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  1. How do you think what DM really mean? Okay, it's make sense not kill everybody, because could be chaos, but from second option you can't play terrorist, psychopath or someone who can kill others randomly? Really? No better alternative or something? Let's talk about it This post will be updated with others roleplay rules and problem with that
  2. Can do that If not funny to both parties? What you can say about movie?
  3. Like in title, just like for example hood barbies on ls-rp - PM or Discord: Sons#9051
  4. That's the point, because best dm'ers can be also great rp'ers, but in some reasons they can dming or something other and they know what can be problem with this server, they can know it very well; much writing about it- I saw very much situations from all environments Time for roleplay now!
  5. Nah, light rp it's not DM, this is wrongly interpreted by many people and allow them to rule breaking like on horizon, but not is dm. Of course, that many many things should be IC'ly than OOC'ly, but should be very good thinking and adjust to roleplay server.
  6. I mean that should be clearly 100% IC'ly thing than OOC'ly or in-game play on forum
  7. It's not that point, I understand this term, but why you want limit other player? Shouldn't be ooc'ly punishment, in-game play on forum, but IC'ly, if you did it - okay, but you can have very big consequence, why limit player, if he want breake the law? In the USA it's normal there are police chase from stupid reason by idiot driver
  8. Yes, but you know...player can role every character, if he did it - he should be IC'ly consequence; better judical system or something. And someone can play some character, so why not? Someone told that he had bad reason, but he told that was good reason; this is very debatable and should be IC'ly. Second it's that that everyone kill you for stupid reason or some random event
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