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  1. I'm still alive and waiting for this
  2. JasonM

    Server updates

    It's gonna be terribly abused in this server, giving volunteers taser wouldn't hurt, you guys are higher ranks, simply punish them or suspend them for misusing it, like you do with current troopers, not everyone is perfect, i have seen troopers abuse taser as well, but what's important is if they learn from it. Considering volunteers have the /suspect command and do not have the /taser command just makes it weird and unreasonable to have it removed. If you're truly worried from volunteers misusing it, they would do so with suspect and cuff command.
  3. JasonM

    Server updates

    Well "these" retarded volunteers already have officer commands like /su /cuff /jail and so on, i don't see any reason why restrict /taser for volunteers if they already have ability to suspect command which is even worse then /taser.
  4. JasonM

    Server updates

    why volunteers dont have tasers? that's right, give this little innocent poor man a taser and let him serve the mudoo state! #VOLUNTEERS
  5. The sad thing is, the guy on the video roleplays more then half of mudoo players
  6. JasonM

    Some new changes

    I disagree, the playerbase isn't that high in the server, disabling the public chat would disallow players to chit chat when they're bored, even if they're fighting, at least it's entertaining to watch and have a laugh xd
  7. JasonM

    Some new changes

    We should start to be respectful towards other players, you're all in this community together. If your feelings are hurt by someone, either ignore it or response with logical and useful manner. Insulting, provoking won't get you anywhere. Great changes, good luck implementing this! Side note: kaclor (samp developer) is planning to update to 0.3.9 i think? so this plays a big part and might heavily increase the playerbase as most players will move to 0.3.9 with the new features added prepare for newbies storm!
  8. I like how people think easy and just say "let us JUST switch to heavy roleplay server" Switching to a heavy roleplay server would require a massive script change in the server and not just heavy RP rules, there are lots of unrealistic stuff in the server, and having freeroam/light rp scripts and heavy rp rules would destroy the gamemode and would look awful. I have tried in the past to improve the server's rolpelay along with 3/4 friends, but I have failed and I decided to move on along with my friends. Players seem to enjoy the deathmatch/poor disgusting roleplay that is happening in mudoo. Stay as a freeroam server, since you guys care about playerbase only. Enjoy the DM in-game people!
  9. JasonM


    Why do people still post "good bye" topics while they know it's against the forum rules? leave or not, nobody cares. We're here to have fun and enjoy a gaming community not to read some crybaby topics because someone is leaving.
  10. Again with the blaming administrators excuse bullshit... for once start using your brain cells (if you have any) and blame yourselves for the lack of RP that the server is experiencing. You wanna roleplay? start doing it nobody is stopping you.
  11. JasonM

    Roleplay is dead?

    Clearly, this is what actually killed the roleplay. When people get told what they're doing is wrong, they bring the past shit and make fun about it instead of suggesting new ideas that would actually help, Subhan in other words, if you have nothing important to say other then starting a pointless argument, get out of here. Back to the point. I believe, the players started to be more money-hungry as Matthew mentioned above, they all care about fame, money, and shooting like a bunch of animals. I think this issue started when you guys gave the players more script (get knocked before death, /rob, ability to rob guns, /frisk) and I cannot blame the management for implementing such scripts because obviously it was supposed to be rpish, players were supposed to roleplay frisking/robbing. This has been going for long lately, and I have seen administrators even do such actions and instead not punishing the players for doing it. Players must be forced to roleplay injuries when knocked, period. Criminals obviously don't care about dying literally, why? What I would suggest: Making criminals lose huge amount of items and/or increasing the price of the weapons (or anything else that they would care about much) I think this is the only solution to make criminals think straight instead of being careless animals who fight till death and starts shootout when it's not needed.
  12. JasonM

    Staff applications

  13. JasonM

    Finally banned

    This is some other bullshit topic, not tryna be mean, but comon it's annoying, Tommy did the same thing, not even 24 hours and we saw him begging for unban just saying.
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