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  1. could someone take over this appeal? frank and leo inactive lately @Mikro @LocMax
  2. ok, lets get over with this @Frank_Thompson please state your verdict below
  3. And yes you're right about the malicious part but thats not why im playing the server.
  4. Well Im trying my best here, you dont see it but im holding myself back and not letting my emotions get in the way. If i get denied see if ill ban evade.
  5. waiting patiently, feel free to respond whenever you like
  6. No, no, I said ''Yes'' as in ''Ill wait''.
  7. Thank you for giving me this opportunity
  8. I would normally ban evade because its too long for me, I also wanna play on my main account and not get banned on new accounts, but yeah I guess I'll find something to distract myself with while waiting 3 months... That's a yes. But if you're generous enough you could make me wait less.
  9. i dont remember the last time lying to server administration, i always told you the truth, even showed you the accounts i ban evaded with that you didnt know about. for example that 1 night i ban evaded and you were in game and didnt know anything till i came to you and talked to you in /b, said that im robert mccall ban evading, you said go make a ban appeal and i'll be the only one handling it, i said alright and /q'ed. i assume you forgot about that
  10. please edit the screenshots out after you see this appeal
  11. What is your in-game name? Robert McCall Which staff member banned you? forgot When did you get banned? 08/30/19 What is the ban reason? Constantly breaking rules Personal comment im really tired of this shit, ive been banned since like the last summer, tried to ban evade after new years, got my acc manny ray banned for different reason, now Zeko Uwu banned for evading. To be honest i was gonna tell either weston, leonardo or frank that im rochi when one of them came in game and was gonna apologize if i did anything to them and would ask for another chance, ill show proof below. But, big coincidence, weston bans me after i /q'ed to go watch a movie, at this point im really tired of this shit, i just asked myself if i really wanna do this. You all know my history, i joined back in the days when TDB was open, dupp neph and birdd introduced me into it, i liked the server a lot, i believe its been almost a year since i joined. At that time you could buy stuff from the ammunation only if u had a passport, armor was like 1k. We were in shootouts every 30 minutes, either with cops or enemies. yes, we could /rob guns back then, it was a very attractive server. Since then i got banned a couple times on my main account, created loads of new accounts to play in the server, if you had thought i was finally gone, i came back a couple weeks later. Well thats all i have to say, im tired of this shit, 1 person that i truly know is why im making this appeal, hes holding me up, giving me hope, check the scaeenshots below to know why i made this appeal right now.
  12. What is your in-game name? Kacper Williams Which staff member banned you? Danny Fields When did you get banned? 05/15/20 What is the ban reason? bazooka joe Personal comment sorry u are right mr Kacper skooby doo, no problem im waiting till May.. FOR THE NEW SAW MOVIE IN 2020 L L L L L L L L L L L L L L
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