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  1. What is your in-game name? Aaron Carson Which staff member banned you? Billy Miller When did you get banned? 11/10/18 What is the ban reason? Aimbot Personal comment Uh, me and my fellas decided to play with all seriousness. We all cought in a situation where we were outnumbered and I literally slipped off, and turned on my aimbot, which i apology for I assur you that you won't have to see me in this cursed board again. Thank you.
  2. I can smell a lot of shit. The people have talked and would continue to and we as always won't give a damn about it. The corruption will end now! I'm surely gonna import thousands of packs of tissue papers now. Stay tuned! And we like you! aside to that; Call 4444 for a free delivery of tissue papers. We'll make sure you all get them.
  3. Hard work and dedication gets you success. I always had a firm believe on you and knew you would get what you deserve one day. Governor, it's time we do what we promised our citizens. It's time we change the system being lead by corrupt organizations. A MEESAGE TO ALL THOSE CORRUPT PEOPLE OUT HERE. Your time is over. We are gonna replace you with someone better. YES! YOU HEARD IT RIGHT. YOU ARE BEING REPLACED. - Aaron 'Sal' Carson. Minister of the party.
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