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Jake Randall

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  1. 500k for me if nobody offers anything higher just keep mine in your mind
  2. I will miss you James Mac from the PD discord, you made me hate you and like you at the same time, I am leaving this and althought I will miss the 24/7 taggining I can survive without it. "The extraordinary is in what we do, not who we are." None of us is special, it's in what we do! Farewell, James Mac.
  3. We don't have a Governor, nobody was intersted in, this may be something at least. But currently it seems like LeT is at it's final. Their members are getting bored to be at Bone County.
  4. Discord is currently down as long as many other services like popular games. Reason is that cloudflare is down too.

    1. amirhossein2


      yes, thanks....

  5. July is here, happy new month friends.

    1. Subhan


      no more gay

  6. - What can be changed, improved? Advertise the services more, the server has potential and even if I don't like DM I can see lots of people joining it if it's advertise on SAMP forums and other places. Set 1 to 2 admins in charge of promotion - What do you dislike, why? Maybe more textures, screen things instead of chat because I am used in DM servers to see stuff as textures.
  7. I took it to next level ahahahahah
  8. Thank you for recognizing me it means a lot for me.
  9. Thank you community of Mudoo RPG for voting me as the Officer of the Year and Kindest Police officer!

    It means a lot to me and it makes me continue my hard work at SAPD.

    1. Argon


      You've indeed worked hard and been through the situations of discomfort just to make your subordinates understand the vision and mission of SAPD.

      You well deserved the title of best cop.

  10. maybe a Minecraft adventure / survival server too the game had it's birthday and became no 1 game of all times beating Tetris
  11. I wish I could vote for someone in multiple categories but not responsible for making the rules in that one
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