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  1. Your Ingame Name: Shane Willians Your Discord name and tag: Shane#6170 your number 7
  2. What is your in-game name? Shane_Williams Which player(s) do you want to report? Martin_Francletti, Deshawn Makaveli,Tommy_Francletti When did the rulebreak happen? 07/25/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? None What happened? (quote what rule was broken) There was a 911 call, in which a guy had mentioned that there was a suicide case at CM HQ Verdant Bluffs, I rushed there, whilst i was trying to calm the suicider, 2 other civilians arrived on the scene. Logs explain further: [16:56:37] Martin Francletti shouts: OFFICER! [16:56:39] Martin Francletti shouts: HELP ME ! [16:56:39] [Global Radio] SAFD Harold Ryano: copy [16:56:46] [Global Radio] SAPD Shane Williams: Get to CM HQ verdant bluffs, one guy suiciding [16:56:49] ** Shane Williams o< [Spanish accent]: Whats wrong ** [16:56:50] You gained some experience! Your current experience is 175/200. [16:56:50] You received a paycheck of 0,900. Collect it inside a bank! [16:56:50] Use '/paycheck' inside a bank to collect your paycheck. [16:56:54] [Global Radio] SAFD Harold Ryano: 10-4. 10-76 [16:56:57] [?] Tip: Use /ask to publicly ask a question, use /support to request support from the Staff team. [16:57:04] Martin Francletti says: I CANNOT [16:57:05] Martin Francletti says: HEAR U [16:57:06] Martin Francletti says: TOO LOUDDD [16:57:12] ** Shane Williams o< [Spanish accent]: WHATS WRONG HERE? ** [16:57:18] ** Shane Williams o< [Spanish accent]: WHAT KIND OF HELP YOU NEED ** [16:57:22] Martin Francletti says: GET DOWN I CANT HEAR U [16:57:43] The engine stopped working due to moderate battery damage. Try "/engine". [16:57:43] [?] Tip: As vehicles get damaged, batteries will get damaged as well. You have to get them repaired at a mechanic. [16:57:43] [?] Tip: Pay'n'Spray will only repair a severely damaaged battery to a moderate damage level. [16:57:44] The engine stopped working due to severe battery damage. Try "/engine". [16:57:45] You made a report ticket against Deshawn_Makaveli (13). Your report ticket is #3 in queue. [16:57:46] The engine stopped working due to battery death. [16:57:47] [?] Tip: Do not accept death if you are being frisked or robbed. Allow the person to finish, and then proceed. [16:57:47] You have suffered severe injuries and passed out. Without any reason they shot my chopper and started robbing me. If they were attempting a robbery they could have warned me or anything like that and not just start shooting me. Evidence logs given above
  3. You in game name: Shane William's Possibility to attend: mid
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