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  1. It's true that, but it's only regulation; you have to roleplay on every rp server, but unfortunately for example horizon.... you know how it looks But street gangsters could have sports cars why not, they don't have to create faction on forum, they could do it IC'lu and maybe this cars they have after few months or something like that and show on faction. It's normal, that everybody start from zero, but of course it's a little strange and unrealistic when somebody play rich gangsters at once. Yeah, exactly light roleplay it's creative roleplay, because you can do it everything, only imagination limit you; but nobody say that will be worst than hard roleplay factions Yeah, I agree with you that on light roleplay should everybody have background story, character development; maybe not on forum, that you do have to do it screenshots, but in game. If they don't have it, they could do it IC'ly why not, but if you are for example; mafia next black gangsters and maybe taxi and later medic - so you don't have to plan to your character and you should be punishment.
  2. Not exactly, on lsrp you don't have to do it that thing, so it's not the point Light rp it's not dm, it's a wrong thinking taken from horizon gaming or ngg, but for me it's gang wars or gang wars with little rp elements, but not light rp. That's good, that there are people thinking like me, so very good thinking what light rp mean
  3. Like in a title, I want to know your opinion; what you mean, how interpret it?
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