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  1. What is your in-game name? Luca_Soprano Which staff member banned you? Mazen_Stokes When did you get banned? 06/03/2020 What is the ban reason? 30 d casino scamming Personal comment Hello, so I was talking to the administrator in the meantime and he didn't let me talk but gave me a ban. I was a bandit forever, but when I saw mydiceban, I was only 1 month old. And after 1 month I was unbanned. I thought this was permissible because I was only 1 month old at / mydiceban, so I went and played..Stazzi came into play and he came and said "who made you unbandice"? When a Senior does not know this, how can a player know?If you had explained this to me I wouldn't have done it, because I don't have a risk for gamble again, but I just saw that I was only 1 month so I went and played.Because I didn't have to do that.....
  2. What is your in-game name? Luca_Changretta Which player(s) do you want to report? Tanzidur_Gambino When did the rulebreak happen? 05/26/2020 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Nobody saw it since he PMed me for it. What happened? (quote what rule was broken) Requesting revive OOCly and telling his place to get him revived through PM. Evidence https://imgur.com/gallery/JajUDsn
  3. What is your in-game name? Luca_Changretta Which staff member banned you? Staz_Gambino When did you get banned? 04/17/20 What is the ban reason? Attempted casino scam Personal comment Hello, I don't understand anything, who did I scam to? Can you tell me the evidence that I don't know when I played with the sylvester and I scammed it. I want to see the evidence when I scammed it. You're talking about Jaat, yes that's true maybe but I was teaching him how to play and not how to scam and I don't remember when he said I don't have (weed house). But he knew the rules very well but pretended he knew nothing about blaming me. Then why did he play inside the casino when he knew the rules very well. I just told him the rules but still he knew very well but to lose would put the blame on me. And so it happened... And I don't care, I can pay half 750K, and so can he.. And why he agrees to play or knew nothing, he is level 15.
  4. What is your in-game name? Luca_Changretta Which player(s) do you want to report? Julien_McKenzie When did the rulebreak happen? 03/20/20 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Scamming in Casino What happened? (quote what rule was broken) He told me Luca, you want weed house for 2.6M, and I said ok, he said bet: weed house for 2.6M, I told him to go, his numbers were 2 6 1, while the numbers my were 5 4 1. I said give me the money because I won. And he came out / q... I've got proof, I've told admin Polcas..i sent it all to discord. Evidence
  5. Looks like you didn't even read my full reply, did you? Now I will just have to repeat myself due to your ignorance and lack of administrating skills which led to me being unfairly banned here and wasting my time with you instead of enjoying my gameplay. First of all, you have faked the logs as you pleased and put them in order as you pleased, to favorize yourself. But you won't get anywhere. The timestamp you provided in your 'faked' logs don't match with the timestamp in my screenshoots. Quote: [02:48:00] Luca Changretta says: gtg to sllep [02:48:19] Vanessha Bawazer says [Japanese accent]: Go No. That's not what happened. When I said gtg sleep, I then said 700k x2 Poli". And after that, Vanessha said Go. Why don't you post that? But you removed that part and posted only the part where Vanessha says Go. VANESSHA ONLY SAID GO AFTER I DIRECTED AS "700k x2 Poli. As provided in the chatlog below. Therefore, they tricked me. So. As long as I was directed as 700k X2 POLI, I dont care who else in the casino says go. Thats not even allowed to do as it ruins a bet between me and the dealer( in this case Poli). I wasnt gambling with vanessha, i was gambling with Polcas only. Quote: As you can clearly see you as a dealer said 700kX2 and there were 2 people at table, so either one can say go if not mentioned properly. Looks like you know nothing, this is why you should have waited for my explanation ingame and not rush banning me all happily. I wasn't dealing. I was a player, not a dealer. Hence why I said 700k x2. The dealer only has to say "Go", he doesnt choose the bet. It was mentioned very properly to whom I was directed. As I called him in-name. [00:49:57] Luca Changretta says: 700k x2 poli How is that not mentioned properly? And after that, comes this: [00:50:02] Vanessha Bawazer says [Japanese accent]: Go Do you get it now? I was directed to Poli, but its Vanessha who actually said Go and tricked me making me think it was Poli saying that. I gave the bet to the dealer, Poli, while Vanessha said Go. So I was not the dealer, you can get this confirmed by either Polcas or Vanessha if you wish, since you seem to have zero knowledge about how gambling works. Another fact is that when I told you I directed as 700k x2 poli, you denied and said "no you did not". Your intentions are clear, you wanted me banned innocent or not, but luckily chatlogs don't lie. Here you go So. Once again. Your logs are not the valid ones because I directed as 700k x2 poli. While in your logs, according to you, I said only 700k x2, which is 2 minutes earlier. Short and clear, I said 700K x2 Poli, vanessha said Go. While I didnt direct the bet to her and in no way should she say Go. Example: if I am gambling with Eduardo, and I say 70k x2 Eduardo. Another person in the casino named Johnny says Go. Is that allowed? It could be, but I didn't direct the bet to him. While i clearly mentioned the name of the dealer. Maybe if you allow him to say Go for you sure, but you are the one to throw the dice, and not the other person. Screenshot which proves everything below; please its not been a month since I was unbanned, i would in no way get myself in trouble again. I didnt scam anyone, try to understand that they tricked me and you gave me no chance to explain. I want to get unbanned and finalize my bet 700k x2 with Poli, not with a third person which ruined our bet. I have the money, I didnt scam anyone. Thats why I am arguing. I hope you will understand me this time. Looking forward to see you in server soon.
  6. I don't know how shamelessly you keep insisting that I lied to you,when the evidence clearly proves that I was playing with Polcas and not Vanessha.The screenshot shows that I am playing with Polcas as Polcas is dealing,and I say ''700k x2,Poli''.Don't you read?If not others do.Stop trying to fool me out.you can't.While I was explaining the situation yo you ingame,you were too excited and rushed on my ban,without fully knowing what's going on.I kept telling you and showing chatlogs that I said ''700k x2,Poli''.And you,shamelessly,said,''no you didnt''.Look again at the screenshoot/chatlog Ive provided,maybe you will be able to read it this time. I won't pay a guy that I wasnt gambling with.They tricked me,my bad for not paying attention to who said go,but it could be anyone from the casino,I don't care,as long as POLCAS WAS THE ONLY DEALER,and,once again,I directed as ''700k x2,Poli'',as provided in the chatlog. Now.I have the money,I didn't scam anyone .Scamming is another thing.Did you rush banning me just because I have been dice banned before?You did wrong then. Vanessha told me she told polcas not to report because she doesnt car about 700K,but Polcas cries for 700k. Now to prove you wrong and that they tricked me,once again:Why I wasnt it Vanessha who reported but Polcas,if Vanessha was the one to play the bet with me?OpS.Yet again,Vanessha told me she doesnt care about the money but it's Polcas who cries. Why did you ban me without letting me explain?Why are you so excited about banning me?Why didn't you ask what happend,but denied my chatlogs eye-to-eye and said that I didnt direct the bet to Polcas. To answer your question why you should Unban me:I shouldnt have been banned first of all.Not a scam.I have the money.I didn't scam anyone.I was tricked.I directed the bet to someone else and another person said go.Thats not how gambling works.You should instead have punished the other party for tricking me. And if you were patient and i waited for my explanation,I would be playing now and not waste my time here with a stubborn admin like you who denies chatlog and evidence which is pretty clear for everyone but you. Once again,re-read the evidence below Maybe you will get convinced this time since the first time wasn't enough for you.After that,I'll be waiting to get Unbanned to finalize my 700k bet with Poli.Thank you.
  7. What is your in-game name? Luca_Changretta Which staff member banned you? Eduardo_Santos When did you get banned? 01/22/20 What is the ban reason? Repetative scams casino and lying to admins Personal comment Hello, I want to tell everyone that it was not a scam as admin thought.Now i will explain everything:I was playing with Polcas gamble and had almost 5min playing with it,In those moments I told Polcas let play 700k x2,Poli and there we were Vanessha standing,just tell her 700k x2,Poli and Vanessha was not playing just watching ad he did keep going and I had it ready /use dice and quickly because I was confused and I didn't see who said go and in those moments I was waiting to throw Polcas because I remembered that he had said Polcas only when he saw do /use dice Vanessha there I was surprised and told me I won.That I was playing 1v1 with Polcas not with you.And the he didn't say anything,you can ask Vanessha.That he was wrong.And i had the money i could have given him but he was wrong because i was playing Polcas....Why would i scam when i have the money? With respect Luca. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fimgur.com%2Fgallery%2FzuIlino%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR2lFh9O3Myr-S26uML7M9s9nuGUk4--IvtfnGXJzRKWDXb6KCSFod4pkUs&h=AT0063l8-83d4xoBppAoU7tAd_NZsmuZ8sLI54V0Jdbxdd3FbbigUVLaKmXGULyoDGI4W4zgUpVde2JsafRb9W5yaP53rNURJtl4TJvT9roRLFrQeNTq8Y4fBRxnpR3dD1iAVg
  8. What is your in-game name? Domenico_Calcaterra Which staff member banned you? Matteo_Corleone When did you get banned? 03/09/19 What is the ban reason? Breaking the rules continuously Personal comment Hi,Its me Domenico again. I'm trying again to get unbanned.It have been long time i got banned and its not first time i get ban.I have understand a lot from that ban.I am really sorry but this time it was not my fault...you can see the admin banned me got ban himself and what do u expect from admin that breaks the rules?If there will be another chance for me to play again i would promis you i will not make another mistake.Mateo banned me for nothing,he didnt understand what i did.I hope you all understand me and i promise you guys this time i will not make again mistakes.You see guys the admin got ban me i didn'd do anything wrong..Give me another chance please and u guys will see i will do my best. Thank you by Domenico!
  9. I play for a long time and i know the rules but sometimes I get angry,it wasnt my fault..he started insulting me.I got angry so killed him.I am sorry i promise next time i will control myself and not do again this mistake. Respectfully Domenico.
  10. Give me a chance and I won't make such a mistake. And I didn't do anything to Lance With respect Domenico.
  11. What is your in-game name? Domenico_Calcaterra Which staff member banned you? Aiko Kannareth When did you get banned? 03/09/19 What is the ban reason? Breaking the rules continuously Personal comment Hello again, I really broke a lot of rules but now i didn't think you would ban me because i did nothing wrong with Lance.The truth was:I went there to ask why you had me removed from LUXURY and i starts to offend me and I start offending him.I didn't understand because he was offending me.Then I got angry and had a gun in my hand and aiming at him unwittingly.I didn't kill him either,I just made a mistake from speed.And he told the admin.I apologize personally if i did anything. Excuse me,last chance. Respectfully Domenico.
  12. I'm sorry, Give me a chance.Because I did not know about rp shooting.
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