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  1. Leonardo

    My departure

    Greetings to the community, As you may have already noticed, i have been fairly absent from the server's routine for a considerable ammount of time (with exceptions). This is due to a couple of factors, namely RL consequences (which led me to have more work!) and a overall lack of will to perform anything significant here, due to my workload, which ends up in my position being more of a burden than an aid to the server's progress, while someone else who's working on a frequent basis could take that position. Due to the previously mentioned factors, i decided i am not suitable to hold that position anymore, as i would have no progress in my situation that would make be able to conciliate the server and my real life affairs, and that would set a bad example. Therefore, i resign from my current position as Leader of the SA:MP server, and wish the best of luck to whoever might assume it. The current management is doing a very fair job, and i put my faith in their efforts for the best this server and it's players deserve. I will not leave the community and will still retain a few positions that require only specific and punctual efforts, in opposite to the continuous effort of the management, as well as an advisor for whatever necessary and required. Best regards, Leonardo
  2. I don't know what are the situations in consideration to those punishments, and it is not possible to know that through the panel, leading to a rational reading - decision based on what i see. The quarter rest you mention seems just a collateral effect of your general behaviour. My only guarantee that you'll at least let others play in peace (i don't give a shit about the trolling, as long as it doesn't inflicts in others) is your word, and i gave you an extended review time as i thought you were not taking this seriously (as 99% of the things you do around here, since i know this community is basically your comic relief). Since you proved to me you actually care by your last answers, you'll be unbanned tomorrow.
  3. Well, i didn't want to expose that, but since you let me no other choice: 3 out of these punishments are not really punishments, since the administrative resource to make someone who's AFK without tabbing is the kick. The rest is product of a guy who knows the rules of the server and despite this knowledge, breaks them to his own entertaining, as the evolution of the punishments through this timespan suggests. 🧐
  4. Funny how you speak about verbiage when this entire text was one of the most consistent, fancy dressed as meaningful rethoric verbiage that i ever read in times; i bet Kacper fell for it x) - entertaining read tho What matters to me is that your punishment list is considerably long, and it outlines you clearly do not join the server to roleplay, but rather to disrupt others who are in fact trying to. To be reviewed in 2 weeks, in 17/10
  5. I understand your admittance and apologies. However, Tyrone still has some questions to address to you - please answer them before anything:
  6. Let's go to the pragmaticism of the facts: 1) Carlo is not a new player and is fairly aware of the rules in this server. Therefore, it is not a question of lacking knowledge on them, but purposefully bending them in order to avoid an unfavourable scenario, due to any reason which does not matters to me here (by the looks of the situation, play-to-win mentality). By the looks of the material i have had access to, plus the "collateral effect" of his actions throughout the last days, the ban was legitmate; 2) I, once again, repeat myself; we have a dialectic contradiction here: players demand punishments, but the players do not make any effort to help the administration to access the facts and by thus, act appropriately to each case. You are telling me players from a specific group have been avoiding roleplay by quitting, or whatever. Why did not you report them? At the times you have reported, we have acted. Check this out: At the first situation, the player was already banned, so no punishment would be in effect. However, the report was taken into account and his wrong doing was added to the records. That means we would not take a similar situation like that so lightly, since it'd be a recurrent one; at the second situation, in where you reported another player for the same reason, Kacper has dealt with it the way we instruct our admin team: conciliation. If he did not learn from Kacper's sayings and REPEATED the offense, he would be dealt with accordingly. If you disagree with an issued punishment, you can speak with the admin who issued it and discuss politely to be aware of the reasons that led him to decide it like that. If you happened to have reported these players ingame and actions have not been taken, you can speak to me and i'll adress the administration to answer reports. I hope that has solved your restlessness.
  7. don't need to be a bulgarian to deny you! Denied, my friend!
  8. You know it was not only for that. That incident was only the end of a loooooong line you've been walking for ages...
  9. Leonardo

    Server Rules

    15/SET/2018 Edited Roleplay Rule #1, "Powergaming". Where it used to read "Powergaming is the act of forcing certain actions upon another player, or performing unrealistic actions yourself. It is not allowed.", it now reads as "Powergaming is the act of forcing certain actions upon another player, without giving him a chance to react, or performing unrealistic actions to your advantage in roleplay."; Added Roleplay Rule #14, "Anti-Roleplay" - More information on the first post.
  10. I come to openly discuss with the players about a singular and repetitive thing I, and a few (lot) more people have been witnessing - not only nowadays, but for a long time (this includes other ""light"" roleplay servers, too) - the desire to win. Simple put: we have been witnessing most players do not actually play to roleplay, regardless of what happens, but merely to win scenarios - which sometimes requires some mental gymnastics from them, such as appealing to ridiculous nonsense ways to favour themselves, their group or whatever path they want the situation to be led to. I'm not here to discuss the actual purpose of this need to win (power, hatred that goes beyond roleplay and escalates to actual personal hate [lol], etc.), but rather to discuss it's consequences. It degrades the atmosphere of the server as a whole, and leads to nothing much but people start taking roleplay situations as personal instead of actually following the logic of understanding not every damm situation will end in YOUR favour, all the time. People get sick, people have problems, people lose. In this server, people die, people lose their guns, people might get arrested by the police and lose their drugs, items or whatever. What is the problem? In what some people call "heavy" roleplay servers, for convenience (which have nothing of 'heavy' in them lol), these are nothing but servers which enforce roleplay conducts by strict rules and guidelines. In the opposite, in what you usually tend to call a "light" roleplay server (ours, for example), that does not happen, and we leave the entire creative construction of the situations to the players, with very little to no restrictions at all. In where some might think """good roleplay""" is adding dots to the end of every sentence , or starting every phrase with a capital letter, it is nothing but understanding people can win and lose - the rest follows this. In those in where you probably call "heavy" servers, there are specific rules to enforce that. Here, we held the trust in the players to maintain the harmony in this relation. Obviously, from our own experience, that did not work, which means we will very likely need to start regulating roleplay by rules. Since i know people tend to understand things more evenly with examples, then, let's bring examples: A player1 from group1 tackles player2, who is a member of group2, enemy of group1, and shoots him on his leg in an effort to keep up to him. Player2 dodges the bullet (?), despite not even having angle to realise from where did it'd come from (he was running from player1), and much neither the time to do such thing. The medic on the screen is being aimed at by four people, who surrond him. While the most logical thing to do would be to cooperate, after being 'shot in the leg' again (as i have noticed recently, some kind of "pact" players found to make another stop...), he bunnyhops away from the group and pulls out his pistol, dying right after. The guy in black on the screen is being intimidated by two men, with weapons out. They attempt to tackle him to the ground. By a move of incredible courage (if it wasn't for the complete bullshit), he "pushes" them off and runs away from them! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are still studying the best measures to regulate roleplay to an extent it stops this kinda situations. The topic will remain open for discussions and overall debate and rant - of course, politely. The message is clear, however: if you wish to always WIN, you should play with bots, or play at single player using health hacks, or whatever. But certainly, not here.
  11. Leonardo

    Player Notices

    09/09/2018 - ROLES OF THE ADMINISTRATION & MANAGEMENT IN SPECIFIC TASKS From now on, the following things are to be handled by specific positions only: REQUESTS ABOUT PROPERTIES (ANY): Senior Administrators; (@Matteo, @CraZe and @Devitt ) REQUESTS ABOUT GROUPS (ANY): Manager in Head of Factions; ( @Jelly ) INQUIRES ABOUT PLAYER REPORTS: Player Support; (@Morais) INQUIRES ABOUT STAFF: Manager in Head of Administration. (@Derek and @Jelly) This means if you ask anyone who is not assigned to handle a specific issue about something, he will properly redirect you to whoever is allowed to respond to it.
  12. From now on, the following things are to be handled by specific positions only: REQUESTS ABOUT PROPERTIES (ANY): Senior Administrators; ( @Billy, @Matteo and @Morais ) REQUESTS ABOUT GROUPS (ANY): Manager in Head of Factions; ( @Jelly ) INQUIRES ABOUT PLAYER REPORTS: Player Support; ( @Devitt ) INQUIRES ABOUT STAFF: Manager in Head of Administration; (@Derek and @Jelly)
  13. Staff Attributions: Administration Senior Administration (Currently: @Matteo, @Billy and @iMarcell) Senior administrators are the referential members of the staff team. Those with experience to handle most issues and requests by the players. They are entitled to the following: Handle unban requests; Handle ALL property requests (interior changes, setting new properties, moving them, etc). Administration The administration is the shield & sword of the server. The front line in handling in-game issues (at least basic ones) and reports, they're the ones that will ensure everyone's gaming experience is pleasing by giving any necessary aid and handling misbehaviour. Moderators Recently recruited members of the staff who are still under evaluation. They are entitled to the same things as the administration, just with the addendum they're members of the team under training. Helpers Staff members who are specialised in every aspect of the server, including its scripts, structure and routine, and are able to help new & regular players with any inquiry they might have.

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