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  1. I can't join the server, why? [15:05:03] {FFFFFF}SA-MP {B9C9BF}0.3.7 {FFFFFF}Started [15:05:06] Connecting to [15:05:07] Connected. Joining the game... [15:05:12] Connected to {B9C9BF}Mudoo RPG [15:05:16] You are obliged to join using clientside antihack. [15:05:16] Download it @ mudoogaming.com/cac. [15:05:17] Server closed the connection. But, i have CAC already. Any help?
  2. Happy BirthDay Sir
  3. Happy Birth Day, Morais!
  4. Eid mubarak to all the Mudo RPG community, to whom it concerns.
  5. In this continuity, "Leatherface's" real name is Thomas Hewit, his mother Sloane dies giving birth to him on August 27th, 1906 at the Blair Meat Co., a slaughterhouse where she works, and her uncaring boss leaves the infant to die in a dumpster. Luda May Hewitt finds him and takes him home to raise him. . ;The Hewitts worked at the Blair Meat Co., but after losing their jobs they switched to kidnapping people, murdering them (often by chainsaw or shotgun) and butchering their flesh, as family member Charlie claims that he got the idea from eating human flesh in the Korean War after he became a prisoner of war. The prequel shows that they do eat the meat of their victims, the remake only implies this. Leatherface in this continuity suffers from a facial disfigurement and a skin disease that caused severe deformities and tumours to his face. Due to this disfigurement, his muteness and mental retardation (carried over from the first series), other children bullied the boy. He wore a small leather mask to cover up his deformity, and worked at the same meat factory where he was born, for the same boss as his mother - the same man who had left him for dead. He also had a tendency toward self-mutilation, and a doctor diagnosed him as suffering from a type of neurodegeneration at age 12. After health inspectors shut the factory down, Hewitt's boss and a reluctant co-worker ordered him to leave. When Hewitt didn't, the boss and the co-worker bullied him, calling him a "retard" and a "dumb animal". Acting on a long-burning rage, Hewitt killed his boss with a sledgehammer. He later discovered the chainsaw he used as a weapon after searching the now abandoned factory. When Winston Hoyt, the local sheriff, tried to apprehend him, Thomas' brother/"Uncle" Charles "Charlie" Hewitt Jr came to his aid and killed the sheriff with his own gun. Charlie later assumed the sheriff's identity. Hewitt later made masks of human skin by slicing off the faces of his victims. Although Leatherface's family still manipulate him in this interpretation, they do show themselves somewhat more caring for him and less abusive than in the original film. Before killing the sheriff, his brother/uncle Charlie even defends him by saying, "He's not retarded, he's misunderstood." The cruelty he suffers at the hands of his peers, inpart, inspires his murderous behavior, however it's his brother/"Uncle" Charlie who encourages his anti-social behavior and impulses. At the climax of the remake, protagonist Erin Hardesty cuts off Leatherface's chainsaw-wielding arm with a meat cleaver, and Erin is able to escape him, though Leatherface survives the cleaver attack. Leatherface escapes after police discover his ranch house and find the remains of 33 people. The police fail to secure the crime scene properly, allowing Leatherface to attack and kill two officers. Leatherface then escapes and disappears, and the case remains open. In 2010, they discovered that Leatherface has kill 12 more people in Bowling Green, KY and made his way up to Indiana. The police are still looking out for his wherabouts. Andrew Bryniarski, who played Leatherface in the remake, states: "In my estimation, Leatherface is like a beaten dog, he was ostracized and ridiculed, and treated harshly by his peers. The psychological damage they inflicted was immense, there's no chance for him." Terrence Evans, who played Leatherface's uncle Old Monty, says, "I think there was a chance Thomas' life could have been different. But the teasing he suffered, coupled with a bad temper, and following Hoyt around like a puppy dog, left room for Hoyt to get absolute control." In the Alternate Ending, the SWAT team found the body that looks like Leatherface; however, Erin looked at photograph and she tells them that they got the wrong guy because they found the body had two arms; however, Leatherface had one. Also, the SWAT team just missed him. Leatherface sneaked out of the building.
  6. 1. What will you do differently if you get unbanned? I'll roleplay next time 100/100 ofc trust me i didn't know this rule really I'll learn by mistakes sir. 2. Write down atleast 10 reasons when you are allowed to kill someone. 10 reason when somebody is threating you. 9 for self defense. 8 if you're paid to kill someone rply. 7 And when your life is in danger from some people following you constantly everyday. 6 Pull over him With Correct rp When he runs with his gun you can shoot at his car to kill him. 5. reason when somebody chasing you. 4.Attacking someone only because one of his/her group members attacked you. 3 Killing someone when he killed your friend to help him. 2Killing someone because he robbed you or your house or you car With RP. 1 Killing someone when he rammed your car and abuse you and he pulled over his gun and say to you Handsup OFc i'll kill him. 3. Explain in your own words what is roleplay. Ok, Well RP = Roleplay, And a RP server, everyone should play same in real life, dealing, working etc... So everyone should rp something and never refuse rp, and rp roleplaying by using some rp cmds, like /(l)ocal and that chat used in roleplay situations and only the player/group who is/are near to you can see the chat only, and killing player for no valid rp reason is not allowed unless rping something. and car jack without reason is not allowed too and etc... and other roleplay cmds like acting something /me laughs (just an exempel) and /(s)hout to rp screaming. and /em i think out of character. and many rp things. ROleplay Is also represented somethings like irl, buying vehicle, dealing, working jobs, kidnapping, crafting... Hope this enough and good. And Thanks but trust me, those are my own words.
  7. What is your in-game name? Thomas_Hewitt Which staff member banned you? Winston When did you get banned? 05/26/19 What is the ban reason? Cancerous RolePlay Personal comment Wtf? I'm sorry Man wtf? He pull over me ... [23:18:06] Winston Brooks o<: This is the POLICE DEPARTMENT - PULL OVER to the SIDE of the ROAD! [23:18:16] Thomas Hewitt shouts: Fuck offf! [23:18:24] Winston Brooks shouts: WTFare u doing! [23:18:25] * Thomas Hewitt takes out his gun. [23:18:45] (( Winston_Brooks: nice dm )) [23:18:46] Omar Dilgado says [Irish accent]: This fucking guy
  8. Please forgive me and if you unban sir I'll play with CAC and I'm already have it now waiting for you sir.
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