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  1. Just give me last chance as Eugene Lombardi, I swear I am not going to fuck up this time! @Leonardo @Dylan
  2. Please, give me a chance to play as Eugene. Next time to fuck up, could be a permanent ban!
  3. Okay what shall I say now? I am literally confused! I am sorry but, i really wanna get banned. Maybe if I came with the truth but thats what happened. I can admit its me Guiseppe, but I wanted to go on another account. I fucked really bad with that name, I am really sorry. I would ask for last chance! @Dylan @Leonardo
  4. Yes mate, it was his account before. But I took it, it’s mine now. He got unbanned and got banned again! I took that account, just tell me how can we solve this!
  5. @Leonardo I swear to god I am not ban evading. Leonardo. I am being fully honest with you, I can also make Guiseppe make a Ban appeal. If that would be the way to get unbanned, but I swear to god. That's nothing I can deal with!
  6. What is your in-game name? Eugene_Lombardi Which staff member banned you? Leonardo_Carter When did you get banned? 06/15/19 What is the ban reason? Ban Evading (Guiseppe Corzetti) Personal comment Alright, what just happened is not my fault. We are 3 brothers playing on one IP address, you can also notice that this Eugene account is created while Guiseppe was unbanned. Although, we are 3 brothers, Guiseppe Corzetti - Eugene Lombardi - Mike Morgan. I swear to god I am new here, and i am not ban evading. For god sakes, I am getting false banned. I didn't do anything!
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