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  1. We'll decide some kind of a shared prize between the winners if that's the case, not a problem
  2. To those who have participated in this event before: we have decided to change the prize from something else than drugs - the winning criminal group will win a special vehicle of their choice + a weapon warehouse, meaning the drugs in the truck are merely symbolic - what matters is the truck. CRIMINAL/OTHER GROUPS who want to partake in the event are encouraged to reply in this topic showing interest (i.e "Corleone's gonna be there"). Any other questions can be posted here and they'll be answered accordingly.
  3. The underground world has got hold of a hot information. The SAPD will collect a large stash of drugs in a row of police stations, in order to end at the port and safely make ashes of them. They prepare an ambush. SUNDAY (29/12) - 17:00 [SERVER TIME] WHAT IS THE DRUG TRANSPORT? Through the time, we have noticed this is one of the events which is more appealing to the playerbase due to it's particular characteristics - it requires active interaction from a lot of players and actual planning, coordination and teamwork to win. The drug transport event is an opportunity for the SAPD and the criminal world to match their plans and skills, battling for the ultimate prize. HOW DOES THE DRUG TRANSPORT WORKS? To those who have never participated in this event, this is a brief description of how it works: a Securicar, driven by a lazy, poorly paid mexican driver who would let the truck go at first risk and heavily escorted by police forces will stop in selected police stations to collect the monthly drug stash their officers have seized from the streets, in order to destroy it at the end, in Ocean Docks. During this course, anyone may attempt to steal the truck and seize the drugs to himself/themselves - however, bear in mind the truck will be heavily escorted. Every action has a consequence, and it's likely you will match a strong response from police forces, thus, likely requiring you might need help in this task... HOW DOES SOMEONE "WIN" THIS? The cops escorting the truck will win the event if the Securicar sucessfully makes it to Ocean Docks and the drugs are destroyed. The criminals (only the ones who steal the truck, remember) will win the event if they manage to steal the truck and drive it away from police sight. THE PATH The truck will follow a pre-set route, which is the following: LSPD - The truck will leave LSPD empty, heading to Angel Pine's PD. APPD - in Angel Pine's PD, it will load half of the drugs, and then head to San Fierro's PD. SFPD - in San Fierro's PD, it will load another half of drugs, and then head to Las Venturas's PD. LVPD - in Las Venturas's PD, it will stop for a few minutes so the drug stash can be counted by the Statistics Division of the SAPD. Ocean Docks - The final path of the truck will be from LVPD to Ocean Docks, fully loaded with drugs. If the truck arrives at Ocean Docks, the cops will start to unload the drugs in order to burn them. THE AWARD The criminals will win a special vehicle of their choice for their group and a weapon warehouse. The cops will win an individual cash award ($250,000 each). RULES & INSTRUCTIONS ALL SERVER RULES apply in this event; Criminals may attempt to steal the truck from the point the truck leaves Angel Pine's PD, and not before. Criminals can work together to steal the truck - they are also allowed to sabotage eachother; Keep in mind - the truck will be HEAVILY guarded by a police escort; Regarding deathmatch: shooting in the event without prior warning will be allowed, as long as it's related to the purpose of the event. This is done so obviously criminals are given a wider range of resources to ambush the cops, and as well the cops are allowed to answer proportionally (bearing to their PD regulations, of course) - deathmatching [shooting without a proper reason] is and always will be punishable; HOW TO STEAL THE TRUCK: The truck driver will not pose any threat - at the moment a criminal approaches attempting to steal the truck, he will let the wheel go. THE CRIMINALS WIN IF...: They manage to steal the truck and get it out from the cops' radar sight. At this part, they're obviously allowed to guard and escort their truck, trying to neutralize police attempts to re-take it. If these conditions are met, the one driving the truck gets the drugs. THE COPS WIN IF...: They complete the entire path to Ocean Docks and safely dump the drugs - in this case, the drugs will be lost and each cop will get a large share bonus of the sucessful operation (in $$$). THE TRUCK WILL BE LOST IF...: The truck is destroyed. Needless to say cops are not allowed to purposefully damage the truck under these terms, or else banishments will be issued for ruining the event. Just as the criminals can use of tactics and planning to steal the truck, so can the cops, in order to guard it - this is the whole magic of the thing, It requires some significant effort from both sides to figure out the bigger picture and plan every move.
  4. With everyone's consent, i'll be forced to suspend this event till I find a weekend where I'm able to head it without prejudice to the partakers and i'm available aswell, as I am finding some trouble to have available weekends lately. Scoreboard and teams will remain the same, and an attempt to perform the last two events will be published in this thread and the responsability of acknowledging it to the respective team members. This means, in practice, an undefinite delay till i'm able to host the last two (from this weekend onwards).
  5. Sorry for the delay in updating here, had a busy week. The scoreboard for last Sunday's Marathon is the following: 1st. Bret Maverick 2nd. Bruce McCane 3rd. Shane Williams 4th. Eduardo Santos 5th. Shaun Sheep These are the updated scoreboards as of the last event's scoring: The Triahtlon and the Paintball event will be delayed to next weekend as I won't be home this weekend. Have another week of preparation for the ending!
  6. The Marathon is starting in about an hour. Here's the event card:
  7. Make another request in 5 days, no other requests will be taken in consideration before these 5 days
  8. Marathon delayed to Sunday, 17:00, due to occurance of another event at the same time in the server (with a roleplay verve).
  9. You're not banned, the admin who has banned you has told me he has unbanned you shortly after due his wish to handle this in another way, you're free to play. Closed
  10. The second event (boxing) was done yesterday, with the following positions: Bruce McCane - 1st Shane Williams - 2nd Weston Lockheed - 3rd Shaun Sheep - 4th Dre Santana - 5th The marathon event will be happening next saturday, at the same time [17:00, server time]! Also, scoresheet tables updated
  11. Team submissions are now closed. The first event (swimming) was done today, with the following positions: Osolnik Andolini - 1st Randy Andolini - 2nd Bruce McCane - 3rd Albion Hyka - 4th Emilijano Shullazi - 5th The boxing event will be happening at the same time [17:00, server time]. More information on the card below:
  12. First event will begin in exactly an hour and ten minutes. Here's the event card:
  13. Due to some problems with the dates & available time, i'll have to reschedule the events - however, i believe it'll then be better for everyone. The five events will now be distributed in three weekends, as of then: Swimming - August 10 (Saturday), 17:00 server time Boxing - August 11 (Sunday), 17:00 server time Marathon - August 17 (Saturday), 17:00 server time Triathlon - August 18 (Sunday), 17:00 server time Paintball & Winner Announcement - August 24 (Saturday), 17:00 server time All team submissions are accepted & the names are in. Team submission deadline is now extended till Saturday, 16:00 [server time]!
  14. The individual winner will earn 30 Mudoo Coins (thanks to Dylan's willingness of sharing his own!). They're enough to attain perks for a good chunk of months, which is an extra motivator for the competitors. Accepting team submissions till Wednesday, 16:00 [server time]!
  15. REMEMBER: as more team members your team has online, the higher the chances of earning points. Obviously if all the 4 members of the team are competing, the chances of at least one of you scoring points are higher than if there's just one, for example. TEAM SCORESHEET (AS OF AUGUST 11, 2019): INDIVIDUAL SCORESHEET (AS OF AUGUST 11, 2019):
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