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  5. What is your in-game name? Tony_Navarro Which player(s) do you want to report? Martin_Lawrence (Moderator) When did the rulebreak happen? 06/08/2020 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Esu_Pofka What happened? (quote what rule was broken) He was abusing his powers to catch me Ic'ly while my phone powered off.((PG)) [12:03:00] You turned your phone off. I'll tell you guys everything from the scratch. My friend Esu Pofka and I were roaming around LS and then some how Pofka decide to nuke atm which I was not in favor of. On the other hand Pofka is anew player on the server he lacks speaking English also lacks with the rp rules. Martin treated a new comer like a shit as being a staff of a server you don't have a right to think that you are some motherfucking thanos no one can't take action against you. You need to respect the players. Lets get back to the Martins abusing his powers. So Pofka start planting the c4 in the mean while another car buffalo came there. I asked on my wt channel that if that's my guys or not, no one responded. Then they shouted that its fbi and we should surrender to Pofka and ask me to leave. Where I didn't leave because pofka is my friend and it was a situation bros before those hoes in another buffalo. I rammed my buffalo in thier buffalo with nitro on and manage to take pofka inside my car. We escaped from LS to angle pine where i powered off my phone after crossing the tunnel near gam hq towards angel pine. Then we drove to AP together while talking to my other friends on wt, idk if admins can mix thier powers of being FBI and Admin at same time. Pofka got crashed near Angel pine and I was waiting for him to login again so we can continue again and I saw a buffalo coming for me with a siren on its roof. I tried to evade, which I couldn't. I surrender myself Ic'ly and they cuffed me. I was complying with them and I asked Mister.Martin respectfully to tell how tf he got to know my location while my phone was off, he answered that he /trace'ed me and how can someone trace me while my phone is off. And Martin thinks I was going on his nerves while he was abusing his commands but he was getting on my nerves. As he was disrespectful to me and pofka and start a admin sit between the RP scene that what you guys do when you want everything in your favor. Martin also PG'ed between the whole scene and warned Pofka for hitting him in a scene while he was cuffed. When I was forcing martin to answer my question that how he /trace'ed me while our phone was off he thinks he was not responsible to answer me. Martin thinks at mudoo every player have just came from LS-RP so they know every thing about RP admins duty is to clear every thing for newbie, he should have told pofka that what PG meant then he wouldn't have continue punching martin while RP scene. Even martin PG'ed between the scene by starting a admin sit between of the RP scene and no one didn't asked for his support between the RP. Now I leave the responsibility on senior administration to provide justice and teach the staff to treat newbies with little respect and don't think that they are fucking thanos at a rank of moderator. He is even new so I ask you guys to remove his warning too of pofka. Evidence Evidence of powering my phone off: [12:03:00] You turned your phone off. Evidence of me asking Pofka not to plant c4: [12:00:03] Esu Pofka says [Lithuanian accent]: i have c4 [12:00:08] Esu Pofka says [Lithuanian accent]: rlly [12:00:10] You withdrew ,600. [12:00:13] Esu Pofka says [Lithuanian accent]: you not scared? [12:00:15] Tony Navarro says [Mexican accent]: Don't. [12:00:19] Esu Pofka says [Lithuanian accent]: okay [12:00:22] Esu Pofka says [Lithuanian accent]: plant [12:00:22] Tony Navarro says [Mexican accent]: I cam here to withdraw money [12:00:31] (( Tony_Navarro: wtf )) [12:00:33] (( Tony_Navarro: press enter )) [12:00:36] * Esu Pofka dops c4 while sticking to atm and pressing button [12:00:37] (( Tony_Navarro: cops will be here. )) [12:00:38] (( Tony_Navarro: damnnnn )) [12:00:43] (( Esu_Pofka: xdd we doing it )) [12:00:52] * Esu Pofka connects wires [12:00:52] * Tony Navarro locks their Buffalo. [12:00:53] * Tony Navarro unlocks their Buffalo. [12:00:54] (( Esu_Pofka: protect me )) [12:00:58] PM to Esu_Pofka (25): I dont have guns! [12:01:04] * Esu Pofka arms detonator Evidence of me talking on my WT: [12:04:28] *** [2 | 9998] Tony Navarro: Richard? [12:04:33] *** [2 | 9998] Richard Griffin: hey [12:04:38] *** [2 | 9998] Tony Navarro: Bro need to fuck FBI [12:04:46] *** [2 | 9998] Richard Griffin: wheere are they broo [12:04:59] *** [2 | 9998] Tony Navarro: In LS,I manage to escape i'm in Angel pine now [12:05:04] *** [2 | 9998] Richard Griffin: oh [12:05:06] *** [2 | 9998] Richard Griffin: why they on you [12:05:08] * Suliman_Mukhtar (38) logged in to the server. [12:05:16] *** [2 | 9998] Tony Navarro: My friend was nuking and they came... [12:05:20] *** [2 | 9998] Richard Griffin: o Evidence of me asking martin to answer me how did he managed to catch me: [12:06:56] PM from Esu_Pofka (25): its all me fault [12:06:57] (( Tony_Navarro: you abuse your admin powers. )) [12:07:00] (( Tony_Navarro: You spec me. )) [12:07:04] (( Martin_Lawrence: report me )) [12:07:13] (( Martin_Lawrence: /lay )) [12:07:14] (( Martin_Lawrence: /lay )) [12:07:16] (( Tony_Navarro: i won't. )) [12:07:23] (( Tony_Navarro: I need a proof how you got me )) [12:07:25] (( Martin_Lawrence: you sure? )) [12:09:25] (( Marshall_Hunter: We traced u )) [12:09:26] * Aberama McCavern pushes the suspect into the cruiser. [12:09:27] (( Tony_Navarro: Ahan,my phone was off )) [12:09:32] (( Marshall_Hunter: Nop )) [12:09:33] (( Tony_Navarro: Abusing you commands. )) Evidence Martin starting a admin sit in a Rp scene: [12:10:01] {FF0000}Martin_Lawrence{DDA2F0} says: you all going on my nerves [12:10:04] Esu Pofka says [Lithuanian accent]: tf [12:10:08] {FF0000}Martin_Lawrence{DDA2F0} says: im dragging you so please Roleplay along with me [12:10:09] Tony Navarro says [Mexican accent]: you are going on my nerves! [12:10:13] Esu Pofka says [Lithuanian accent]: okay [12:10:14] Tony Navarro says [Mexican accent]: rp? [12:10:15] {FF0000}Martin_Lawrence{DDA2F0} says: Dont punch me when you have cuffs on [12:10:17] {FF0000}Martin_Lawrence{DDA2F0} says: Its PG [12:10:24] (( Tony_Navarro: Pofka don't. )) Evidence of Martin telling he's not responsible to answer my question: [12:10:33] {FF0000}Martin_Lawrence{DDA2F0} says: Tony stop crying instead of this and make a complaint on me [12:10:34] Tony Navarro says [Mexican accent]: how you /trace me while my phone was off [12:10:34] Esu Pofka says [Lithuanian accent]: who ruined [12:10:36] {FF0000}Martin_Lawrence{DDA2F0} says: on mudoo website [12:10:37] Esu Pofka says [Lithuanian accent]: and nuuked [12:10:39] Tony Navarro says [Mexican accent]: I'm not crying. [12:10:40] Esu Pofka says [Lithuanian accent]: it wasint tony [12:10:41] Esu Pofka says [Lithuanian accent]: it was me [12:10:46] Tony Navarro says [Mexican accent]: Shh...pofka [12:10:46] Esu Pofka says [Lithuanian accent]: hes not here [12:10:50] {FF0000}Martin_Lawrence{DDA2F0} says: im not responsible of answering you [12:10:50] Esu Pofka says [Lithuanian accent]: let he [12:10:53] {FF0000}Martin_Lawrence{DDA2F0} says: you roleplay with us now [12:10:56] {FF0000}Martin_Lawrence{DDA2F0} says: or you will get punished [12:10:57] Esu Pofka says [Lithuanian accent]: i ruined of you boys and i nuked [12:10:59] Esu Pofka says [Lithuanian accent]: he [12:10:59] Tony Navarro says [Mexican accent]: Are you sure,huh? [12:11:06] Tony Navarro says [Mexican accent]: I'll meet you on forums then [12:11:11] {FF0000}Martin_Lawrence{DDA2F0} says: see you there
  6. White Dragon DealerShip We Bring Journey's Again In Stock On The Special Demand Of Our Potential Customers. Starting Offer For Each Is $300,000.
  7. Sorry, Shubham Magadino offered 3.4m first and bought the bike.
  8. White Dragon Dealership Brings the Vehicle that you are in need, Drop Offers for both. JOURNEY: SOLD FOR $415,000 NRG: SOLD for $3.400.000
  9. We are buying all kind of vehicles. So what are you waiting for? Contact Us Now! CONTACT NUMBERS: Tony Navarro((8-7-7-3)) Carlos Josepg((5-2-5-5-5)) Discord ((Soorty#3282))
  10. It's 3k Hp it cost around 500-600k LOL
  11. Then why are you placing bids?
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