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  1. Luigi.

    Upcoming Events

    @Thomas_Hewittgood luck nigguh
  2. It’s not poor roleplaying but why you make him run after you to dm each other and when it done both of you cries over /p And you can’t Cop Bait irl
  3. Cops and player didn’t do that Onduty megaphone: this is LSPD pullover now and engine off.....ETC Civilian:stops the engine and start to roleplaying with the cop like “Cop: do you know why I pulled you over?” “Civilian:Speeding?” “Cop:yes” and so on and he starts to ask you “can i see your documents and so on
  4. Luigi.

    HBD Leonardo

    HBD Leo wish your all dreams come true enjoy it to the max Brother and their you go 23 cakes from so 23+23=46 Matthew and me
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