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  1. If You Want To Ask Higher Rank You Need To Know Every Rank Here Is Ranks 1. New Member 2. Member 3. Elder 4.Co- Leader 5. Leader 6. Founder (only one exists) And If You Are elder or member u need to ask leader and founder only! only they can upgrade your rank!
  2. To Join In Vice Lords You Need To Have Minimum 3 Level Maximum Inf Need To Know Every Rule In Mudoo RPG You Need To Respect Everyone When You Join Especially Higher Rankers When You Want To Leave You Need To Tell Higher Rankers First
  3. Your in-game name sticky_stick You real life age 16 Your country and timezone Georgia (GMT+4) How do you describe yourself as a person Well I am kind Because I help strangers,friends if they need help u can call this helpful i am also smart but not very smart i know Samp RP server rules and what to do if we see hacker or player break rules, i can do whatever u want if i trust you i will do whatever u say i am also not mean and sometimes funny i make my friends laugh am also brave sometimes i saved my friend bullying i got beated up but i saved my friend and i will do EVERYTHING to save my friends and family What are your motives for becoming a moderator? Well I am Very Experienced Moderator I Helped My Friends And Get Members I Always Try my Best To Help My Friends or Strangers if they need help i also know that Cheating, Swearing, Trolling Is not allowed until admin or owner gives u permission to do that i am applying this because i really want to get you members and help players if they need help i am not knew player i played thousands of these rps and i know rules So Please Give me a Chance To Become Your Staff Member And Help Players Or Get Players Whatever U Say I will do! How will you deal with a friend that is asking for favors? Well In Real Life i will do anything but in rps like this i would ask admins or owner permission first and but its important what my friend is asking for but i will ask admins or owner permission first! because i dont want to be bad moderator How will you deal with a new player that keeps on rule-breaking, after several warnings? Well If someone is warned and still breaking rules then i will ask him/her nicely to read rules and tell him/her to stop rule breaking if it doesnt work then i will get screenshot send admins or owner and if they say ban i will ban him/her Any additional information you feel is relevant No Because I Already Said What I Wanted To Say! Well You Maybe Think My Stats Are Like New Player You Are Right But Trust Me I Have Great Experience Of Being Moderator Or Admin Thank You For You Time! Screenshot of your in-game stats
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