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  1. We are buying all kind of vehicles. So what are you waiting for? Contact Us Now! CONTACT NUMBERS: Tony Navarro((8-7-7-3)) Carlos Josepg((5-2-5-5-5)) Discord ((Soorty#3282))
  2. Then why are you placing bids?
  3. Contact White Dragon Enterprise To Furnish Your House For $40,000 Only.
  4. Selling A House In East Los-Santos.Fully Furnished Back Yard. Value: $90,000 BuyOut: $250,000(Negotiable) Contact (Tony Navarro, 8-7-7-3) Or (Carlos Joseph,5-2-5-5-5 ) Discord: ((Soorty#3282))
  5. 24-7 sold for $360,000 BuyOut.
  6. I take game as game not as a real life perspective. I don't maintain any kind of balance sheet or income statement. Every item have about 50-60% of profit margin.
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