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  1. Ashley_Fisher


    Correct Staff team have said already to report the people who breaks the new rule: No crime or any harassing behaviour at the safe zones(which includes the mosque)- why we repeat same story, just report them and voila; ended.
  2. Ashley_Fisher


    I suggested it too, and as muslim. Wanna explain that. if not, then Don't say no muslims suggested it !
  3. Ashley_Fisher


    Then start Following rules instead of that, if u see anyone doing a roleplay of a crime in this zones or any harassing behaviour, make sure to /report not making a whole topic of useless suggestions, people want, people dont want, Simply if you Don't like it Don't go to it. Go do some other rp, some muslims in server would like to do it, you're not forcing them to not to.
  4. Ashley_Fisher


    Melvin or Brunto or whatever's your name in-game, I belive we have this one: ______________________________________________________________________________________ So I'm telling that to every damn player since the Morning of today, read next time new rules. About their provoking, it's a shit thing from them personal matters, I have no clue about. +Many asked for mosque and said it's ok/good/nice/...etc if you Don't like it Don't leave it and GO RP SOME WHERE in Idlewood or Jefferson or countyside. People who do shit harassing behaviourin this zone mentioned before would be punished.
  5. Ashley_Fisher

    Group Council

    In-game name: Kaze Williams Registration date: 27 Jun 2018 Most recent punishment, type and date: N/A Current group membership: San Andreas Police Department - Police Cadet | San Andreas Fire Department - Volunteer | San Andreas Impound - Impounder | Finney's Agriculture - Part Time Staff | The Williams Family - Member | The Silver Machines - Head Manager. Previous group membership: I only remember the recent membership; The Corleone Mafia - Street Mobster. Motive for joining the council: As I used to be any many groups-taking leadership in some of them-, I would like to be one of the Group Council's team as I want to make suggestions & ideas about new incoming groups, and groups system, in case if needed- I'm going to talk now about the currect group activity, talking about my group too and their activity level, it's half died; no it's not anymore, because if the leadership is more creative, he/she will make it alive again, and that's what I'm willing to, the point of this sentece, to have good leadership for groups- to be chosen, not everyone can be, because that's what I see usually. I'm onto a new way of Roleplaying, dépends on the quality, I know what is roleplay, but somehow, some people Don't know it, and the Group Council is the judgment team whom will set the one who deserves it, and I'm looking to be on it, not a good motive letter but I have reasons to do so. Three positive and negative attributes about yourself: Positive: Creativity alot because I love the new things and making some new and useful things-Patient because I have to be like that, some of our country human values, same thing to being a peacful person. | Negative: Somehow patient has a limit and rarely when I pass it, however I Don't have a negative attributes which is harsh.
  6. Racing events ! Convoy events ! Or a party event tho ! Roleplay events in general tho!
  7. That's impossible, I didn't get a notify of an increasing in taxes. for the: "people who own lower cost houseing" & a total wealth lower than 200,000$(this amount is not sticked yet and would be changed soon), we will discuss the situation of the high taxes for them, thanks for your comment.
  8. Thank you for your reply Mr/Mrs.Riku Shikai, Can you state the issues which you think it's because of the current level of the taxes. Your suggestions important too and we will look for it.
  9. Location: Commerce St. Value: 574,420$ Buyout: Offer Details: It's for RP purpose more then the profit, not really profit able. re-designed interior(+removed glitched Walls on it to avoid falling). Pics:
  10. Same Maybe the idea of: Houses that has farm land can work as well But, there's not alot of houses that has a small zone to do that except in SF & LV LS is rare too
  11. In-game name: Ashley Fisher Date of when you discovered the bug: 05/26/18 What feature is the bug relevant to: job Explain how does the bug occur: It's the second time it happens to me, I didn't die or Something, I only go Medic or Mechanic, when I go back to off duty I lose a gun, when I try again; I go on, then play for sometime or idk, I lose the 2nd one and so on, I only keep melee weapons, others is lost Additional content: I tried it and I lost like +300 ammo of smg's and deagles.
  12. What is your in-game name? Ashley Fisher Which player(s) do you want to report? AlPacino Gambino When did the rulebreak happen? 04/21/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Dutchy Corleone - Riku Williams What happened? (quote what rule was broken) As the servers rules says No: DM That guy borken the rules; 02. DEATHMATCHING 05. FAILURE TO ROLEPLAY - Situation: I was afk to be honest, and afk as Passenger with Dutchy as the driver, when i back from afk i found dutchy knocked & a police officer (Riku) warning the guy(AlPacino) to give up, the officer tased him but he didnt comply, he kept running while the officer tried to rp cuffing ended with him shooting the officer without any rp and killed him, i started shooting him too till he died, when i came to him to unmask him , he'd /q. so what i say, that guy just came up from unban request, and u gave him a chance which he used to rulebreak, Don't tell me he had Something to do irl this time or Something, he had already got banned several times: that means he already got banned before this: Evidence I lost logs cause i relogged but I got it from Dutchy - the empty lines is removed for being none RP evidence either it's a public chat too _________________________________________ [21:37:00] (( Ashley Fisher: ok go discord )) [21:37:34] {FFFFFF}AlPacino_Gambino (18){FFFFFF}: This is the end of the streete [21:37:39] {FFFFFF}AlPacino_Gambino (18){FFFFFF}: u stopped at the middle, lol [21:37:48] {FFFFFF}AlPacino_Gambino (18){FFFFFF}: nah ty [21:37:51] {FFFFFF}AlPacino_Gambino (18){FFFFFF}: gimme my 20 lul [21:38:36] * Mask_20005 stands out as he points a gun on the guy as he says get the fuck out with your hands in the air He had shot Dutchy here without any warning while dutchy already in car it's passed few seconds after he warned him [21:38:49] You have suffered severe injuries and passed out. [21:38:49] After 120 seconds, you can "/accept death" if you wish to give up on life. [21:39:04] Ashley Fisher says [Gangster accent]: Ready? [21:39:08] Mask_20005 robbed Weed Seed (12 quantity) from you. [21:39:08] * Mask_20005 robs Weed Seed from Dutchy Corleone. [21:39:08] Riku Williams shouts [Japanese accent]: OI! [21:39:14] * shoot every1 (Hilly Lord) [21:39:19] Riku Williams shouts [Japanese accent]: This is the POLICE DEPARTMENT - DO NOT MOVE and PUT YOUR HANDS UP! [21:39:21] * Riku Williams clicks a button on the radio. [21:39:24] *** [#111] Mask_63736: wb [21:39:24] * Riku Williams unholsters their taser. [21:39:27] * Riku Williams fires their taser and hits Mask_20005. [21:39:32] * Riku Williams pins the man down [21:39:32] You cannot use your walkie-talkie while knocked. [21:39:32] (( Ashley Fisher: are u knocked? )) [21:39:34] (( Mask_20005: tf kik )) [21:39:35] * Riku Williams rips the mask of [21:39:38] (( Riku Williams: /mask )) [21:39:39] (( Mask_20005: fker wait lol )) [21:39:42] * Riku Williams fires their taser and hits Mask_20005. [21:39:46] (( Riku Williams: comply )) [21:39:47] (( Mask_20005: FUCKING WAIT DUMB )) [21:39:49] Riku Williams (radio): get a medi chere [21:39:54] (( Ashley Fisher: /cuff )) [21:39:55] (( Mask_20005: FUCKER )) [21:39:57] (( Ashley Fisher: e.e )) [21:39:58] (( Mask_20005: STOP )) -Here he killed Dutchy while dutchy is knocked & he got tased - [21:40:11] You spawned at the nearest hospital. [21:40:36] {006FED}Riku_Williams (25){FFFFFF}: WOW [21:40:40] {006FED}Riku_Williams (25){FFFFFF}: whos mask 20005 [21:40:44] {006FED}Riku_Williams (25){FFFFFF}: refusing to rp nice [21:41:03] The engine stopped working due to moderate battery damage. Try "/engine". [21:41:05] The engine stopped working due to severe battery damage. Try "/engine". [21:41:12] Ashley Fisher says [Gangster accent]: stop [21:41:13] {FFFFFF}AlPacino_Gambino (18){FFFFFF}: He came back after death [21:41:16] {006FED}Riku_Williams (25){FFFFFF}: OI [21:41:20] {006FED}Riku_Williams (25){FFFFFF}: mask 20005 who are you [21:41:23] * AlPacino_Gambino (18) left the server (disconnected).
  13. Username: Kaze Comment: Are you sure about that, I mean I'm from the LV area, and I live in Los Santos, I aint a fake gangster! Don't be such rude! you can't take us out of our home, new home.
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