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  1. I agree, as I realised that I can not force myself to stop using illegal modificatiins, so this anticheat client would help me a lot..
  2. yussef

    Server Survey - MAY

    Filled one..
  3. What is your in-game name? Handerson_McTavish Which staff member banned you? Finney When did you get banned? 05/05/19 What is the ban reason? Tp Personal comment I have no comment on what I've done again...I can not get it why do I keep wasting every single chance..
  4. Umm mr.CraZe with all due respect, May I ask why the review date has been set to 28th of April while I didn't ban evade or bother staff, Thanks.
  5. So, is anyone thinking to reply or still deciding ?..
  6. Well there is no actually any thing to say that yoi guys can trust after my last ban evade,but I was very emthusiastic to continue playing here, I know I've done lots of rule breaking and hacking,but from now on to be honest,,,I am ready to play properly,now I rode lots of rules,and now I would play properly,better,and stop making troubles.Well about my plans,so I was planning to join SAPD,so that I will be legal and stop doing /report and bother the staff team,and surely Matthew,sir. planned after this to begin again,in a "black" page,I will continue with profaci.Here I wanted to say something,I appealed before for a health+armor cleo refiller,so I did that for a reason ; Tyrone "with all due respect" I was bugged and relogged in PD,so when I found my self in middle of air,Tyrone tped me,okay that's good,but when this bug happens to players,they fall and lose money and keep falling and can fall and be knocked,so I was knocked when he tped mw and revived I relogged again , so I spawned in the air but this time I was kind of near the ground,so I asked Sir.Tyrone to refill my health because it went down due to a bug,and he just rejected... So just wanted to say : I don't use this hacks to troll others or get advantages above them or to be No.1 in the server,I just wanted a refill,so I am so sorry for that.. of I was in you and you was me I wouldn't give another chance.. But please forgive me for a last time-last chance,but please when players be angry about a bug or smth I know you guys feel tired from irl works and this,but you shouldn't be angry too about that.. I reapect this server and know that staff work hard to give us a great gameplay,so I am asking for 1 more chance, so your choice senior. ''310+ words / 1700+ characters''
  7. What is your in-game name? Youssef_Gambino Which staff member banned you? Kacper When did you get banned? 03/30/19 What is the ban reason? Armor refill hack. Personal comment I don't actually have a comment on this.. I don't even know what to say.. but I won't say stories and fantasies as I rode in the ban appeal information.. also I rode that hackers won't be given any other chance,so I thought that this whole ban appeal won't help me anymore but I am just waiting for a reply now and I'm trying to be honest as much as I can,and I am not saying that I am trying to be honest here to get unbanned,surely I am not saying that to get unbanned,but I am really embarassed this time .. also embarassed from LocMax if he saw this.. cause he was very helpful with me first time I ban appealed and helped me to get unbanned.. so yeah I respect if I'll need to wait more time to get unbanned cause what I did is bad,actually seriously bad.. and more bad to repeat it again.. ''thanks''.
  8. Yes I accept this punishment respectfully.
  9. Matthew if you are reading this.. so please give me another chance.. I know I've ban evaded and used hacks I am admiting this.. to be honest I couldn't leave the server.. I enjoy in Mudoo too much.. I can't stawy 1-2 days without playing in it.. I feel so bored.. Please give me another chance, I swear I will remove all my hacks and send you the image of my cleo/game folder immdeiatly and you can delete/erase/ban all other accounts I started just let Davis_Mundo please , I am just asking for 1 more chance.. test my gameplay and watch me 24 hours every day for the time u want even for 100000 years , I will play properly, If I didn't IMMEDIATLY ban me cause this time I will be deserving it.. so please forgive me and forget all this shit and unban my egyptian IP and Davis_Mundo and Imma play properly..
  10. Okay.. I've already done this shit called ban evade and won't do it again cause I've learnt the lesson.
  11. What is your in-game name? Davis_Mundo Which staff member banned you? Derec_Carter When did you get banned? 03/17/19 What is the ban reason? I used an armor refiller hack but only used it when a guy dmed me../TP hack so that both what I've used.. Personal comment Okay there is alot to say and admit about .. so if you are busy sir don't waste your time with this... So I had lots of accounts and I admit I've ban evaded cause I loved the server and the gameplay and how it works and how RP here is so good and amazing.. , So I had like yussef ''my first account ever before last updates..'' / and other.. , so yes now I am admiting my big fault I did a huge mistake by ban evading.. like a kid who don't know what ta hell is he doing,So I've learned my lesson and won't use hacks again but I learned too if I was from the staff I wouldn't forgive this ban appeal.. or even I dunno , but I got it , learned the lesson about hacks and I swore the holy book .. to not use any hacks again in the whole SA-MP cause I've learned too it gives me advantages while other players work hard and get tired to get money and RP perfect.. I learned lots of lessons and last of it that I deserve to be banned.., After all this I was just asking if there will be any last chance for me.. and I am very sorry because I made all this and took lots of advantages that normal pure players can not take easy .. I am not blind now.. I can see that this is not funny .. to see others suffer to get money and it's nothing to me to get weapons or else.. or TP to get money.. No it's not funny , I putted my self in the other players position .. what will I do if I know that yussef is getting advantages.. that won't be fare.. I used ''....'' alot but I want to express that I learned and I am sorry and sad for all what I've done, and I will be ready to take any punishments even if you guys took all my money and all I have.. ''Thanks,and sorry for making all this shit.. '' just to know that the account I want to take punishments or any thing or get unbanned.. is David_Pulaski or Davis_Mundo... Last thing to say ''I've learned it,and I deserve it'' But I am just asking for another chance to play properly,can I have it ? And if I can't have it now... I am ready to wait maybe for a month to get unbanned.. just want to play in Mudoo RPG again.. Please allow me to..
  12. I am from Egypt , and this was my damn first time to play on this server .. And I swear holy book and I swear my god I don't know even what is Daim R. I just joined to find my self banned for Daim R. Why I dunno I think someone banned me wrongly Please.. I don't want to get banned from this server... I enjoyed here more than HZRP , sir please I don't even know if Daim R. is a hack or a person ... please sir ..thanks..
  13. What is your in-game name? Zhao_Yang Which staff member banned you? MatthewC When did you get banned? 01/02/19 What is the ban reason? I think I used armor hacks once.. Personal comment Well first of all.. When I opened the game 2 days ago I saw that I am banned by MatthewC , why : Daim R , I just want to know what ta **** is Daim R because I feel there is something wrong and if I did something really bad... then I deserve to be banned... but please if this happened When will I be unbanned or it's a perm ban ? cause it's my first time to get banned . ''Thanks''
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