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Black Gorilla Association

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  1. It shouldn't be lock until owners input something. I have no problem in leaving the community if they keep insulting the mosque, I don't know what my fellow Muslim brothers think.
  2. I don't know who the fuck made you a moderator. Your way of handling in game support requests and reports is like you are boss and we are your slaves. How do you know what muslims want to do in server? Who the fuck do you think you are?
  3. We never said we wanted a mosque. All those who wanted mosques were christians not muslims. @LocMax himself is pure anti Islamic guy. Everyone knows how he attacks muslims and Pakis. Range ban muslim countries from server and then enjoy mapping mosque or anything no one would care. If you hate Muslims so much go shoot a mosque IRL, don't satisfy yourselves by insulting our religious beliefs in game.
  4. We don't expect anything positive from @Mikro but we believe @Dylan might give a positive reply. And unban my other account "GoodDay" so I can post with it.
  5. They added mosque just to spread more hate about Islam. Kacper and his buddies were going to mosque with prostitute skins. They wan't to degrade Islam in every possible way, @Dylan @Mikro owners aren't giving a shit about it. It would end up all of us muslims to leave the server, We never asked for a mosque those who asked were christians or hindus and those who wanted to disrespect the muslim holy object.
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