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  2. THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES ANNOUNCES ____________________________________________ SAN ANDREAS STATE GOVERNOR ELECTIONS FEB/2020 The Government of the United States officially opens the process to elect a new San Andreas State Governor that will serve a term from March 2nd to May 31st, 2020. The index of this document goes as follow: ELECTORAL PROCEDURES ELECTORAL DATES ELECTORAL RULES ELECTORAL APPLICATIONS THE GOVERNOR ROLE AND IT'S ATTRIBUTIONS 1. ELECTORAL PROCEDURES The whole electoral process will consist of the following procedures: Application as a candidate - the citizens of the state, who are eligible is determined by the conditions stated in this document will make a formal application on this topic. The application will go through a background check done by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, along with a review by the congress. If all conditions are met, it will be accepted without a problem; Campaign - After the application period is over, the campaign officially starts. The campaign may consist of any acts the candidate wishes to perform, as long as it's with law boundaries and the electoral rules: rallies, speeches, meetings, debates, interviews, etc. The candidates should use their creativity in this process; Voting - After the campaign period is over, voting will be called for all the candidates. More information on voting rules (who is eligible to vote, voting period, etc) will be announced maximum 3 DAYS before the end of the campaign period. 2. ELECTORAL DATES The whole electoral process will happen on the following dates: February 14th to February 16th - all citizens interested in running for Governor may submit application February 17th to February 26th - campaign time frame where candidates are to present their goals and host public conferences February 27th to February 29th - voting period March 1st - official ceremony of appointment of the elected Governor to the position 3. ELECTORAL RULES The whole electoral process will bear the safeguard of these rules: 3.1 - APPLICATION RULES The electoral application is subject to be questioned by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, responsible to perform the background checks, or by the congress itself. In any case, the candidate is questioned, he shall follow all instructions provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation or by the congress. 3.2 - CAMPAIGN RULES A candidate, during the electoral campaign or BEFORE the campaign (if found performing), or even before the acceptance of the candidature itself, is STRICTLY forbidden to: bribe other citizens for votes, by offering them any possible advantage in exchange for a vote. Only people registered in the political parties are allowed to make propaganda for the candidate. Propaganda is recognized as: forum publications; in-game /ad; official campaign acts (rallies, speeches, events, etc). Non-listed actions here are not counted as official propaganda and may be performed by any citizen. There is no specific limit for candidature donations - however, the donated cash, must not originate from illicit acts (ex. using marked money from ATMs to sponsor a candidate). 3.3 - GENERAL RULES A candidate may not be found guilty of any crimes during the electoral period (regardless if the guiltiness is assured in-game, by the police [arrested in the act], or by a Court decision), under punishment of being excluded from the election. A candidate may not be found guilty of any breach of the Electoral Rules, under punishment of being excluded from the election. The candidate must have a person running along for the position of a Vice Governor, and from the same party. A candidate must organize at minimum two campaign events during the campaign period, which may be rallies, charity events, or another kind of campaign events which must be scheduled prior to the hosting. 4. ELECTORAL PROCEDURES The electoral application form goes as follow - post in THIS topic: 1. THE GOVERNOR CANDIDATE INFORMATION A. NAME: <your name> B. RESIDENCE: <your residence> C. POLITICAL ORIENTATION: <your political orientation: socialism, feudalism, communism, ...> 2. THE VICE GOVERNOR CANDIDATE INFORMATION A. NAME: <name of YOUR vice governor> B. RESIDENCE: <residence location of YOUR vice governor> 3. ADDITIONAL CABINET CANDIDATE INFORMATION: A. NAME: <name of your cabinet member> B. RESIDENCE: <residence of your cabinet member> C. POSITION: <position your cabinet member will have> 5. THE GOVERNOR'S ROLE AND IT'S ATTRIBUTIONS The elected Governor of the State of San Andreas will be entitled to: Create and implement new laws; Add amendments to current laws; Set property taxes per region; Set toll fees per region; Set base paycheck for emergency services 1; Close or open stations for emergency services; Add or remove vehicles from emergency services; Bear the executive control of the State and all its cities and territories; Promote measures that enrich the quality of life of the citizens of the State; Work along with the guidance of the Congress and the Senate 2; Use government budget for various projects; Propose operations to be conducted by emergency services; 1 - In this context, the emergency services are considered the Police Department, the Fire Department and the Emergency Medical Services, along with their divisions. 2 - The congress and the senate consist of the server management and server leadership. Electoral applications can be sent from the moment this topic is published, till the deadline set and accorded in item 2 - Electoral Dates. Good luck everyone!
  3. United States Congress H. RES 016 San Andreas Government Dated 27th of January, 2020 This resolution is a conclusion of the allegations brought forward by the San Andreas Police Department relating to the abuse of power by the State Government following an interaction which occurred at the Police Department's precinct at East Los Santos on 21st of January, 2020. As for the investigation by the Oversight Committee, the following is established: Allegation which states the paychecks being altered after 17th January could not be verified and is therefore dismissed. Allegation which states the Government attempted to forcefully obtain information from the Police Department is proven to be true. The hearings have shown that the Government also attempted to force internal changes within the Police Department by using the authority to manage paychecks. Review of the footage from the precinct's CCTV, the uniformed trooper's body camera and the dash camera of the vehicle parked next by showed rather hostile approach from the Government. This resolution establishes the following: Both parties could have prevented the incident from occurring by establishing more fluent communication and utilizing more diplomatic approach to the matters of concern. Both parties are to arrange a meeting at which they are to discuss the issues at hand and find appropriate path forward to avoid such incidents from reoccurring. State Government may not use their authority to alter paychecks in such a manner, without any legitimate reasons, that it is used as a bargaining tool in order to achieve a goal or obtain information. Such acts can be considered extortion. State Government has the authority to make proposals to the State Agencies, and to work along with the State Agencies, however, the State Government does not have the authority to force changes on the State Agencies, the changes must be agreed upon by the State Agency head. State Government make a public notice on the appropriate public bulletin board at whichever point a change in paycheck is made, so all may be aware of the change as well as the date and time at which the change took place. The Congress will take no action against either party. Both parties are to align with this resolution and work in harmony in a reasonable manner which is within the boundaries of the law and ethics for the bodies of the Government.
  4. United States Congress H. PUB 001 San Andreas Government Dated 26th of January, 2020 The Congress has taken notice of the recent publication by the San Andreas Government and denies allegations made against the United States Congress. The function of the Congress and its Oversight Committee is to establish whether abuse of power occurred at the specified situation by calling in all witnesses from both parties and obtaining the accurate timeline of the events and facts on the matter. The Congress received a complaint on Friday, January 24th, 2020 7:41 pm. As a result of this complaint which alleges abuse of power to obtain internal information of the agency, the Congress launched an investigation to determine whether the State Governor used his position and the authority to manage the State Agencies' paychecks to obtain information which is outside the Governor's jurisdiction. Furthermore, in the first hearing which occurred on the 25th of January, 2020, Mr. Derek Shelby who voluntarily stepped up as a witness upon a request by the Congress, and by the statements given by both, Mr. Santos and Mr. Shelby, it was stated that the paychecks were altered after the confrontation at the Police Department's "South Central" precinct. Part of the transcripts from the hearing: 25-01-2020 19:06:55 - Matthew Carter: According to Mr. Santos, Governor Finney decreased paycheck of Command Staff to $800 25-01-2020 19:07:01 - Matthew_Carter: After the confrontation at the precinct 25-01-2020 19:07:04 - Matthew_Carter: Is that correct? 25-01-2020 19:07:21 - Derek_Shelby: Yes sir. Considering the severity of the allegations in question and the statements from both parties which are matching, the Congress has the duty to investigate the matter and obtain more necessary facts in order to make a determination on whether abuse of power occurred or not.
  5. United States Congress H. RES 015 San Andreas Governor Dated 25th of January, 2020 The Congress received a complaint from San Andreas Police Department in regards to recent actions taken by the San Andreas State Government - the reduction of paycheck for the commanding ranks in the Police Department. While the Governor has the authority to adjust paychecks, the circumstances of the specific case, as stated in the complaint, question if the authority was misused in order to obtain access to confidential information from the Police Department. Consequently, the Congress has launched an investigation into the whole scheme in order to determine whether the State Government overstepped their boundaries and abused their authority for ill intentions. The Congress held the first hearing on the 25th of January, 2020 and had sent an invitation to the hearing to Governor Brendan Finney a day prior, at a time at which both parties agreed were available at. In the hearing, a witness was revealed through the statement of Mr. Santos from the Police Department which was Mr. Derek Shelby. Mr. Shelby was called forward to provide his statement to the Congress, however, Mr. Shelby suddenly ran outside of the hearing with no explanation or justification. As the Governor failed to appear at the scheduled Congressional hearing, and the witness failed to comply with providing a statement as one of the key witnesses, the Congress is forced to issue a subpoena on the two persons in order to complete the investigation. S U B P O E N A To: Governor Brendan Finney, Mr. Derek Shelby Pursuant to lawful authority, YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED to make available to the CONGRESSIONAL OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE of the United States Congress, on Sunday, 26th of January, 2020, between 14;00 CET and 22:00 CET, with a notice of appearance which is to be submitted at minimum four hours prior to the availability. Failure to appear will be considered contempt of the Congressional subpoena and will be sanctioned.
  6. United States Congress H. RES 014 Bone County Dated 8th of January, 2020 Due to the recent rise in hostility shown by Bone County Resistance, which includes advertisements being published by the head of it, Reis Mucahit, The Congress will proceed with appropriate response. The United States, and San Andreas State, will not be threatened with violence and hostility, especially not by the people who were given a huge amount of space and opportunity to prove their intention, ability and will to cooperate with the US and State Government. However, and which is unfortunate for them, they failed to do that. Consequently, the following actions are decided: Any and all statuses that were previously delegated to Bone County are effective immediately nullified and considered invalid. Bone County is to once again fall under authority of San Andreas State Government, and will no longer have a Government of their own. San Andreas Police Department has full authority to enforce all applicable state and federal laws on the territory of Bone County.
  7. United States Congress H. RES 013 Nationalization of Market Ammunation Dated 5th of January, 2020 The Congress passes resolution to nationalize Market Ammunation, the business currently owned by Mr. Carlo Gambino. Market Ammunation has significance in the weapon market, as the primary source of legal weapons in the State of San Andreas, and as a business that generates massive amounts of profits on daily basis. The current law allows citizens to purchase these legals weapons sold in the Ammunations to use it to defend themselves and their property on the premises of their property. Unfortunately, the State has been suffering some symptoms of monopoly for the past years, which the Congress is forced to combat, in order to maintain healthy economy in the country. The following are the terms of the nationalization: Market Ammunation will remain in ownership of the current owner, Carlo Gambino. On the next time, at which the current owner, Carlo Gambino, chooses to sell, lease, rent or abandon the property, or in any way, shape, or form chooses to transfer it to another party other than himself, this resolution will come in effect. Once the resolution is in effect, the Federal Government will provide the owner, Carlo Gambino, with a reasonable buyout, keeping in mind the profit the business generates, its location and other relevant attributes. Finally, the Federal Government will lease the business to any citizen who wishes to lease the Market Ammunation, for lease price that will be determined at that point, and for which applications will be held where citizens who are interested into leasing the property will apply and be evaluated by the Federal Government.
  9. United States Congress H. RES 012 Duties of a Governor Dated 19th of December, 2019 The Congress formally delegates duties and obligations to the position of a State Governor in the United States. Having witnessed a number of past Governors sit on the position and not fulfill their duties for which they have chosen to enter the office, merely occupying the position without any purpose, The Congress delivers the following resolution: Duties of a Governor Create and implement new state laws; Add amendments to current state laws; Set property taxes per region; Set toll fees per region; Set base paycheck for state emergency services; Close or open stations for state emergency services; Add or remove vehicles from state emergency services; Bear the executive control of the State and all its cities and territories; Promote measures that enrich the quality of life of the citizens of the State; Work along with the guidance of The Congress; Use state government budget for various projects; Propose operations to be conducted by state emergency services; Initiate impeachment of a State Official; * * A governor can initiate impeachment proceeding of a state agency official (such as a Chief of Police or a Chief of Fire Department) having legitimate reasons and evidence for the impeachment. The reasons of impeachment may be criminal activity (including abuse of power), or other behavior or acts which may be deemed obstructive to the development of the State Agency. A procedure for this will be written in detail. Obligations of a Governor To actively be involved in the development of the State; To conduct at least four public conferences per month; To conduct at least two community projects per month; To be present in the state and actively communicate with State Agencies; To serve the citizens as a public servant and execute the campaign promises and other deeds for the betterment of the State, its the quality of life and the people; Impeachment of a State Official The Governor must have a legitimate reason to initiate impeachment proceeding against a State Official. The reason must be either criminal activity or other reasonable reason for which it is necessary for the State Official to be removed. The Governor consults with his cabinet (Vice Governor and other aides selected by the Governor) who then collectively make a conclusion whether to proceed with an impeachment proceeding. The Governor is then required to host a public conference announcing the impeachment proceeding and elaborating the reasons for the impeachment proceeding. The State Official will be suspended of the duties they are performing for the time being, until the last step when the decision is made whether to impeach or not. The Congress will then hold public hearings with the Governor and the State Official where The Congress will serve as the judge, the Governor as the prosecutor and the State Official as the defendant. Both parties will provide their statements, evidence and may call for witnesses to testify for them. * After the hearings are complete and all the necessary information was obtained, The Congress will hold a final vote on the impeachment where it will be decided whether the State Official will be impeached or remain. * The Congress will determine the full procedure of each impeachment hearing individually, appointing dates of the hearings and the procedures by which the hearings will be held.
  10. For a vote to be valid, it must meet the following criteria: One vote per person Voter must be in possession of a valid San Andreas State passport Voter must vote for a valid candidate as provided in the voting booth (( Voter must have 10 hour activity in the last 30 days )) (( Voter may not be permanently banned )) Candidate can vote, and can vote for himself VOTING BOOTH
  11. @dellpacker @Maxim @Ryan Ray @suryanta @Nicest today is last day for campaign events: you have to complete two.
  12. Evelyn Flores Ace Westbrooks Ryan Ray Brendan Finney Maxim Winters Hilly Flores These citizens are the official candidates running for the position of a Governor. Your task now is to hold at minimum two public campaign events, such as public conferences or community events in which you are promoting yourself for the election.
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