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  1. What is your in-game name? Faizan Jones Which staff member banned you? CAC - Not banned in-game When did you get banned? 05/01/2020 What is the ban reason? SAMPCAC Personal comment I bought a new PC, whenever I joined Mudoo Roleplay, it's says you're force on Anti Cheat. I started playing with Anticheat aka CAC and my game was really laggy as fuck, even I've a good PC. I used to play on SAMP Addon to fix my textures bugs and everything. I don't even have an Idea, why I'm forced on CAC, I was inactive for long time. Need answer ASAP!
  2. What is your in-game name? [Nub]Bo[Y] Which staff member banned you? Dylan When did you get banned? 02/23/99 What is the ban reason? Paypal issue Personal comment Can I've unban now @Dylan
  3. BrandonA


    @Pablo_Escobar Cry me a river, It was an IC matter go report me instead of crying, Actually i don't think so you know what is IC. @Michelle Maybe i'll come back, But listen check Pablo's comment he still crying cuz i stole his Maverick, Now tell me why you should i come back? People crying when they died, "OH SHIT I'M GONNA REPORT YOU'RE AIMBOOTER" "I GOT VIDEO" when cops SU they ssaid, "UNSU ME, I GOT WRONG SU PLZZZZZ", Then they cry on PM's and /p chat, He scam me guys don't deal with him. Last time when Benson Andolini kick me cuz i scammed him in past and he killed me for this, so it's mean this scene end i'm died, Then he saw me Aldo invite me in Andolini then he just spam me give me back my 400k which you scam, I said which 400k he said which you scam from me, Then i said didn't you killed me for this? He said i don't even care and kick me from group, Now tell me why should i return to Mudoo, Server is DM and CnR. Thanks..
  4. BrandonA


    @JasonM There're so many people who care me understand? I'm sorry if i hurt you here.
  5. BrandonA


    @Kingsley You noob go back to your Red Country Roleplay, Otherwise you'll lose your helper status from there man just go. What are you doing here?
  6. BrandonA


    @Nick Alvin honestly i don't like this server anymore, I don't know why. I'm not gonna come back here again lol, I lose my helper status for some small reasons, Not gonna tell you the reason cause it's a personal. Ok why i'm leaving server? Honestly server is turned to DM and CnR. I logged in yesterday night just for sometimes for give my money to everyone and everyone think Faizan is back, i said i'm not back just gonna giveaway money and yes i giveaway like 2M. If you have any more question about it, please drop a replay so i can replay you.
  7. BrandonA


    Bye MUDOO, miss you all.
  8. Hi @Subhan You're the one best Dm'er in Mudoo, You DM your own whole group last time and get ban, i think you're not to replay here. Actually this topic is for RP and you don't wanna do any single line of RP... Don't take me serious and don't bullying please, Thanks.
  9. @Michelle You're right, I still can't believe LET the great Group RK and nametag hunt me... I was afk when they come to me, I was editing screens for my topic, when i tab IG i saw 3 people pointing a guns on me, It's mean AFK camping. Now tell me how can i talk and RP they points a guns on me lmfao, and then they said you're Andolini our enemy, Now tell me how did they know I'm Andolini? It's called Nametag hunting. Then one of the LET member PM'ed me why you join Andolini you're our enemy sorry for killing you, He also said in PM your member killed us in morning so we're here for revenge lmfao... Also one more thing they said call your friend via Walkie Talkie, I said i don't have any friend, then they said there's a Victor Andolini online stop lying. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Complete Metagaming, They're lucky cause there's no rules for Metagaming.
  10. @Rooney You can't rob guns in another heavy RP servers bro, There's a limit for robbing, in mudoo there's a retard players who just use /frisk and /rob instead of using any /me and /do. Matthew is 100% right, atleast we need to show some atleast a little a RP.
  11. Lul michelle same here, Last night LET members killed as a revenge kill and nametag of Andolini.
  12. Finaly, Thanks Matthew.
  13. Subhan, How're you bro? How's you feeling for ban?
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