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  1. According to the player's friend, Bolek will be back after 6 months because he is busy, I spoke to Hilly, and the player is offline punished. L&A.
  2. Hi, I'll deal with your report. I'll speak with Bolek and then will return to you with outcome
  3. No but why you don't give him a chance, he was newbie.
  4. @Westonu can close this report, he's already temp banned by Bruce
  5. What is your in-game name? Bret Maverick Which player(s) do you want to report? Tarek Cesairo When did the rulebreak happen? 09/03/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? McCane maybe? What happened? (quote what rule was broken) He robbed items from a su, and someone tased him after that in 1 sec tarek /q'ed. @Brucesaw this and I wanted to remind. Evidence Chat logs, still you can confirm it from Bruce McCane.
  6. Your discord user: Bninin#8272 Your number (1-25): 12
  7. your IN-GAME name:Bret_Maverick your DISCORD name and tag:Bninin#8727 your number ( 1 - 30 ) : 26
  8. In-game name: Bret_Maverick Date of when you discovered the bug: 08/29/19 What feature is the bug relevant to: other Explain how does the bug occur: You know new update when you buy a mask, and don't wear it, and get killed, you won't lose that mask. Even in combat or shootouts, or when you get shot, while mask on, you cannot /mask, cuz there is a cooldown, which doesn't allow you to abuse /mask to avoid losing it. The bug is when you do /clothing and take a slot that has the mask clothing, let's say you got shot, you can take that mask off easily, you can /clothing > Desactive Slot, and here we're done. you took the mask off. and when you get knocked and finished, you will keep the mask with you... Additional content: I tested this with a player IG.
  9. In-game name: Bret Maverick Date of when you discovered the bug: 05/26/18 What feature is the bug relevant to: vehicles Explain how does the bug occur: I got suspended by Kacper ok, my rank is Police Officer I, the command PD cars, (like that green cruiser or red one ) I can drive these cars. and many cars which PO I can drive them, like Infernus and all of HSU cars... and I'm OFF PD duty. Additional content: here is one pic, https://i.ibb.co/8sFCXjF/gta-sa-2019-08-27-02-30-48-15.png
  10. What is your in-game name? Bret_Maverick Which player(s) do you want to report? Trevor_seller When did the rulebreak happen? 08/19/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Shaun Sheep What happened? (quote what rule was broken) in the beginning, he was trolling and poor rp'ing, he was insulting Valentino, once vali left the game, Trevor started abusing all of the players and insulting... The reason here I'm reporting for is me and Shaun suspected him for evading, his car was exploded, we had the chance to tase him, and we did it. Once he got tased, he went AFK on purpose and didn't come back. Evidence
  11. None changed their name. There is only Andeey Cake, changed to Shaun Sheep who has 3 points in total and I have 8 points
  12. @Leonardo My team is "The Trollers" the man who made it was Cap_Wilson aka Cake_Chopper, he put me Bret Maverick and Shaun AKA Andeey Cake. Andeey won in the boxing event as 4th so he should get 1 point or 2? Plus he won the marathon as 5th place he must get other 1 point and I won as 1 st, give me 6 points? plus the table of teams and scores, we have no points... The Trollers. Check members, Andeey Cake = Shaun Sheep
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