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  1. Price 600k Further information contact me in discord: Larry Ellison#7736
  2. What is your in-game name? Larry_Gilbert Which player(s) do you want to report? Antonio_Gilbert When did the rulebreak happen? 03/29/20 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Ramadan_Gilbert What happened? (quote what rule was broken) Anotnio was miss behaving with me in market abusing with me. I was ignoring him. Then I went to lspd with my friend Ramadan gilbert. Then I said to admin that my friend want to change name. Then admin said that talk with senior admin then my friend support and talk with senior admin then my friend change name and then he came out. Then Antonio came and car jack me without rp. and without reason. He then he aim me without reason and start shooting on me and saying lying to admin that I was abusing with him. He break the rule also and killed me infront of lsch and start Dm me. He dm me in safe zone so I reported him so James only give punishment of 15 minute jail. He done big mistake and his level 21 and he don't know about the rule. Evidence He abused me in paki language. He killed me in safe zone infront of the lsch.
  3. What is your in-game name? Larry_Gilbert What is the name of the Player(s) you wish to report? Antonio_Gilbert What is the reason you are reporting the Player(s) for? He was insulting me. and lying to admin that I am insulting him I have all proves. He dm me in safe zone. He was on cop duty. He killed me on the front of the city hall. He car jack me without reason and directly aim on my head and start shooting on me on safezone. When did the incident that led to this report occur? 29/3/2020 22:02 Evidence, screenshots and/or logs He Abuse me in Paki language. He abuse to my mother and me. He killed me infront of Lsch. He carjack the car and start shooting on me He killed me in safe zone and Lying to admin that he insulting me so that's why I killed him. Saying lying to Admin that I insult him Additional information
  4. What is your Discord account? Jeff Bezos#7736 When did you get banned? 08/06/19 What is the ban reason? I was sending another discord channel invite Personal comment I am sorry to you that i will donot do this mistake again. Give me one chance for unbanned me and on that time i was using first time discord that why i was send invite in all channel sorry again i will donot do this mistake again unbanned me I donot know confirm date when you banned me from discord
  5. Hey here kendrick bahi i inviting you to all come in this i am this thing so interesting i am making new thing in muddo rpg server this is my first time to make this event in this event the race start from VERDANT BLUFFS and end it TEMPLE and this stat from today 3:30 pm all come and enjoy you want to take any type of bike or bike in which you win this race Rule NO WEAPONS IS ALLOWED NO FIGHTING NO ARGUMENT In the first race of bike prize is 2000 In the first race of car prize 2000
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