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  1. If you can make it 0.3DL
  2. SAPD is ready for any challenge . TRUE
  3. Discord User:Sheep#2398 Mudoo RPG In-game Name: Andeey Cake Random number: 5
  4. Happy Birthday @Derek, Every year and you live well
  5. In-game name: Andeey Cake Date of when you discovered the bug: 07/20/19 What feature is the bug relevant to: drugs Explain how does the bug occur: https://youtu.be/8cGwInFRuTw Additional content: Thanks :).
  6. Well, i don't need to talk so much, But, i'll give you What i can do : First, when I become Governor, I'll change what I have to change from places and laws. This is the first thing I will do. Second, I am trying to fix anything. I am from the failed and the ignorant. I am a strong and intelligent person. I try as much as possible to help all those in need. All my money to poor friends. Every month I will pay the workers and the police because it is an important center for the server. I swear that each month I offer all the people $ 200,000 and in the end, my oldest greetings to all people and friends. I want to become the Governor because I want to use the tax money and tax features in the best positive way possible. I promise I shall decrease the tax and increase the economy of the server. The people who support me shall be rewarded every week. I will try my best to make this server as popular as possible. None of the tax money shall go in my pocket, I promise you that all of it will be used for the upbringing of the players. Being a Governor requires a lot of responsibility, and I believe I have enough of it for this server. If we talk about the requirements, I meet most of them: being active enough in-game, getting along with most of the player base, being an entirely HONEST and FRANK person without any intention to scam anyone or do vile deeds, etc. As a future governor of Mudoo RPG the current situation on the server, starting from "good-citizen" stuff like solving disputes between players and ending with global-scale improvements such as opening more outlets to rob buy from, thus establishing a happy, wealthy and stable society of San Andreas.. Might I not get accepted (let's hope it's the least possible outcome), . I do believe that you will make a right decision and vote for me. When the stakes are so high, it is better to postpone the witch hunting and make an objective approach to the voting, putting subjective opinions of my past deeds on a minor role. want to improve this server so that people play this server more than others. I want to help everyone in making money, especially for the new people.I would just draw all the people to play this server more. I will help people to buy vehicles of any type. That's it.I will also pay Money to every cop for doing their duty according to their rank, and I will also pay medics for Keeping the City Healthy.. I know Some People Hate me in server but its ok..I will also pay Citizens if they wont rob ,I will pay 100k for week to every citizen so that they wont rob.I will also Decrease the Tax So that players have to pay less money to buy some weps. I hope I could convince you that I would make a good server Governor, but I hope even more that I'll be chosen to wear this role successfully so I can contribute to the server to make it better in anyway that I possibly can. So finally, I decided to open eyes of all of you, I am not only here to just take oaths and promises related my loyalty for this job but as well as I have something to prove logically that I will keep the taxes rate and crime rate down plus I'll make things cheaper indeed. I can see opposition taking fake promises and oaths related this job, I can tell you guys that they're not only full of lies but as well as trying to fool all of us. Everyone one is aware of my activity and my fair game-play, I want to lead the server in every way possible. I will reward everyone of my supporter twice a week. I will let you guys to earn money fairly and easily. I will be found helpful for all of you. Vote for me, vote for your better future around the city. Have fun! Thank you for paying attention towards me, I am the better man for all of you. #LongLiveEachAndEveryoneOfYou Regards, Andeey Cake There is something important I want to add, which is for the police will give them a lot and a lot of money on their great effort and hardship and will pay as much as possible paycheck and a lot of gifts. Thanks For PD.
  7. NAME: Andeey Cake DATE OF BIRTH: 09/1/1975 OCCUPATION: Cop
  8. Happy BirthDay Sir
  9. Happy Birth Day, Morais!
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