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  1. Yes, which is really weird, even though Steve Walters isn't a banned account, will check some things and tell you if I got anything.
  2. First of all, no one banned you in this account to unban you, I don't believe that your "brother" has an account here, which means that you're the one making all those accounts.
  3. Well, I'm the one that unbanned you, the way a level 1 was moving around knowing everything in game made it weird. In fact , you almost bought a new car in level one, but sadly you had no money, if you wanna tell me something privately, go ahead Matrix#4623. and I don't mind helping you.
  4. I did ban many people that day, maybe your account got banned by mistake, UNBANNED.
  5. Can you explain properly?, I did read it few times and I didn't understand a word.
  6. I can understand that, I've noticed that a lot of players use google translate, but I've seen none of them using it to translate the rules. Would you be the first one to translate the rules? We have the rules translated to Arabic, you can translate it in your own language. UNBANNED.
  7. This is gonna be denied, because you've said that a lot of times, will give you sometime to think about it.
  8. Damn all of that gonna jail me forever, I'll go to court cuz of that, I DIDN'T RAPE A MINOR. I still like it though, best of luck jailing me.
  9. You really spend a lot of time doing this, good luck. Liked the translation hahahaha
  10. I believe that you've said that to many admins before me, so give me a better excuse.
  11. This is your second or third ban for the same rule break which is "Deathmatching", and shooting or killing someone for saying "fuck u" isn't even a reason.
  12. Alright, you'll be unbanned in a bit
  13. You got banned for script abuse and you got banned, you banevaded a bit, then you got unbanned with Hunter Jatt, am I right? is that what you were trying to say?
  14. You killed someone because he told you "fuck u"
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