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  1. Do this and we can continue with your unban request.
  2. Hello Keno, saying "sorry"412689124689 times won't change the fact that you broke multiple server rules. Saying "please" won't make any staff member to unban you either. You have 4 FULL bans in total and lots of other punishments, and in order for you to get unbanned you need to show that your attitude will change so we don't have to deal with you again. So here is what you are going to do. Write what roleplay means for you in 200 words. And also, write how your attitude and actions will change if you get unbanned. If I see you spamming "sorry" and/or "please" you'll be deneid, also don't PM any Staff member.
  3. Your list of punishments is big, and you showed you can barely follow a simple request, I've decided to give you ONE last chance and if I you are caught rulebreaking, even the slightest you won't be getting unbanned again. Don't make me regret my decision. Unbanned.
  4. You seem to not understand what "DO NOT PM STAFF MEMBERS ABOUT YOUR UNBAN" until you learn what that means you won't be unbanned. Make an unban request when you think you can follow the rules properly and not bother everyone with your ban, your fault you are here, not ours, be patient next time you make an unban request. Denied.
  5. Sorry I took some time. Being 4 meters in the air does look like hacking yeah we were not aware of that bug and I couldn't have known what is it. Please next time when you find a bug report it and not abuse it. Unbanned, sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. Seems like you can't follow simple request to not PM any staff members. Denied.
  7. Review date set on 30/11/2018 PMing a staff member about your request will result in a denial.
  8. Helll, I am the admin who banned you. First I'll ask you to stop bothering staff members on discord or anywhere, if you message anyone again, you'll be denied. Second, why did you /q in the middle of the situation and lie to us about your internet? If you continue to lie you'll be denied.
  9. As far as I know THESE are the only rules we follow, give them a read : I really hope this does not happen again, when you think a staff member is wrong, accept his actions and contact a higher-up afterwards, don't do what you did again. Hope I don't see you here again. Unbanned.
  10. Elias did not abuse anything, we explained to you over 20 times but you just ignored us and kept saying what YOU think is right. No you being tazed is not a rule break in any way. Your mistake is that you PGed, insulted us and /qued to avoid RP. If you call contribution ruining others gameplay by /quing then yes. The Staff member actions were in his right, he didn't do anything wrong but you seem you have a personal hate for him and you "dug your own grave" by breaking the server rules. So I am giving you a chance here. Are you going to follow the server rules, and not argue or insult staff members, or you are going to keep doing the same thing?
  11. I am not gonna say report to IA, since no rule was broken by Elias or any of us except you in the scenario. By PGing you ruined our gameplay, and we TPed you so we can sort it out with you, but you couldn't realize what was your mistake, and kept arugiing with us. Please don't compare others to you, this is your unban request. Now, I want you to tell me, if you get unbanned what will your change in your attitude and way of playing in the server?
  12. Hello, I am the admin who banned you, not Elias even doe the decision was made by the two of us. Anyways, you decided to lie to us, acted cocky and insulted us. You say that you quit to talk to Matthew, yet you just said "fuck you" and left. Now my questions are,why did you decide to lie to us about not knowing the situation was on going? And why did you decide to just ignore what two admins are saying, insult them and /q ?
  13. There's no need to spam in every staff member Discord for your unban, sit and wait patiently fro a response.
  14. If you want to get unbanned you should stop lying. You were caught ban evading AGAIN on 8th of September. So why did you ban evade when you know it's against the rules?

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