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  1. I did it for Charles today with Team Viewer. I am able to help you if you need to start mapping, it's an amazing way to help your brain improve and I'm being very serious. Inform me on Discord if you want to set it up.
  2. My type of music, maybe you find something you like.

  3. Done, hope my opinion counts!
  4. I applied for the tester team if you ever need help in that field you can contact me.
  5. DrBrain was elected by the players and not assigned by the administrator team or someone who liked him. That being said, even if I voted for Denzel without a valid reason removing DrBrain would mean that the elections were pointless. I suggest you find an IC reason.
  6. The only thing that is against rules is buying someone the package in an exchange for money. You can sell the perks but if you buy packages or credits and sell it for IG money, this is considered against the rules. So selling the custom plate isn't against the rules Hope that helps I learned about this rule because I made an auction trying to sell VIP package, good luck with your auction.
  7. I want a free vehicle too! I work hard and I have proved it by being an actie Police Officer.
  8. But you left the server.
  9. We never roleplayed together however good luck with your future plans.
  10. I strongly support your thinking, 150million? This is an astronomic amount. #freethefarms today.
  11. **You would find this article on the main page of SA NEWS** "Why I Support Denzel" - 23/04/2019 Dear fellow citizens, my name is Jake Randall and I am a Cadet in the San Andreas Police Department. Everybody knows about the elections we are currently having. It is a really hard choice for some citizens, especially when you have to choose between two people who will lead your future. As a citizen like you, I have come to the decision to vote for someone who will lead my future in a professional and proper matter. And in this article, I will cover why supporting Denzel Williams is the right choice for these elections. Denzel actively supports the law, he doesn't like unfairness and his career in the SAPD has proven that. He is constantly involved in situations where he needs to make decisions fast and decide what is right or wrong. Denzel strongly believes that there are more ways to get money than just taxes. He believes that making jobs that will generate profit is better than putting taxes on every citizen. He is not politically correct and he is not afraid to say what he thinks or what he feels. He will be honest and tell you what he thinks. He genuinely loves San Andreas and his career in SAPD has proven that. He likes to work with citizens and employees from other departments, meet new people. I met Denzel and for me and I realized that voting for Denzel is voting to support my future career, he wants citizens to be employed and he believes that if we have employment we will see a huge decrease in the criminal activity. Good luck Denzel!
  12. Forum profile updated 💜

  13. I think you could work a little bit on the discounts since we are talking about a discount that's less than 10% of the original price maybe you could multiply the perks or add some features. Seasonal discounts like Easter, Christmas, Summer, Back to school etc. are typically between 20% - 30% of the original taxed price. I am really looking forward donating but you have to work a little bit on that.
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