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  1. The supervisory and field staff of Fire & Medical Department has shown an utmost dedication towards their firefighter & EMT careers in the last couple of weeks. We push them hard to deliver best results possible and with the ignition of team spirit in each & every individuals mind, they deliver more than we expect. This is what making the SAFMD great again. 


    - Issued in Public Interest by Command Advisory

    1. Maxim
    2. Ray


      make me command advisor

  2. Thank you for being a part of the department. You can apply at our forum fd.sagov.us to attain higher ranks. Update:
  3. Topic update 12 Aug, 19: - Updated about us. - Memberlist update. - Added ceremonial medals and awards. - Added departmental structure. - Newly updated Fire Department cover image. - IMPORTANT LINKS: To be added.
  4. SAN ANDREAS FIRE & MEDICAL DEPARTMENT PUBLIC RELATIONS DIVISION ABOUT US San Andreas Fire Department has seen a lot of ups and downs. It was closed a lot of times but some men didn't wanted to give up on it, so they started by putting their efforts again & again & again.. They were the ones who lived by a vision to make emergency services accessible to everyone in the state of San Andreas. We are proud of those visionary leaders, including, Bull Nakazato, Mike Foley, Gregory Walker, Frank Thompson, Morais, Jelly, Jack, Ray, Maxim and many other junior
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