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  1. Banned.cs isn't you who said that im hacking ? and now im not banned since i didnt used hacks but you attemping to having petty reasons to ban me and now you are banned what a stupid bot try to instal stupidbot.cs

    1. Damon


      ? lol u still think about me while im banned, my fan


    2. T O M M Y

      T O M M Y

      fan ? hahahahahahha lmao i dont folow dumb hackers you can't join mudoo again lmao go buy new laptop and join what a dumb.

    3. Damon


      english please you paki

  2. This is so unfair man. I was told by the management, community management* that i should not cheat while i play and record my gameplay. Yes, I kept my promise, I did not cheat, and I recorded montages. You guys blaming me for “illegal mods” but wont tell me what mods it is, Yeah i hit a few lucky shots? its a 2004 game, first you say i used smooth aim, then trigger bot, then silent aimbot, what else did i use? every cheat in the game. I asked every other player to view my montages, they said i improved as a player and my fps was a huge advantage in my gameplay. I dont know wh
  3. "Teamviewer was your chance to prove that u are innocent which i did not wish to use" I did ask you to go on teamviewer about 5-6 minutes after I q'd because I was done moving files. I did not touch my gta folder and i told you that, my gta folder was not touched at all the day you tped me to go on teamviewer. But you denied the teamviewer check because I /qd and i understand that, Sorry man, hopefully you can let me play again as I will go on teamviewer whenever you ask next time, and you can perma force me on recording as well.
  4. I'm not saying you're wrong, nor im arguing with you Dizzy, you were 100% right for what you did. I don't blame you for banning me after i /q'd. But honestly, you were threatening to ban me every other second, so I was frustrated and went /q and told you im ready to get on teamviewer, When you told me to "dont force crash or /q" i thought you meant in general. I honestly /qd and then told you on discord im ready to go on teamviewer because I didn't know you wanted me in game while i was on teamviewer lmao. last time we were on teamviewer i was not in game. It was different.
  5. Last time Dizzy was on teamviewer with me, he checked through my documents folder, which had pictures of family related stuff, it was not in my directory, it was just in the documents. Dizzys statement was " I went to documents to check your gta san andreas user files " and he saw my family pictures there. Now honestly, the only thing resisting me from going on teamviewer with Dizzy was that, and i agree to go on teamviewer with any other admin, just not dizzy, due to my last interaction with him. What do i do now? can you tell me
  6. I know man, I didn't know this was such a big deal, teamviewer? on a 2004 game? literally wasn't expecting this to turn out this way. If you would've told me on my old ban appeal that once i get unbanned, I have to go on teamviewer everytime Dizzy asks, then I'd be ready. But I had family files saved on my desktop since I share this computer with my brother, and I had to move them out. I had to organize all my files and Dizzy thought I was stalling, but I was talking to him in the game the whole time. I never even updated my folder or made changes to my folder lol, I honestly did not break a r
  7. @Dizzy I have waited patiently, I would really appreciate if you would consider unbanning me. I was banned for refusing to go on teamviewer, I understand I was in the wrong for leaving the game, I was frustrated that I was being accused of something I didnt use. Honestly, I didn't think you were literally gonna ban me for not going on teamviewer, I thought you were only allowed to ban if you were 100% sure i was using illegal mods. However, you were in every right to ban me, I got a terrible history yeah I understand, But man I am changing my self, Im still learning, It's not like I installed
  8. It’s triggerbot

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    2. Damon


      and no, i post videos of me because people ask me to, i do it because its fun

    3. M.Rochi


      You were concerned about the reason for your ban, satisfied?

    4. Damon


      so you just come up with a random cheat lol okay buddy that makes no sense to me. 

  9. I don't know what rule I broke, I refused to go on teamviewer due to family privacy I have on my computer. What else can i do besides go on teamviewer to play on the server? there is no reason for me to stay banned due to me not rule breaking. In this situation, Dizzy made his own rule "/q or force crash, u get banned".. how's that even fair lol, he could directly speak to me on discord, why do i get banned for not going on teamviewer? If he was 100% sure i was using cheats he wouldn't be asking me to use teamviewer. It took me a while to move all the files away from m
  10. What is your in-game name? damon_eira Which staff member banned you? dizzy_walker When did you get banned? 07/21/2020 What is the ban reason? not going on teamviewer, suspected for cheats Personal comment when i said idc ab my ban, i didnt mean it like that. I meant, I care more about the promise i made to locmax, mikro and leonardo; which was to not cheat again, over my ban. I dont cheat anymore and havent used a cheat for months. This ban is gonna make me seem like a cheater again which im
  11. I don't care about my ban, It's the fact that the reason you wrongfully banned me for was cheating, and I feel bad due to me promising the community managers i wouldn't cheat. I myself promised Leonardo & Locmax that I would not use cheats again, me being banned for this makes me look like a fool, and I have no intention of breaking their trust, I did not use cheats, and I made a montage of my gameplay, I am no longer a cheater, I am sorry that you cannot see me as a legit player but the truth hurts as well. I am not a cheater, and I would like to play on mudoo roleplay again.
  12. What is your in-game name? Damon_Eira Which staff member banned you? Dizzy_Walker When did you get banned? 07/21/2020 What is the ban reason? not going on teamviewer, suspected for cheats Personal comment After i spoke with my friends, they told me i can take control and end the team viewer anytime i want, at first i didnt wanna go on teamviewer because i have stuff stored in my desktop which is private, but it is somewhere else now. However, I haven't touched my gta, i /qd in gam
  13. I have no other way of being unbanned besides getting on team viewer, he clearly wont unban me, what else do i do lol besides tell him to get on TV
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