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  1. You seem to agree your reaction was exceeded, but you do not agree on the punishment itself. I see yet zero apology or guilt demonstration regarding what you have done to the player. I have zero guarantee you wouldn't do that again were you in the same position.
  2. Hello Josh, I am the staff member who banned you. My decision to ban you from the server was reasoned in these aspects: [1] You have a substantially poor punishment history. I have counted a total of 47 punishments prior to yesterday's ban, in which 5 of these were previous bans. [2] Your most recent previous ban was issued in June. All of your five bans have been issued this year. So I tend to believe if you were unbanned with this recent previous history in count, it was under very strict conditions and those who made this decision have done so trusting you.
  3. Dana Flores was banned a day before the event. Roleplay-wise, Richie Kavanagh and other members of his cabinet attended the event. He was not accompanied by a Vice-Governor. Please check your facts before you allege.
  4. I am looking for a furniture company or autonomous worker to furnish my residence's exterior. It is located at Temple, Los Santos, and it should be a discreet but distinctive work. Leave your prices and ways I can reach you in this post. Property picture for reference:
  5. @San News Network and @BUZZ TIMES are recognized as registered media outlets to accompany the entourage and cover the event. Please contact respective authorities at the starting location in due time to take your credentials.
  6. Citizens of San Andreas, This weekend, we celebrate the first anniversary of the beginning of the end of the Bone County War. This tragic conflict, which has claimed thousands of lives, including those of law-abiding, residing citizens of San Andreas in Bone County, was put to an end thanks to the merciless, reliable efforts of our law enforcement, which through a Task Force and disposing of our most technological, first-class resources, have outgunned the local militias that terrified Bone's population for long till then - Lashkar-E-Taiba, and lately, the Bone County Resista
  7. Today, we're eager to announce that Mudoo Gaming now belongs to the Hall of "formerly known as". ... But what does that mean? Is the community closing?! Are statuses resetting and I'm losing all my assets?!? NO... and NO! ... Then, what is going on?! This is going on. We're proud to unveil the new community name - Valrise Gaming - and visual identity to embrace this new era. The decision to rename and rebrand our community came from our past. Out of courtes
  8. Leonardo

    Server Rules

    07/09/2020 09. SCAMMING, added clarification: [#03] Trading legal items is covered by the prohibition on scamming legal items. Therefore, it is not allowed to scam other players if you're trading legal items [properties/vehicles]. There is no point to allow scamming of legal items on trades, since players will /transfervehicle for $0 by default and each player will bear with the taxes of the asset they've traded. Scamming on trades of legal items, therefore, is disallowed.
  9. We have reached the conclusion that vehicle trades should not be accounted in the new scamming rule and should be still regarded as legal trades [hence, disallowed to scam], as fundamentally vehicle trades are not a way to bypass taxes - it's natural you trade the vehicle for $0 on transfervehicle since it is a trade, and the new owners of the vehicles will incorporate the tax. You will be returned the Patriot - however, the 550k that were scammed will remain.
  10. What you are trying to push as a "fact" here is that staff has a bias towards punishing criminals. What type of roleplay do you think I expect? He clearly portrayed the action in a way it's understandable for everyone in the scene. What is the fundamental difference between "me pats" and "me lands his hands onto X's body, palping from the superior members to the waist."? Do you think that meaningful roleplay is excusively about how good worded your descriptions are? Because both examples I brought describe exactly the same thing.
  11. You seem to be very pretentious in some of your points here. My problem is not with your concerns, but how you put them as if you were stating an universal truth and if the management doesn't entirely follows them, it's a "symptom of the server failure". I do behold caution over this impositive language. We can of course debate and I would be glad if Tito fowarded me these points in my forum PM or something so we could have a look over it as we're always open to listen to the players, but the way you present me as "frankly shit has been done" does not necessairly means all of your suggestions
  12. Care to give an example? If it's an issue it will be addressed.
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