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Ryan Ray

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  1. bruh i just did the outro and intro and im not paki
  2. bruh 1)Thats racism 2)Why the actual bullcrap do people call me a paki? 3)u are just jealous 4)I JUST DO INTRO AND OUTRO I DIDNT DO VID I JUST PLACED DAFUQIN MUSIC AND I DESIGNED INTRO AND OUTRO
  3. bruh lance read the title again (intro/outro/music)
  4. if u want the video and the edit contact me on discord @staff
  5. 1st i used a Unflip mod and the car was going down upside down so yea and im not stupid im just smarter than you
  6. What is your in-game name? Ryan_Ray Which staff member banned you? Diego When did you get banned? 07/18/19 What is the ban reason? Hacks Personal comment 1st Im sorry I Didnt Know that CAR FLIP is a Hack 2nd I Only Used 1 time only i didnt use it Multiple times 3rd Please Im Sorry can u unban me Pls Car Flip Mod isnt in /rules and isnt a hack its a MOD
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