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  1. The Marathon is starting in about an hour. Here's the event card:
  2. Make another request in 5 days, no other requests will be taken in consideration before these 5 days
  3. Marathon delayed to Sunday, 17:00, due to occurance of another event at the same time in the server (with a roleplay verve).
  4. You're not banned, the admin who has banned you has told me he has unbanned you shortly after due his wish to handle this in another way, you're free to play. Closed
  5. The second event (boxing) was done yesterday, with the following positions: Bruce McCane - 1st Shane Williams - 2nd Weston Lockheed - 3rd Shaun Sheep - 4th Dre Santana - 5th The marathon event will be happening next saturday, at the same time [17:00, server time]! Also, scoresheet tables updated
  6. Team submissions are now closed. The first event (swimming) was done today, with the following positions: Osolnik Andolini - 1st Randy Andolini - 2nd Bruce McCane - 3rd Albion Hyka - 4th Emilijano Shullazi - 5th The boxing event will be happening at the same time [17:00, server time]. More information on the card below:
  7. First event will begin in exactly an hour and ten minutes. Here's the event card:
  8. Due to some problems with the dates & available time, i'll have to reschedule the events - however, i believe it'll then be better for everyone. The five events will now be distributed in three weekends, as of then: Swimming - August 10 (Saturday), 17:00 server time Boxing - August 11 (Sunday), 17:00 server time Marathon - August 17 (Saturday), 17:00 server time Triathlon - August 18 (Sunday), 17:00 server time Paintball & Winner Announcement - August 24 (Saturday), 17:00 server time All team submissions are accepted & the names are in. Team submission deadline is now extended till Saturday, 16:00 [server time]!
  9. The individual winner will earn 30 Mudoo Coins (thanks to Dylan's willingness of sharing his own!). They're enough to attain perks for a good chunk of months, which is an extra motivator for the competitors. Accepting team submissions till Wednesday, 16:00 [server time]!
  10. REMEMBER: as more team members your team has online, the higher the chances of earning points. Obviously if all the 4 members of the team are competing, the chances of at least one of you scoring points are higher than if there's just one, for example. TEAM SCORESHEET (AS OF AUGUST 11, 2019): INDIVIDUAL SCORESHEET (AS OF AUGUST 11, 2019):
  11. Unbanned, cooperated on the request, and hopefully the lesson was learnt
  12. Those categories people invented to separate kinds of roleplay ("light", "medium" or "heavy") are just labels of regulation, and have nothing to do with how one details his actions through /me, adds full stops in every /me line or whatever. Roleplay is nothing more but to portray a character. Considering our server, which is based in the original game's representation of average american cities/lifestyle, players do usually shape their roles and characters accordingly to the context, or what would be socially accepted in this context (of an urban american/western environment). However, as our server 'lightly regulates' roleplay (therefore, it attains this label of "light rp"), it becomes acceptable to have such things as Taliban-alike guerilla in the city's outskirt, or street gangsters driving sports cars as if they were gifted in their morning cereal box. As we're more interested in providing players the means for an experience, and not necessairly a hard-realistic experience guided by strict ruling that orientates roleplay, and which can get you punished if not followed (or what you'd call a "heavy roleplay" server), it allows a little more range for creative freedom.
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