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  1. What is your in-game name? Fernando_Ryano Which player(s) do you want to report? Mike_Morgan When did the rulebreak happen? 07/10/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Akasuki_Sasaki What happened? (quote what rule was broken) DM and Killing without PR. I was driving with my tow truck, then he came and asked me to buy his Patriot. I refused then he shot my car's tires. I called PD then got off the car, but he shoot me with deagle and MP5. PD came and he knocked him too( The witness was a police ) Evidence This is a part of chatlog where all this shit started [07:37:22] Mike Morgan shouts [Brazilian accent]: ey! [07:37:22] The command you entered is invalid. Refer to "/help" or "/ask" for possible solutions. [07:37:26] Fernando Ryano says [Mexican accent]: hey! [07:37:26] Mike Morgan shouts [Brazilian accent]: Need some coke! [07:37:27] * Fernando Ryano rolls down their window. [07:37:38] Fernando Ryano says [Mexican accent]: I dont have right now man [07:37:51] Mike Morgan says [Brazilian accent]: Want money? [07:38:01] Fernando Ryano says [Mexican accent]: no thanks. I am good. [07:38:10] Mike Morgan says [Brazilian accent]: Wanna buy patriot? [07:38:11] Fernando Ryano says [Mexican accent]: for coke, ask Athan [07:38:16] Fernando Ryano says [Mexican accent]: no thanks. [07:38:26] * Mike Morgan takes out his deagle aims on Fernando. [07:38:28] Mike Morgan says [Brazilian accent]: HANDS. [07:38:32] You are not the owner of this vehicle and you do not have a key for it. [07:38:32] * Akasuki_Sasaki (2) logged in to the server. [07:38:42] You are calling 911 (service). [07:38:45] Emergency Services Operator says (phone): Hello, this is the 911, do you require PD or FD? [07:38:48] [?] Tip: Use /help to browse somewhat detailed description of server features. [07:38:49] Fernando Ryano says (phone): PD [07:38:49] Emergency Services Operator says (phone): Describe your emergency for us, please. [07:38:59] Fernando Ryano says (phone): he is shooting me [07:38:59] Emergency Services Operator says (phone): What is the location of the emergency? [07:39:05] Fernando Ryano says (phone): Market [07:39:05] Emergency Services Operator says (phone): Okay, units will be dispatched to your location. [07:39:10] {DEDE6A}Fernando_Ryano (1){FFFFFF}: stop Mike! [07:39:22] You have suffered severe injuries and passed out. [07:39:22] After 120 seconds, you can "/accept death" if you wish to give up on life. [07:39:22] [?] Tip: You are now passed out. You are able to "/accept death" or get a medic to revive you. [07:39:22] [?] Tip: Do not accept death if you are being frisked or robbed. Allow the person to finish, and then proceed. [07:39:25] {DEDE6A}Fernando_Ryano (1){FFFFFF}: fuck u! [07:39:26] Akasuki Sasaki o<: This is the POLICE DEPARTMENT - DO NOT MOVE and PUT YOUR HANDS UP! [07:39:31] {DEDE6A}Fernando_Ryano (1){FFFFFF}: kill hi,m [07:39:35] {DEDE6A}Fernando_Ryano (1){FFFFFF}: fuck u! [07:39:38] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-013.png [07:39:38] {FFFFFF}Athan_Corleone (0){FFFFFF}: lol [07:39:40] {FFFFFF}Athan_Corleone (0){FFFFFF}: What's up? [07:39:51] {DEDE6A}Fernando_Ryano (1){FFFFFF}: he is shooting for no reason! [07:39:58] {FFFFFF}Athan_Corleone (0){FFFFFF}: [07:40:05] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-014.png [07:40:11] {DEDE6A}Fernando_Ryano (1){FFFFFF}: gooona report u! [07:40:15] * Mike Morgan pats down on Fernando frisking him. [07:40:25] {006FED}Akasuki_Sasaki (2){FFFFFF}: report him kill you without no RP
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