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  1. Let's establish some consensus here. 1. Yes, you have broken a server rule. Using "IC" as a pretext to breach server rules just because you have your particular expectances which do not meet the harm you caused to other players is not an excuse. It is, in my best interpretation, a very poor attempt of harassment disguised as "IC interaction" simply because you were using local chats and a roleplay background as excuse to perform it. You were insistently FLOODING the chat with your horrible remarks and clearly nobody there was pleased with your actions. Marty herself demonstrated to be affected by it in OOC terms too by the time, I have read the logs. You're clearly omitting things for your own good. 2. You're clearly showing no remorse at all, which renders me unable to even minimally sympathize with your cause. Instead, you prefer to accuse the responsible staff member of "bias". 3. Until you recognize that yes, you have broken a server rule and yes, you're legit sorry for your disturbing behaviour and will not repeat it, this request will go nowhere.
  2. Very theatrical way to argument [specially naming it "factual perspective" and reiterating you're speaking out "facts" as a way to artificially induce credibility on the reader], but without a single mention of the true intentions of part of the SAPD in making this a public post in the forums and a wholesome shitfest, while they could have simply reported that to Mikro's PM had they believed there was something to be done. You attenuate SAPD's role in this whole situation and the actual seriousness that is a group plot and orquestrate a plan to take down another group using that situation as their triumph and resource, and THAT was what was addressed in announcements, THAT is unprecedented and THAT I will never permit in this server. There is nothing more to be addressed over Idlewood as it was already explained over and over.
  3. [I will lock your topic as requested and reply your arguments in the actual discussion topic, just to notify and so we don't have two topics treating the same issues open].
  4. You seem to fail that I did not necessairly spoke out about your own words. At the very moment you ignored comments like these and didn't call them off and even punish the ones responsible for it, you're a part of the problem. That's fine and it's your opinion.
  5. I will quote this: The actions have been addressed and explained and who blew it out of proportion was a good chunk in the SAPD, who decided to buy this cause and start a whole lenghtful discussion last night over how FBI is terrible and satisfy their confirmation bias over this incident, in where Pen could have just been told he's been caught in a wholly misunderstanding and not suffer any sanctions at all, if that was the outcome of the report he probably got for this.
  6. Joking about it, memeing... oh god, yeah, you will never assume it, hence I am not addressing this. They did that in Discord consciously of what they were doing and much of the answers looked very serious to me. It seems to me you as well are just trying to mitigate and twist this point to whatever makes it favourable for your argument. Whatever, believe in whatever suits you best. I'm speaking out of someone actually properly addressing this to the President, instead of trying to get them mount on your bandwagon of spilling shit and shittalking, and you know very well there is a good difference to this. If the replies here are not suiting your beliefs, no problem.
  7. Alright. Before anything, I believe what has been provided in this topic is not really enough for a fair discussion and I don’t know if it has been purposefully omitted in order to favour a one-sided reading of things - it doesn’t really matters - but i’ll be the one who will level things up for a fair share. This is the gossip that SAPD members had prior [and after] to the posting of that forum topic yesterday, highlighting the actual intentions of most of them. Names are censored because they are not relevant to the point of the topic and could result in deviation of the original point. Since you have gone over the situation, I will explain again. There was a protest over Idlewood. FBI agents show in plain clothes and in an unmarked vehicle. I believe Matthew identified to him once he asked but it remained like that and it was just to make sure he knew he was backed up. The fact that the agents were there did not actually interfer with his duties, since right after this identification, Eren Jaegar [one of the protestors] began to block our car out of spite. We could have blazed our badges and just tell him to fuck off, but instead we decided to stick to the cover and instead started to swear at him in roleplay as if we were portraying angry civils. The cops who were around noticed the scene and proceeded to act, Pen being one of them. Not in any way did Pen ask for our help, nor have we asked for his [as it seems to be the core argument here, the “innocent freecop” being wrongfully ordered by the FBI and thus, blindly following orders based in hierarchy], but instead helped his other fellow colleagues in trying to remove the civil as he was blocking the street. Pen didn’t promptly react, he actually began to help after other volunteers were already on it, acting on his judgement his colleagues needed help in that very situation [none of the other cops in scene knew about the FBI agents]. Right after, believing Pen did protect our cover since he has not referred to us as “FBI” publicly, or came up to us to request any “order” or recommendation, the scene proceeded. Eren began to evade the volunteers while cuffed, and as bearing our angry civil disguise, we actually followed along the situation by pretending we were still taking the piss off the guy that was blocking our car. You can see “KILL HIM” and “GO, POLICE, GO” in the videos over like four lines of local chat. Pen guns the guy down and a gunfight breaks between volunteers. Basing on the point he didn’t really took “FBI orders” in account when he saw the Sabre being blocked off and the driver horning as he only acted when another volunteer was around, what would make it reasonable to believe his judgement was completely clouded by civilians, as we believed by that point he had kept our cover intact and not assume we were in that scene exercising our FBI authority, or else we would have done it from the beginning? As a level 11 player and rather acquainted with the server’s routine, I would sure believe how in Earth it would be reasonable for FBI agents to order cops to kill cuffed suspects and think twice. If that was still a misunderstanding and Pen understood that way, then he is in no way to be subject of police sanctions. Looking over the situation, I see at least three police officers around a cuffed suspect with very low health and a situation that looks very close to being in control as sooner or later the suspect would be stopped. How did Pen thought it was actually reasonable to discharge his firearm? This whole complaint is based off the presumption that an innocent cop was mislead by the FBI. This “new player” is a level 11 player with 87 hours of playing in the server, most of them I see spent in very considerable time in cop duty. It is reasonable enough for me to believe that in these 87 hours, it would have been quite enough for him to get acquainted with basic principles of the police duty [I see he is mostly on police duty], and if not, that he would’ve been corrected by a member of the SAPD, seniors to whom the volunteers should look for reference on good policing. I am sure Pen, with 87 hours of gameplay, is very able to make his own assessment of the situation. Are we really gonna treat players from a very low-leveled perspective in order to suit our arguments? Indeed, a discussion was attempted in the forum originating from sorrow feelings held by SAPD members who saw this cause as the perfect pretext to weaponize their bias against the FBI. Refer to the spoiler at the beginning. I am well aware that none of the officers in that chat represent the SAPD as a whole. However, that erratic behaviour was endorsed by a Lieutenant of this department, which can only lead me to logically believe he’s speaking in behalf of SAPD Command as he was never told otherwise by his superiors, which yes, prompts me to believe there is an actual problem within the SAPD and to act under the behalf of my management prerogative in order to put a stop to this. You, like other SAPD officers, might not be an hypocritical and might be doing your best for the department, but you’re sure pretending not to realise there’s growing grudge within this very same department, it is now clearly a notable problem and instead of repudiating it, you acknowledge it and, therefore, you’re pretty much a part of it. I’m a believer of constructive criticism, but what was plotted in that chat prior to the first forum topic pretty much derived my beliefs from any attempt that would be of actual legit aim for constructive criticism. What came from these chats was not like “let’s debate over this situation in public”, it was “let’s debate over this situation in public in order to gain support for our cause”. I am sure the FBI Director responds to the President. Have you ever tried reaching him, or you preferred to make a video out of it and expose it in forums and spread gossip with no practical answer? OH, God, spare me of your "this is becoming Argonath" and "very authoritarian" cynicism. Refer to the spoiler in the beginning. Despite what your personal intention is, I can very much assume from that rant that people were looking for a pretext to shit on FBI and gain public support in this bandwagon, and specially highlighted by people teasing community owners in order to gain support in this sectarian cause, as none of the rants that steered that way were repudiated in the chat by anyone, including yourself and much neither by the SAPD Command. If you want to call this only “responding in base to the evidence they have been provided” and “discussing the situation in a respectful manner”, sure, it’s your opinion. Sure, it’s your assumption. Can’t say there was not some moments of heat in private chats, indeed, it happens, just as there is in SAPD’s ones. Yet, I have never seen the FBI weaponize grudge in order to try and get a whole group closed forged in some pinpoint stuff.
  8. Leonardo


    This topic was originally locked. It is definitely not up to a senior admin to revoke a decision of a community manager.
  9. Please keep your unban request issues in your unban request topic and do not open such a topic.
  10. Leonardo


    I have asked the topic owner if he could address the issues he so claims are the source of all evil in this server properly without fallacies or bashing other people and he clearly can't. Hence, useless for this topic to remain open as it is another baseless cry topic.
  11. Leonardo


    Yeah, just as I thought, you can't. Therefore, I am unable to take you seriously.
  12. Leonardo


    Oh, great, another monologue about how administration is evil without addressing a single solid point that you or anybody else has observed ingame of what exactly could be improved. What the majority of people in the topic I locked were voicing was not their opinion on the points Lopez brought, but rather bashing Eduardo's decision making. As it was clearly pointed there, this is not the board to report staff members - we have a form for that. You have made a report, it has been verified, judged and you've been provided with it's outcome. An unfavourable outcome does not means it was incorrectly handled. . Oh, yeah? What lot of stuff that needs to be improved? It's funny these topics always begin with a progressive call for revolutionary actions, but are meaningless when you look in-depth. All that we know is that according to people, "people are unhappy with a lot of stuff". What lots of stuff? Can you make a list of every item that needs to be addressed by the management without relying to fallacies and bashing other staff members? [there's the Staff Report board to report misconduct]. Who are these people with rights abusing? What is their agenda? I have seen zero nomes in your topic. Once again, you can report staff members in the appropriate board.
  13. I have been reading this topic and kept it open out of my very best will, wishing to see some constructive criticism, but only Pedro tried to somewhat address the bigger picture Lopez intended within this topic. Rest is ranting about Eduardo's decision-taking and monologues on how administration is evil. Topic is locked, Eduardo can be reported through the appropriate means.
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