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  1. What is your in-game name? Murray Fairweather Date & time of occurence? 14/1/2018 14:58 Elaborate how you lost this/these items I want to use my old name. Back a few months ago someone took my name that I wanna use now (Danny Fields) probably by accident, the acc registered on the 3rd of august and has 0 minutes of playtime, I wanna use that name now but I need that account to be deleted or atleast namechanged. ( Im the only person that ever used this name in mudoo so it could've even been me that registered by accident ) Proof
  2. What is your in-game name? robert mccall Which player(s) do you want to report? Wei Shen When did the rulebreak happen? 03/27/20 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Steven Anderson What happened? (quote what rule was broken) These guys came at me telling me to hands up when im cuffed and they rp frisking me then try to /rob my marked money, i spam /approverob but it didnt let me i told wei in /b, then he killed me and /robbed me. Im reporting him for DM. Evidence https://imgur.com/a/k33pHov
  3. ulu lulu

  4. Username: FBI Comment: we will arrest coughers and casefile them as per order i can't to fucking die
  5. aahahahahahahhahahahaha ofc its ahmed waheb and his friend shooting you while you typing
  6. RANDY


    Stop /reporting everytime someone kills you or robs you, stop reporting everytime you feel like it, only /report when you see a hacker. Take your sorry ass on the forums and report the guy, imagine how many kids admins have to deal with everyday ''Fuckkkking Dom_Hawk robbed me no rp and dmed me'' 1 hour and 42 minutes admin sit just for a /warn. Stop crying and quit reporting. #DoNotReport
  7. I understand everything you said except one thing, you will wipe 80% of my stuff now or if I get banned before the 5th of april, then decide to make an appeal?
  8. I will try my best to not break rules anymore since I'm done fucking around and I really wanna start to enjoy my time in mudoo, especially in this period of time I bet no one wants to get banned. But your question was IF I ever break rules in the future, so I'm gonna go ahead and answer it. 1 - Sometimes I go mad when for example... I'm hungry, I know this sounds stupid but it's a natural thing, people easily get pissed at every little thing when they're hungry.. I go mad and tell myself that I don't care about this server anymore then go out my way to break rules when I get the chance, which is completely wrong and it all depends on my mood. But I've learned to not do that anymore, when I get angry I dont try to break rules in anyway I can, I don't let feelings get in my way, I can control myself. If I break any rule I'll feel awful and guilty, immediately regretting my decision when I get punished by an admin, doesn't matter if It's a warn, ajail, or kick, I will take some time off and cool myself down or else I'll get out of control and do things much worse that could unfortunately get me banned. The last thing I want is to be on this ban appeal section again. 2 - Well, my plans... I've had a lot of ideas in mind like new jobs and stuff, but the first thing I wanted to do was get unbanned then go in the server and play it like old times. I still have friends in mudoo that I played with before, I'll try to go and roleplay with them, a lot of my friends got different jobs and stuff, they changed the way the play and their ideas. I'm interested in how the server changed while I was gone for months, how's everyone doing. But, the only thing I really wanna do is to enjoy my time in mudoo like it's my last day. - randy
  9. ahmed waheb wilding

  10. the world is mine

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