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  1. gandalf for unban 2k19

    1. Smith


      no lol

    2. Faizan


      Best of luck already

  2. I was being ignorant. This is 100% on me. You will never believe me again, whatever i say wont matter, i know man. I dont know how else to put it, but you guys can have all of your eyes on me if you want, any sort of misbehavior and you can even ban me from forums. I will stop hanging out with trouble makers as thats what always gets me into this stuff. I am sorry and i dont know what else to say, this is all my fault, i admit it. I am sorry @Billy i know this doesnt mean shit to you but in honesty i did fuck up alot. I just want to fix everything, give me one final chance man. I am sorry
  3. What is your in-game name? Gandalf_Gambino Which staff member banned you? Billy_Corleone When did you get banned? 07/07/19 What is the ban reason? Script abuse Personal comment I am going to be 100% honest. Yes, i did abuse script commands, one of us went on police duty, he put his handsup, we robbed his guns, he did /tg and then we robbed his guns and repeat. We did that so we get ammo easily. With all honestly, me and my mate were literally asking for a ban, we were being ignorant. I know that is no excuse to be abusing script commands but what can i say, i was being stupid, i know i did really wrong and was being extremely stupid. I was also not aware that this was not allowed, me and my mate did rp it a little bit, but it doesnt matter, we still broke rules and i am sorry for that. Adding on, i was ban evading, i want to be honest and just come straight to you guys so i dont waste your time. Valen is my account, i ban evaded because i really like this server and it honestly did make me sad that i got banned once again. I am ignorant, and i wont show stupidity in the server again. I am gonna make sure i read the rules and follow them. In the Valen account, i became a PD officer so i could start a new history, a new identity. But yes i did get caught, i shouldnt of ban evaded, it is against the rules, i am a idiot, and i am sorry for that. I am being completely honest with the staff team, i apologize for my shitty mistakes and it would really mean alot if you guys could give me ANOTHER chance, it is alot to ask for, but i was being ignorant before and i wont do it again. Thank you for reading, Gandalf.
  4. If you guys could give me a chance to prove myself, I will never bug abuse again :((
  5. @Mikro Could you give me a chance to play on the server once again if that's alright
  6. Haha, no.. I did it because it actually looks like a appeal.
  7. If you guys could give me a chance, honestly, It would mean a lot. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my appeal. Kind Regards to you all, Gandalf.
  8. @Mikro I really don't know what to say anymore man, I did abuse the bug, I was being ignorant, and I really am sorry for that. I honestly was surprised when i got the ban due to my ignorance of /rules and now I will make sure I read all the rules and to not repeat this petty mistake again. Could you please give me another chance to play on this wonderful server.
  9. You are 100% right, It is my fault, no one else Sir, I accept that I did abuse the bug, but I can promise this type of bullshit will never occur again, can you please, please let me play on the server again I really apologize for my misbehavior and causing a commotion in the staff team.
  10. Wait what? Weston pmed me, "why are you bug abusing" I was literally confused, I asked him what do you mean? and i robbed some other PMC member who tried to kill gambinos. If I were to abuse the bug, why would i do it right after a admin pms me lol, that's literally asking for the perma ban sir. Please excuse my misbehavior, this is a misunderstanding but it is my fault also for using the bug for my own advantage. I understand my mistake, I promise it wont occur again, please give me a chance @Reload Kind regards, Gandalf.
  11. I really love this server man, I would really appreciate if you could find it in your heart to let me play on the server considering i did accept my mistake + I will not repeat it again. Kind Regards, Gandalf
  12. You are 100% right, I did spam the /rob command. However, with all due respect Sir, this was partly the servers fault too, as well as mine for taking advantage of the bug. The bug shouldn't even be there in the first place, I get nothing is perfect, but you really cannot be blaming it on the player for trying to have a little bit of fun and just using the bug for a little. If i were to full on abuse it, I wouldn't of told anyone about the bug in the first place, but i knew it was the right thing to do (tell the admins about the bug) and I fully accept that this was on my part too. I can promise you that, this type of BS will never be heard from me again, If i ever notice a bug, I will report it to the scripters immediately. Could you please, give me the benefit of the doubt, and trust me when i say this, ill be on my best behavior and never repeat this command again. Thank you for spending the time to review my appeal, please allow me to play on the server once again sir. (ill nitro boost your discord if you want) love you @Dylan
  13. First of all, thank you for replying to my appeal Dylan. Now i see that the it is a bug that i abused, ill admit that i was being ignorant. However, I was being completely honest when I said, "no admins told me it wasn't allowed" because all matthew said was don't spam it, its not gonna be fixed magically. This /rob ammo bug wasn't fixed until I brought it up to the admins on discord and got no response so i was just being ignorant, ill admit it Sir. Huge apologies for my misbehavior, I did report the bug asap in the chat & on discord. "[#02] John Doe finds an exploit that lets him gain more money in the shorter amount of time, uses the exploit and doesn't report it." ^ I did report the bug asap, I was just being ignorant and used it for my own good i guess, and I apologize for that, but it's not that big of a deal considering my intentions weren't ever to abuse it, If i were to do that, i would literally sell the ammo that i got from the bug and that would be a huge reason for a permanent ban. Could you please allow me to play Mudoo RPG again as this mistake will never be repeated again. I am honestly, sorry. @Dylan
  14. Could an admin please consider reading this appeal since I was very honest with my statements and my intentions were never to break a rule If i were to abuse the /rob ammo bug i would've done it so many times that i had 9999 desert eagle / shotgun ammo, but i literally did it 2-3 times, which literally shows my intentions weren't to abuse the bug, I was simply using the command. Please read my application as I want to play the server again :[ Kind Regards, Gandalf
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