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  1. Actually Luca saw him robbing my money without any kind of roleplay like frisking/pats me. If Luca gotta lie or something i got a picture he was in the situation
  2. What is your in-game name? Kennan_Marion Which player(s) do you want to report? David Rogers When did the rulebreak happen? 09/17/2020 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Luca_Catness What happened? (quote what rule was broken) He robbed my cash without roleplay it, Check Chatlog on David Rogers when robbed my money without roleplay. I have a picture in pc but it keep saying failed to load, i think from internet Evidence Chatlog of admin | i will sen
  3. @Weston Are you able to continue handling it? I have the nitro booster and it gonna end maybe im this week and i have to boost mudoo!!!
  4. I have to fix and not repeat the mistakes as from your messages if i get unbanned it will be my last chances. My apologies to all mistakes and i won't repeat anything happens before
  5. @Weston @Mikro Can you unban me from discord! I am having the nitro booster it gotta end so let me boost the server before i lose nitro and it gotta stay for 2 months as i will boost 1 time after it finish i will boost again for month!
  6. What is your Discord account? Mango#0006 When did you get banned? 12/31/2019 What is the ban reason? I don't know Personal comment Hey i made unban appeal to be unbanned to support mudoo gaming with 2 boosts even i haven't know yet what kind of rule break i made to not repeat it!
  7. What is your in-game name? Paco_Lanko Which staff member banned you? Bret_Maverick When did you get banned? 10/01/2019 What is the ban reason? Ban Evading Personal comment Hey. i got unbanned in the 2st anny and when i joined with new account they said its unbanned so i joined on Paco_Lanko then i got ban by bret. what's the reason for banning me when i want to have chance after months of not playing mudoo! Just tell me please
  8. Hi Wiston i Forgut My Password Account Emma_Maxwell please help me to get it back 

  9. Why Should we give you a second chance: becuse i know what is role play and i read full rules and i played in my sisters account and i have exprence in rp -----------------------------------------What Does roleplay meant to you: act in ic like real life ---------------------------------------- No you will no see again
  10. Hi Bruce i Just Want second chance and i will not lost it give me anyquestion and i will be honest without lie, the rp mean its same real life give me question on roleplay and i will answer
  11. What is your in-game name? Emma_Maxwell Which staff member banned you? BruCe_Mcace When did you get banned? 01/23/18 What is the ban reason? Ban evade,poor roleplay Personal comment Im so sorry for did dm i was dont know what does mean this server but now i know everything about rp server and i will take carefully, let me play with my sister i like your server please i will take my mistake again
  12. What is your in-game name? Emma_Maxwell Which staff member banned you? Kacper_Williams When did you get banned? 04/02/19 What is the ban reason? DeatMatch Personal comment im just doing deatmatch for kill players with roleplay i talk with admin about it he tell me yo can but why yo ban me?9hours unban me or ban me 2hours not 9hours Please
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