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  1. I am out of City, I may in the way to home, Will reach within 3 Hours. Sorry for this, You may wait, So Sorry.
  2. Property will sold to @Bruce in few days! Deadline:- 14-Sep. ' You can still put bids.
  3. Sure, Alright. Bid noted. If there's no higher bid than Bruce's bid then 24/7 will be sold to Bruce for $1,250,000 on 14 September 2019. Highest bid till now:- $1.25M Deadline:- 14-Sep
  4. It's one of the most profitable businesses! But to be honest, I went off for months and didn't restocked. I would have showed you the history of my business if I did restocked. Minimum is 1.5M
  5. Admin, move to right board then, Noted! Will be sold to Assassin on 8 September if there's no higher bid.
  6. Property Value: 380,000$ + 10,000$ Starting BID:- 1.5M Winner "No one at the moment." Property Location:- Near Los Santos Bank, Behind FBI HQ. Most visited Shop. Muholland Will be Sold to the Highest Bidder. So, Comeon Start Bidding!
  7. What is your in-game name? John_ Which player(s) do you want to report? Galan_Porter/Cyrus Reznov When did the rulebreak happen? 07/26/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Alexander_Carson What happened? (quote what rule was broken) Killed me inside of LSPD, infront of 50+ officers. + (He told me to handsup, I denied and he started shooting at me, Without any rp like reloads his gun, Aims at John, .......etc ) I wanted him to get punished, Maybe Ban for 3-5 Days, So that other will beaware of RP. Thanks Evidence Later, If needed.
  8. What is your in-game name? John_Death Which player(s) do you want to report? James_Burke When did the rulebreak happen? 07/24/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? No-one What happened? (quote what rule was broken) First of all, He RAMMED me near LS bank and ran away, I followed him to RP with him and force him to give me money for breaking my car's headlight. I found him outside Clothing Shop, I shouted him to stop! After he saw me stopping him, He started his bike and ran! I followed him and I got him outside Pay N Spray, I RPed with him that I shot his leg, and he pulled his gun without any RP CMDs like (/me, /l) nothing at all, and he didn't complied with me ..... Just pulled his gun and shot me, I got his all ammos in me. (Pro AIMBOT) and don't know why his health was restored too, And at last he killed me, Robbed my stuff and I lost my deagle and also my mask. Sad thing is no staff was online atm. (((After doing this, I saw Gent_Kola saying that James killed him too, first rammed and then pulled gun without any RP. ))) ....... Evidence You can check logs please.
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