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  1. Team Captain Name: Osolnik_Andolini Team Members: Osolnik_Andolini, Keith_Andolini, Finn_Andolini, and Randy_Andolini.
  2. Your in game name: Osolnik_Andolini Possibility to attend: Mid
  3. We should do it all over again. It wasn't supposed to end like this, even if he has been shot at Also, you mentioned that the driver is scared of guns and such, but damn no. This driver over here seemed tough affffff Good event overall, but a rehost should be made from my opinion's side.
  4. Osolnik


    You people really have to chill for a moment lol why the fuck are u people turning everything so serious? Instead of being happy about it, and be proud that they care about your religion, you turned it to a whole different side. To the disrespect side. Which isn't the point of the mosque. They added a mosque for those who have the ability to roleplay as a Sheikh or whatever and also to feel the mood of your Ramadan. I'm pretty sure Matthew added the Safezone rule to avoid these dumb comments. But seems like u people don't read enough. Me as a Christian I would love to see a church with its interior in the server.
  5. I would like to start with your "last, but the best" damage logs. Ofc u are mostly pointing at Xander due to the multiple headshots with a very short timestamp. Yep, if I'm not mistaken, most of these damage logs were at OD. It was a turf war. First of all, Imma talk about myself. Me, Osolnik, I have played a lot of DM servers since I joined samp in 2012, and my profession was a sniper soldier in each server. Not sure if you do know how a headshot works in most of the DM servers, but it's a one-shot-kill. So, if you gonna think straight about it, to become a professional you need to work on your own aim, and get used to 'headshot' people as fast as you can. And yea, this is more of me. I always focus on targeting the head before anything. I know it doesn't make any difference in Mudoo, but it's what I am used to. Second of all, usually when my bullets are limited (like 20 or 25), I don't randomly shoot people on while they are running. I make sure that I am gonna hit the target, then I fire. And as I said, I always aim for the head, so I don't think these are some "godlike" shots to me as you mentioned. When they are standing still/peeking in and out, and you are a hundred percent sure that you are gonna hit, then why not? Also, there is one thing about peeking in and out. Because of my experience in samp and especially in DM servers, I do know how much is the height of the characters according to the objects next to them. (An example: a container/building). So when they peek out, they get their head blown off. Oh and as for Xander. You pointed at him. He was AFK inside of a car at that time if I'm not mistaken and he got fucked up, sadly. Third, the modified Cleo folder. As I said. I removed a cs file that turned out to be legal which I didn't know. And I have even removed it in front of Daniel, when he has taken full control over my PC. You said last time that it was modified 8-10 minutes before Daniel's connection into my PC. You're right. I said it, and I am gonna say it again. I moved the file to the Desktop(10 minutes before his connection to my PC), and when he came in I removed it in front of him, so he can see that there is nothing hidden. p.s I do know very well how to change the date of a modified folder, so if I wanted to hide something, I would of have done it easily and changed it before giving u my ID and password of the TV.
  6. I gotta say, thanks to the automatic messanger that is doing your job here. Without it, you people wouldn't even bother yourself to copy paste it. 2/3 days passed just to review an unban appeal? You asked for a video and you got it. What else are you all waiting for? Oh, right... you want to ignore me so I get "punished" even though you don't have any correct evidence... Just because you aren't sure. It turned to become more like a "not sure" thingy. "Not sure if he is an aimbotter or not". Sadly, this happens when you lack proofs of someone. It's easy to realize that you have nothing proved on me by asking for a TV search. So how about you unban me already because this is bullshit going on. You guys are so powerful! Much wow. You can ban and prevent people from joining for a no fucking reason. Really amazing. Much respect.
  7. What is your in-game name? Osolnik_Corleone Which staff member banned you? Anonymous When did you get banned? 05/09/19 What is the ban reason? "Aimbotting" Personal comment As I said. I haven't used any kind of cheats in Mudoo RPG. You, the administration team, have banned me without any correct evidence of me using the "Aimbot" hack. You took action only by depending on the damage logs you have, which is, lemme say it, dumb as fuck for a community like this. Also. I have given you permission to enter my PC using TeamViewer and take full control over it, just to make sure that I can prove you my innocence. Yet, you couldn't find any illegal file but still got me banned. Plus, you made me waste my time by making a shooting - DM video in another server in order to prove to you my innocence. And yea, I have done everything you have told me to do, and you still can't find anything against me. So... unban me already. Enough time has been wasted until now. Thanks.
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