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  1. Deluca

    Why Ballas

    There are not only 1 Bloods gang. There are multiple, but are often confused as being only one gang. The reason why they are so famous was because the gang was huge consisting of 20.000 to 25.000 members. But you do not see 20.000 as street gangsters in one street. They are located on many different streets over Los Angeles to hold coverage for their distributions. Not all the different gangs in Original Bloods Family are always cooperating with each other which may cause conflict. It is similar here as well, besides the fact that NBA and TDB are in fact rivals. We are in an active conflict with one another and do not work together.
  2. Yeah I'm obviously not going to argue this more. It feels like those who are here to enforce the rules are exactly those kind of kids who fuck each other's moms in an xbox lobby. Just saying, no other servers allow this kind of shit for obvious reasons. A RP server is by no means an xbox lobby. You are not xbox moderators who enforce rules there. You have limited players and xbox does not have that because they simply aim for people to play games on their platforms so they can earn money. It is by no means friendly to a new player seeing how retarded kids say that they fuck each other's moms in public chat. If you aim to get proper roleplay and people who don't bitch at the first instance they don't win, you should reconsider the term respect for one another.
  3. You are partially right. If it was let's say CSGO where there are 100.000 players and more then it can be difficult to keep those in check. But you have literally as a Staff Team 120-ish players to keep in check. The Staff and the Management set the standard to where they want to draw the line. This isn't a server ran by a RockStar Studios, it is a server privately ran by the Community Owner. If you as a staff team don't think it is wrong to go around and insult others in a gaming environment, then how can you inspire to that positive gaming environment where people enjoy themselves?
  4. Come on, don't be so straight up squared. You have to think what people think subconsciously and consciously when they see a bunch of toxic kids in chat upon joining the server. Are you really telling me that if a new player joins that he would rather ask how to avoid people's trash talking instead of quitting? Would you not want to enforce as a member of the staff that there is no trash talking? Being a member of the staff is enforcing the rules, helping players and enforcing a positive gaming environment. Why would you want to ignore one of those factors?
  5. You know instead of repeating myself... Thus it looks stupid when a new player joins.
  6. Pretty sure you have a few commands to shut them up with I know none wants to be the guy that people start hating because they get strict, but honestly somebody gotta step up. And so what if those raging kids will hate you? They will hate on everyone regardless. You would usually surround yourself with people who want to play for fun and not be with a raging kid anyway, so why would it matter? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Today I want to address an issue that I think is long overdue and that is the extreme lack of common courtesy from various of players on Mudoo. I personally do not agree with “01 Respect” as it states that acceptable examples are saying “shit, fuck you noob” after dying. I do not understand why the rules would want to promote insulting and toxicity on the server? I understand that this is a game and there will always be a winner and a loser of each contesting situation, but is it really necessary to start insulting one another after you win or lose? Can’t you have a little class and walk with your chin held high and think “Damn this was a good RP” regardless if you won or lost? The amount of trash-talk that comes out of people in public chat “Hahahah SAPD you suck dick fucking faggots, I just 1v4 them noobs” Like who cares? What good does it do by saying things like that in public chat? Not only is it annoying when you want to RP, but you are bringing another player down. And sure I know you can toggle public chat, but sometimes it can be useful to have open. Like for example if a gang leader wants to keep public chat open to watch if any of his members are acting toxic and disrespectful there, then he would want to protect the integrity of his gang by it not seeming like it has a bunch of toxic and disrespectful players in it. I have tried my best for a while now to PM people that I RP with occasionally to tell them that it was a fun RP and stuff, but all the positive that is brought forward and the joy from it, instantly disappears when someone need to bring down someone else. I do not understand why someone would want to bring down another player simply because they lost a gun fight.
  8. There are players downed as often as people have low HP. EMS should be used to RP those scenarios and further for those who want to RP with EMS without scripted injuries. We don't need it like Argo where EMS comes up to you when you have low HP and tell you to enter their ambu to fill up HP.
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