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  1. It ain't no personal hate homie, I'm just saying what I saw. I'm finally gonna ask you, are you able to play on cac?
  2. Well, actually we get many accounts from 2018 and apparently, I didn't notice that, I'll just unban you, shit happens.
  3. A'ight so you were trolling, and you actually knew a lot of things, you even were working on level 0, how do you explain that?
  4. A'ight a'ight, even though you saying that we lost an argument, even though nobody is arguing but you, you're simply arguing with yourself. But I really don't know about cac'ing you, I guess that you'll by pass it the second you download it, Billy mentioned one clip in this video even though there's more, but I don't need to mention every clip and explain to you about it and about the spread of a weapon, I actually could know that when you shoot 3 times with a deagle in one place on a row, it's totally no spread, I play dm servers too, don't try to act like a genius, because anybody can t
  5. If you don't remember that you got banned before that ain't ma problem
  6. First of all, I didn't change my mind at all about the fact that you're using no spread, and ain't nobody gonna change it, because I personally know what is no spread really well. Second of all, hi Daryl, why didn't you let the guy explain the situation by himself? And finally, I wanna thank Jageera personally for sending that video, that video made us know what he was using exactly, much love.
  7. I've been playing samp for few years and I know what's the spread of a deagle and I know that the accuracy of the deagle ain't that good, but you hit every bullet when the crosshair on someone's leg/head/hand, and apparently you hit exactly where the crosshair is pointed at, could you explain that too? Because many people I know agreed that it's totally no spread.
  8. you banevaded again today, you won't be unbanned.
  9. Wrong, you pm'ed me that then you started repeating it on public chat, over all that's totally advertising.
  10. That's also advertising, don't you think? You could say all of that over pms, not public chat, people are gonna search the servers you mentioned and the funny thing is you mentioning it again, seems like you didn't understand why you were banned.
  11. If you have anything to tell me on discord, I'll be waiting for you, you could explain to me the way you installed it.
  12. What about the no spread homie, don't you think that it's illegal too?
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