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  1. Well, Thanks for your reply, Sadly I found one from the junk yard and restored it, I might pay a visit to your dealership for other cars tho! ((Close this topic please))
  2. IMO any rp is valid when it is combined with a character, Even copbaiting, If your character is a legal citizen or a police officer, It is unrealistic to copbait or troll, But if you have a character as a young guy witha cool car it is not unrealistic to do donuts in streets and drift around places or even copbait. /s cops are gay is not a valid rp.
  3. Username: Frankenstein Comment: That's bad news.
  4. [Mi6]Lance

    Mudoo - Slambook

    Well I thought you were gonna actually do something. Nah just toxicity.
  5. Username: Lance Ricci Comment: I can confirm that I still serve the state in other ways than being a governor aswell, Like working with FD.
  6. Lance I post screenshots on Reddit
  7. [Mi6]Lance

    Mudoo - Slambook

    @Amirhossein1 I am actually one of the most legal players rn lol, And applied for the governor election
  8. https://youtu.be/iVQm6V7grmU
  9. Username: Anonymous Comment: High hopes for this one, Keep it up!
  10. NAME: Lance Ricci DATE OF BIRTH (CHARACTER): 1973/1/10 OCCUPATION: Former Manager and car salesman at Luxury Auto Dealership, Part time Firefighter, Fisherman, Interior designer and Electrician at Pucut's Interior designs.
  11. Muki, The mechanic job is one of the worst jobs currently, And about thr fact that you said, Thr "Whole admin team" Is not like so, I personally started doing FD missions, I also picked up on fishing, I personally NEVER cared about armour and weapons, I probably have the least kills in the server, I also do my things with RP whenever I can, And I personally reward people who do unique things like the mechanic job with rp.
  12. Looking for an Infernus, Willing to pay a reasonable amount, Not considering crazy offers, Reply to this message with contact info and your offer.
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