official and rest don't manage to make it, I don't see sense in adding slots. So this would be for the future.
  4. It is more work yeah, but the last time we were giving statuses to groups who deserved it we had a lot of unhappy people and arguments constantly, led to nothing but chaos. I don't want this to repeat, so I rather work a lil bit more than have to go trough it again. Turfs give advantages, they are not only for pew pew I don't want for groups to apply for official status, all groups will be considered, but it would be nice if a group for some reason doesn't want to have status to inform us so we don't monitor it. Exactly! That's why it won't be necessary to capture turfs to gain official, it will just give points, you'd be able to gain official status with points gathered from activity and RP pictures. Since there might be smaller groups that focus on RPs and more low-key crimes that wouldn't have something to do with turfing. Don't see a reason why there shouldn't be, we need someone to monitor the groups and have input on them.
  5. As Paco said it's still just an idea, I can't say if the council will consist of players, managment, or one person only yet. So for now we are open for suggestions and not applications.
  6. Hello people! Ever since the official status was removed criminal groups were left without anything to work for, so I decided to come up with something that will bring back the official status for groups and will be better than the previous way of obtaining it. Official Groups Revamp! Point System - calculated by: turfs taken/punishments(points will be taken depending on the punishment)/activity/RP pictures (The Faction Council would rate the pictures from 1 to 10 for example. giving points for creativity, initiative etc.) Every month we calculate the points of all groups, if a group gathers for example X points, the group is rewarded official status. To maintain official status a group has to get certain number of points every month. A person, or few would be assigned as Faction Council - he/they would help/guide and have some control over groups - relations/realism (we don't want Grove street family's HQ to be Madd Dogg's Mansion)/RP What benefits would official groups get? - The more points they have the better drug prices they'd get (making the drug market dynamic monthly) Less parts needed for a case to be crafted and make weapons like RPG , grenade cases (molotov?) craftable only by official factions. Get mapped areas/objects. I still wonder if it would be better to keep the scoreboard for groups private and show the points at the end of the month, or have it updated almost daily and visible for everyone. The Faction Council would be able to take away status, or points if a major fuck up happens. And for creativity and good initiative it can give points. The group leaders would work together with the council so we don't have chaos in the server. This is for criminal groups, it's not decided yet but I am highly pushing for this to be added, so I wanted to hear your output on it. Feel free to suggest any adjustments to it and give ideas on what can be done for legal groups.
  7. Hello Franko, first of all thanks for coming out clean. Second, Kacper PMed me prior to your gambling so I check if you had the cash and everything, I spectated and you were ready to gamble lying to Kacper you have the cash, so I decided to take actions before the gambling begun and you just ran away and acted as if you weren't going to gamble, even tho it was on the verge of happening. Since you had few punishments prior to the ban I'll set a unban date on 25th of January, hoping once you're back IG you will follow the rules strictly. And if anything like that repeats again, I assure you, you won't be playing again.
  8. Pretty sure a week hasn't passed. Do not make more unban requests.
  9. The account isn't banned, can you send me a screen of what MSG you get when you try to login?
  10. I've decided to unban you. But if you ever exploit a bug or create another account you won't be coming back IG.
  11. Review set for 10/01/2019 If you ban evade or PM any staff member you'll be denied.
  12. Unbanned, don't make me regret this, if you are caught rulebreaking again you'll end up here, but for a long long time.
  13. Wasn't so hard was it? Now tell me, why would you make new accounts to earn simple 10k and risk getting banned?

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