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  1. I am coming but... I have some questions! -Wasn't Kacper Mika all along? -You have the same family name before you got married, Are you siblings?
  2. Real RP, Character development, Realistic decisions in the rp. And some street / Legal racing club rps.
  3. ((This is an in-character website and can have in-character replies, Following the format below))
  4. Ricci Pharmacies Offering cheap and fast service in the whole state of Mudoo! Information The Ricci Pahrmacies are 2 new businesses built with the purpose of Bringing an answer to the medical needs of civilians, Some Pros of choosing the Ricci pharmacies: Cheap and Quick Service: Everyone can get their hands on the cheap side of the Mudoo State, Easily by coming to the Ricci Pharmacies! Good Customer care: All the workers in our stores treat you like what you want! Does not matter if you want a single painkiller or 50 BLS kits! Air Conditioners: Yes, Those! Easy to find: You can find the stores just by knowing 2 or 3 streets, Or You can find us in your vehicle's GPS system! We are also registered there! Doorstep Delivery The Ricci Pharmacies also offer a Doorstep / Chosen location Delivery with a bit of extra charges, The charges are quite low and very easily affordable. Visit the "Contact" section for further information. Contact us! We are currently looking for a business partnership, The Stores are capable of supplying Private ((Any Goup)) and Government-Owned Services and Businesses with mass amount of medical supplies such as BLS kits, First Aid kits and Painkillers, The supplies can be used by the hospitals and other state services such as the Police Department, Special Weapons and Tactics, Federal Bureau of investigation, Fire department, Medical Services, Army and so on, We will be happy to offer our best prices for the need of the state! Phone Number: 83521 - Lance Ricci Location / Pictures Street No.4, Old Venturas Strip, Los Venturas Garcia, San Fierro
  5. Username: Lancelot Rico Reply: Nichole, Best Reporter in the Mudoo State.
  6. Wait.... That is so close to my house! Welcome to the neighborhood! I will try to be there!
  7. ((Ok this is what I love to see, Original ideas, RP, I love to ICly visit this place now.))
  8. It is annoying, RP rules should be way more strict and followed tightly.
  9. I'd like to mention that without the help of Peter Gambino, The founder, This would not have been possible.
  10. The truth hurts. For me it was when I joined Luxury Auto Dealership, After that I started doing my best to have a clean and DMless rp, And it worked.
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