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  1. Now, When he logs back in we try to continue the roleplay and he forcecrashed.
  2. What is your in-game name? Henry Jones Which player(s) do you want to report? Ada Farm When did the rulebreak happen? 04/20/20 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Saman Gautam What happened? (quote what rule was broken) I saw him, He was suspected for nuking ATMS in BC, I followed him and told him to stop, He kept running, My backup arrived. We shot his tires and car. He told us wait for admin in /l then disconnected. Evidence Look at the chat of the game. Chatlogs: [22:49:31] Henry Jones shouts [Russian accent]: STOP!! [22:51:47] Saman Gautam shouts [Amharic accent]: stop! *After we shot his car.* [22:50:27] Ada Farm says [American accent]: wait for admins [22:50:41] Saman Gautam shouts [Amharic accent]: get out its bcr! [22:50:29] * Saman Gautam shoots tires [22:50:40] * Henry Jones shoots the engine. [22:52:28] * Ada_Farm (10) left the server (disconnected).
  3. What is your in-game name? Khalil Ahmed Which player(s) do you want to report? Sosa Hunter When did the rulebreak happen? 01/14/20 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? No one What happened? (quote what rule was broken) The guy first rammed me in safezone(4Times)Then took out gun and dmed me in Safezone, Got SS Evidence
  4. This thread will follow the life of Khalil Ahmed:- Khalil Ahmed one day woke up, Fed up with the miseries of Bone County Resistance, He was forced to murder people etc. He decided to escape, But without a security pass for going outside, He could not. The gates would not open. He had an idea, Khalil waited for night to come, In the cover of darkness, He got out of his room, as he headed towards the Electricity Room. Luckily He had the keys as he had stolen them from his friends pocket. He shut down all electricity, Sirens started to rang, He knew he didn't have long. Khalil in full pace jumped into the Fallow River, Swimming to Montogeometry. He found a Taxi, He ordered t he taxi to go to Los Santos, Taxi Dropped him at Los Santos City Hall. He had a passport driving license Etc. He was fascinated by the large and tall buildings. He decided to explore more..' Khalil accidently went into Gang Territory area Over there he encountered some Groves coming to him with Tec-9's and Bretta's. He made a run for it on his feet he was able to escape due to his superior stamina and parkour skills. He never went into that area again, After living a few days on the street, A guy by the name of Jake Randall, Came to him. Asking him if he was hungry. He replied yes, Jake got him a Salad and a Hamburger, Jake asked Khalil if he had a job, Khalil replied no, He told Jake his story. Jake got him into the San Andreas Police Department as a volunteer trooper, His Interview was taken by Sam Rosso. He was welcomed to SAPD. He loved working as a police officer, Khalil decided to apply for being a Trooper, He waited eagerly for a response, One day the response came saying:- The San Andreas Police Department Has Accepted Your Application Welcome to the academy! Khalil couldn't believe his eyes, He said to himself. Is this real,Am I dreaming? After he finally got a hold of himself, He knew, It was real. He started to take the training's etc. After 2 Weeks he graduated, He was giving his badge in the Annual Badge Wearing Ceremony of December 2019. He was a trooper, His dream fulfilled, Suddenly a guy came to him after some time. He told him he was SAGOV. He asked if he wanted to join Governer Elections for BC. Khalil immediately thought of making Bone County A better place, He said yes. Many weeks past, 2 People, wearing FBIJackets came to Khalil, They arrested him and took him for investigation. Khalil, confused said whats happening? They put charges on his for being affiliated with the enemy of the state. Khalil knew he didn't do anything wrong, He asked for an investigation, They said yes. He was put in FBI Jail cells, After some time his badge was taken by Lt.Eduardo Santos, No one believed him. He waited and waited And Prayed to god. One day the fbi agent came, With anger on his face, He said:Your free to go, Charges have been dropped. The case was invalid, Khalil a little happy, still didn't know if he would get his badge back, He joined a Insurgents group by the name of MIM, He wanted to end Bone County Resistance and free Bone County from those terrorists, After sometime the EX-Army closed, Khalil went to LSPD for his badge, Chief told him wait sometime, I will confirm your stories. More To Come:- CHAPTER 2: The Move In. Khalil had his identity changed to Henry David, He got a small home with a parking near Ganton 24/7.
  5. Username:James Warren(Alfred Winter) All The best,I already think he's the governor,Sorry for being late.
  6. Can you make the banshee 200K By any chance?
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