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Polcas Lansky

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  1. The player is banned now. Thanks for reporting. L&A.
  2. Shittest reason, I told you to be honest. Denied, come back when you are clear and honest.
  3. Can you tell me the properly reason why you cheated? While you know that cheating is not allowed. Be honest please.
  4. Hello there, I will be handling the report
  5. Let me explain something, first you and your friends were vagos, you decided to be grove. You killed a member of Temple drive ballas becuase he killed a member of your members, when you were vagos, and today you decided to kill him as grove, this is not Roleplay, this is poor Roleplay and poor reason to kill him, how you decided to kill someone becuase he killed a member of your members when you were vagos? and now you are grove. When you turned to grove, that means new character. Second, you have bad punishments history, you keep breaking the rules and this is not allowed which mean you should take responsibility. Give me a reason why i should unbann you when you are keep breaking the rules?
  6. Hello Jack, i'll be handling the report.
  7. Hello, I will be handling your report. Logs were checked and it looks like that the player roleplay'd before frisking you, here's the proof of that: You were trying to get an innocent player of the community punished by providing fake logs which is so wrong so let's avoid that in future - if you have got some personal grudges against someone sort it out instead of making false reports against him which is not cool. anyways in conclusion no punishments will be given out as the player roleplay'd before frisking you, proof was given to you. Thank you for reporting. Report concluded. - L & A
  8. Hello, you can report them on this link https://forum.mudoogaming.com/index.php?/forms/13-samp-mrp-report-a-staff-member/ Because they are staff members. And the managers will handle it and talk with you.
  9. @sander pronks Can you please tell me your discord, So i can speak with you and listen your exact story. My discord is Polcas#2222.
  10. You do know its not allowed to use any kinds of illegal modification yet you were found using it., You should take responsibility.
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