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  1. If you think my statement about my ban evading was short, It's because I don't have anything much to say about it, I apologized and admitted that I ban evaded.
  2. I have a lot of roleplay skills that i got from other heavy servers, but I didnt use in mudoo because the fact that its a light roleplay server and I mostly focused on having fun with my friends ( killing cops, evading, bombing atms, furnishing ) but with shitty common roleplay everyone uses. This time I'm coming back with my roleplay skills and have fun at the same time, I wont have to worry about punishments or anything like that, you can check the account i ban evaded with Vic_Bautista, you rewarded me for my great roleplay but I got banned for evading, I also had like 1 ajail in that account. I downloaded another game from Steam since I uninstalled SAMP, I had a lot of time to regret my past decisions and rethink my future decisions in mudoo, which i already did. Havent played SAMP in a couple of months, I look at samp in a different way now. I guess that's enough proof that if there's a next time in the server, I'll behave and avoid getting punished, focus on roleplay and having fun at the same time. If I'm not welcomed to the server anymore I'll happily go back to playing another game. The ban evading was just a waste of time and stupid, not doing that again. So now you decide to let me back in the server.
  3. What is your in-game name? Robert McCall Which staff member banned you? forgot When did you get banned? 12/02/19 What is the ban reason? Constantly breaking rules Personal comment Its been a long time since i played mudoo, and samp in general. I kept my word if I didnt get unbanned i would delete samp, and i did it. So now im back cus im basically bored got nothing to do i see neph and dupp playing mudoo everyday and im trying to join them. I can say ill have better rp than anyone in the server, unlike some foreign kids with horrible english with their ''/me robs''. Id like to come back and show my rp skills, sorry if I insulted any staff members back then.
  4. Jeah.

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      Nun' much mane

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      In Memoriam

      its a shame we no longer can hang around like we used to be

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