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  1. We have decided to keep you banned for at least one month. You can appeal your ban again in June 25. The reasons that led us to take this decision are the following: Extensive punishment history - this is your 4th ban, plus a myriad of other types of punishments. Two bans in short sequence [of weeks]. This is not the first time you attempt to lie to us. Recurrent behaviour not suitable to the server. We will remove 80% of your wealth [that includes accounting in your whole networth, you'll also have vehicles taken from you] regardless if you wish to be unbanned or not by appealing again in the set date.
  2. And how the fuck does your 5-month old ban relates to this very situation???????????????? You should perhaps stop trying to bypass this request by teasing management in private chats.
  3. THE CATEGORIES The award titles are self-explanatory. In this separate post, all awards for each category will be listed. A few new awards have been introduced this year in comparison to last year's awards. STAFF Best staff member; kindest staff member; fairest staff member; most helpful staff member. POLICE Best police officer; kindest police officer; fairest police officer; courageous police officer; worst police officer. CRIMINAL Best criminal; best dealer; best criminal driver; worst criminal. GROUPS Most unique group; best government group; best criminal group; best business group; worst government group; worst criminal group; worst business group. PLAYERS & MISCELLANEOUS Best roleplayer; most creative player; funniest player; best driver; best DJ; luckiest player; best shooter; worst gambler; worst driver; worst shooter; dumbest hacker.
  4. MUDOO AWARDS, 2020 EDITION For the second time, we will organize an annual community awards event - it could be our third, but for outer reasons we were not able to celebrate the community's first birthday in 2018. Therefore, this is the second edition of the Mudoo Awards to celebrate the third anniversary of Mudoo. This event is also part of the calendar to celebrate the community's birthday and it's another form of engagement with those who make things happen: our players. WHAT IS IT? A community event to award the most voted players in each respective category. HOW IT WILL WORK? Players who meet the criteria to vote and wish to may vote for the players they believe deserve to win each category. The most voted player will earn an award, which will be materialized in form of a forum badge and a symbolic in-game prize. WHO IS ABLE TO VOTE? Any player who has 20 hours or more of total playtime logged in the panel of the RPG server in the last three months. You can check this information by logging in the panel and checking your profile by clicking in your in-game name in the top right corner of the screen. THE CATEGORIES The categories are divided in five major groups: staff, police, criminal, groups and players/miscellanous. We do also have "anti-awards" [those who award "worst" of few categories] for the banter, which are also subject to vote, as they'll count as awards too! RULES Is eligible to vote: any player with a total of 20 hours played in the last three months from the beginning of the award's voting. You can vote only once. You can not vote for yourself. Once sent, you can not change your vote(s). You can vote for a person only ONCE per category (i.e I can vote Matthew Carter for fairest admin and best driver [Staff & Miscellaneous], but I can NOT vote him for fairest admin and best admin [2 votes in the same category: Staff]). HOW TO VOTE? This year, thanks to Mikro's work, we will have a special segment in the panel specially made for award's voting! In the top, a list of instructions and rules will be consultable before the voting list. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE VOTING PAGE! TILL HOW LONG CAN I VOTE? WHEN IS THE WINNER'S ANNOUNCE? Voting period begins from the moment this topic is posted and ends on 00:00 of June 19, 2020. The winners will be announced in the server's birthday ceremony, in June 21 [Sunday]. Good voting and see you in June 21!
  5. 3 YEARS OF MUDOO GAMING - A GLIMPSE AT THE BIRTHDAY'S SCHEDULE! In June 21, Mudoo will complete 3 years of existence. Bearing the importance of the date in mind, we've decided this year to begin plannings for the date with a considerable gap. Take a glimpse at what we have scheduled for the next two months and most important - don't miss it! MAY MUDOO AWARDS: The annual awards event hosted by the community will have it's second edition! After the success of the first edition, we have decided to re-edit it for this year. You will be able to vote for the players you believe are deservers for each category. The following categories will come in play: Staff, Cop, Criminal, Group and Miscellaneous. In these five categories, there will be different awards. Rules will be slightly different this year and we intend to put up a more-friendly voting method which will be announced within a few days, in a specific thread for the Awards. The winners of the Mudoo Awards will earn a cash prize, as well a nice badge that will remain eternally in their forum profiles! Voting will begin in a matter of days and will last till June 19, two days before the server's birthday. JUNE MONTH OF EVENTS: Every saturday in June will be reserved for a major event with generous awards hosted by the server's staff. The full event calendar will be announced in June 1st and individual event threads will be put up with every event's specification. BIRTHDAY CEREMONY: Sunday, June 21, will mark Mudoo's 3rd birthday and a pompous ceremony as well! Major surprises can be expected alongside emotional speeches and, of course, the announcement of the Mudoo Awards winners, done in an Oscar-fashioned way. ADDITIONAL SURPRISES: Chip's feeling generous, hence he passed on a recommendation to us: unscheduled events, giveaways, gifts and other kind of surprises (paydays... maybe?) will be more and more often as the birthday's date is near! So, stay aware and alert, or you might miss it! It is the community's birthday, but the ones getting the gifts are you, our players, who dearly make this community what it is and push us to improve day by day! Specific threads for each of the announced featured events will be published with the time.
  6. Player was banned due to quitting mid-roleplay, with his poor punishment history as an aggravant. Report closed and reporter informed of the outcome.
  7. Unbanned given 2 months passed from prior ban.
  8. You withdrew your last unban request. Are you sure you want to continue with this? As well I'd like a direct apology to Ezabila before taking any further action.
  9. Unbanned under strict conditions given the situation.
  10. Unbanned, furniture store and a good chunk of cash were retrieved from the account as punishment for the script exploit.
  11. Automatically denied as the topic suggests the author has given up on his request. May open another topic if wishes to go through the process again.
  12. 15-03-2020 15:35:03 - Carlo_Gambino (68)(36): /p Ezabila i will fuck you up, do you think that you know the fucking rules here? you dont know no fuckign shi 15-03-2020 15:35:14 - Carlo_Gambino (68)(36): /support Ezabila i will fuck you up, do you think that you know the fucking rules here? you dont know no fuckign shi 15-03-2020 15:36:51 - Carlo_Gambino (68)(36): /support I WILL FUCK YOU MOTHER EZABILA Banned for misusing support. Is it that hard to report an admin if you believe he conducted a situation wrongly?
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