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  1. Fill a report instead of talking shit about a whole faction without exceptions. Thank you.
  2. Why none makes a topic and write: happy birthday Kira -- Happy birthday Dizzy, idk if it's today or no
  3. Kira


    Like /drag [ID] instead of waiting the guy to comply. No.
  4. Correction: GROUP COUNCIL decides, not admins or whatever, Group Council members can be normal players not from staff members so. Kindly don't mention 'admins' for no reason to defend him, I'm supporting him anyway.
  5. I literally mute for long time and if continue I turn it to official punishment so, this is not only me who pays attention to that.
  6. Bad boy criminal Nice story !
  7. Go check other government topic's RP and stop attacking SAFMD, if you got something to improve it, do it as Sam said, That's true, I don't have only FMD/PD responsibilities, I got staff responsibilities, I'm also in business group, and I'm a player as you before I'm a staff member, I need to have fun as well.
  8. Says the one who never got accepted in both Departments, till you achieve what I've achieved then we can talk. We are free to join anything, so you can suicide in the ocean if you got issues with me being in both FMD/PD. Don't try to reply because I'm going to ignore it as all I see from you are negatives. If you gonna reply, reply to something related to the topic not me. Thank you.
  9. 1. I said that /accept death because everyone is ready to die and respawn, they are so pissed to get revived, players made medics stop RPing, and I got that issue and complains from them, they always tell me: Why when we try to RP they rage quit the game or /accept death. 2. FD/EMS 's paychecks are like that to help newbies to have a job, not an official job for 24/7. If you want to stay as medic or firefighter than just go apply for SAFMD. 3. There is no medic because HRT/SWAT has their own medics and they're also equipped with BLS Kits. 4. Leadership issue are not to be discussed just like that, bring proofs and let's begin in private chat. 5. Make him Leader? Okay, ask government to do that and wish him luck he gonna need it, even experienced on FMD can't continue due to the lack of brain cells on the players. Which leads to the death of the FMD, we are not the issue, players made us like that, let them start to RP and stop ruining every RP try and we'll be happy to RP as well. Note: If you got complains or suggestions feel free to report to the command or the internal affairs.
  10. I'm kindly asking you to try to explain that to these type of players because I don't think they speak* human language. I've muted same guy twice then he apologized, few days later, doing same shit-talk, now try to convince him to stop. If they are not going to change their minds, none will do so.
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