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  1. I Suggest You To Back The Old Teams Because 5 teams Only Not Enough
  2. Your in-game name [AFO.G]Dr.Maxon You real life age 16 Your country and timezone Egypt / GMT+2 How do you describe yourself as a person My first name is Abdul Rahman Abdul Hamid and I live in Egypt together my mother and grandmother, and I will be 16 years after several days, I am a young man who loves swimming and games and we also took tournaments in swimming a lot and also riding horses, very and I love to be treated together people are good and I love too I am a nice person together and I hate people who lie. I love computers very much and I love to search the internet to learn more and more. I have a good experience. I wish I could live together with my parents but he does not live with me and I also love playing Gta San andreas very much because it is my favorite game. And mobile legends but the best ones are Gta San andreas, and I really love programming too If I start with learning HTML, Java script, but I do not have friends and this is the worst thing in my life, and I am friendly together people What are your motives for becoming a moderator? I want to protect the server from the bad guys and hackers because there are many hackers in the server and I was responsible for several servers and I have the experience and I can give it to the server, and I will help everyone who needs me and will not be late to any extent in the assistant, and I will be good with people , and takecare of Beginners to make them Good How will you deal with a friend that is asking for favors? if he is asking me to do him Favour with admin commands, then No Im not gonna use my power for anything stupid How will you deal with a new player that keeps on rule-breaking, after several warnings? First i will take screenshot or a prove to warn him but if he abuses alot he will be jailed with profs Any additional information you feel is relevant No , Thanks Screenshot of your in-game stats
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