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  1. Your In game name: Staz_Gambino Possibility to attend: High
  2. In-game name: Staz_Cannibal Date of when you discovered the bug: 05/26/18 What feature is the bug relevant to: other Explain how does the bug occur: Using any soda while reviving someone cancels the animation and allows the player to move around and yet the reviving process keeps on going and player gets revived. Additional content: N/A
  3. In-game name: Staz_Cannibal Date of when you discovered the bug: 05/26/18 What feature is the bug relevant to: chat Explain how does the bug occur: Masked player's text in /b chat reveals their name. Additional content: N/A
  4. Your in-game name Staz You real life age 17 Your country and timezone Pakistan | GMT+5 How do you describe yourself as a person I consider myself as an ambitious and quiet person who likes to pretty much work on his own but would agree to cooperate when required but I fall between the term introvert and extrovert which i think is pretty satisfying for me at least. I think i'm more of a calm person but sometimes i do have ego issues which i'll be working on. That's pretty much all you have to know about me for this vacancy. What are your motives for becoming a moderator? Being an old and quite experienced player of COD based servers, I am well aware of the instincts and basics of them. I would like to evaluate my experience for the well being of the upcoming server and i think i'll be of great help. I'd love to see the server well developed and crowded by players as before so my basic motivation is to help out higher ranked staff members in making the server more joyful and entertaining. I've served as a staff member before so it would be easy for me to adjust i assume. How will you deal with a friend that is asking for favors? Well it depends upon the favor, if it would provide him advantage over other players then it would be a no-no but sorting out their issues may be a priority. (What if i don't have friends?) How will you deal with a new player that keeps on rule-breaking, after several warnings? I would behave according to community guidelines. If the rule-break is major such as using hacks, then I'd inform high ranked staff to handle him and if they're not present, then i would consider kicking. If the rule-break is minor, first of all verbal warnings but if that wouldn't be of any good, then i'd demonstrate and acknowledge him about the rule practically and i'll make sure that he understands. If after several warnings, he would still be rule-breaking, i'll report him to high ranked staff or forums for further conclusions. Any additional information you feel is relevant Screenshot of your in-game stats
  5. I've acknowledged that using PMs for roleplay purpose is strictly forbidden and i'd definately avoid that in future.
  6. What is your in-game name? Staz_Gambino Which staff member banned you? Locmax When did you get banned? 01/10/19 What is the ban reason? PM Roleplay Personal comment As you provided two proofs on discord so i'd like to explain them out for you. First one: Me and jack planted and watered to field together, we decided to craft weapons. He couldn't join GAM's WT so we were communication via PMs pretty much. At that moment, he was unloading stuff from truck infront of me but i was enough distant that /s or /l wouldn't reach him so i messaged him to hop on the vehicle i was in. You may consult him for this. Second: Alright so this guy probably saw us planted weed at Whetstone so he messaged me as he saw cops there. I DID NOT ask him before to keep me informed about the weed field. Me and crow were at warehouse at that moment, it was almost our last truck to unload then we were about to head towards the field. Anyway, that's NOT "backup", he just informed me about it which i know is not allowed either. It'd be backup if he would be calling for help while staying at that area, he didn't call for it as it wasn't even his field and secondly, he had no connection with me or Jack. I'd love to ask you a question, if you had planted like 500 seeds and someone would inform you via PM that there are some people at your field, you would ignore that text? No, no one would. With that curiosity, i reached there and didn't see anyone at the field at that moment. I'd say it again, there wasn't any action going on at the field so we started to harvest. After like 5 minutes of our presence, some cops came including you so we opened fire. That Peter guy wasn't even there, i didn't even see him nearby. During that shootout, i got banned for "PM Backup". Enlighten me, how is that "PM Backup"? I know that using PM to sort out in-game stuff isn't allowed but when we reached at the field, there wasn't anyone so that means either he was wrong or you left. It'd be okay if you were present there and ripping out the weed but there wasn't anyone so i don't get why'd you consider that as a "Backup" situation. And please, review this as soon as you can, would be waiting for your reply. *one month passes*
  7. @Locmax Would you bother to reply if your ego is satisfied yet?
  8. If you'd have the logs, i even mentioned there if i would get banned, the other person said no so i thought it was okay to share in WT chat as there were just us. I didn't share it in /p and i didn't mean to advertise that server at all. I don't have any connection with that server, that's an A/D server for clan wars and practice so i thought it'd be okay. I do consider that as a rule-break which i'm guilty of, won't happen again in future. P.S: I just invited one guy not "players".
  9. What is your in-game name? =DF=Staz_Gambino Which staff member banned you? Dear Locmax When did you get banned? 12/26/18 What is the ban reason? Advertisement Personal comment I gave someone IP of another practice server in walkie-talkie chat not knowing the regulations about it. I apologize for it. My intention wasn't to advertise that server or something.
  10. What is your in-game name? Staz_Clarke Which staff member banned you? Kacper When did you get banned? 06/27/18 What is the ban reason? Failure to Roleplay Personal comment This guy is just shitting the hell out of me.I don't know what the hell is wrong with him.I don't need your comments here kacper.I require a manager as it is his second time. He banned me for "Failure to roleplay" again but i did nothing wrong. I'll state the scenario and provide the chatlog.So i was making heroin at TR,there wasn't any activity so i went afk for 2-3 minutes. When i came back,a cop guy "Macon" was standing next to me and i was suspected of making heroin by him as i was in the shack.He was calling for backup on the radio.As i was suspected,i had asked an admin being a cop about this.My question was "Can any suspected guy shoot me?" The admin was like "Yeah,you can't shoot him but you gotta wait for him to shoot so you might interact back". So being a suspected criminal,i've the right to shoot as the cop was standing next to me calling for backup on radio. I typed "Staz takes out gun from his holster and starts shooting". We had a proper gunfight and atlast he died.I was also low.So i decided to run from the shack.Just after some moments,dear kacper teleported to me and after a bit chit chat,he banned me for the reason "Failure to Roleplay". According to him i gotta interact with the cop. In what means?Are you being serious? I wonder how you're an admin. I'll submit a report against him to manager anytime soon.Some time ago,i asked him a question and he was like "IDK" while im sure he knew the answer.He's always just finding a reason to punish me.I dont know why. [03:29:15] PM to =AVt=Kacper_Thompson (5): We can't sell drugs to dealer anymore? [03:29:20] PM from =AVt=Kacper_Thompson (5): idk Chatlog: [04:42:53] ** Macon_Ravenwood o<: This is the Police, comply or we will use force! ** [04:42:53] Macon_Ravenwood (radio): He's AFK atm)) [04:42:55] Macon_Ravenwood shouts: This is the Police, comply or we will use force! [04:43:03] * Macon_Ravenwood unholsters their taser. [04:43:03] Returning to class selection after next death [04:43:03] * Staz_Clarke takes out his gun out of holster and starts shooting, [04:43:06] * Macon_Ravenwood holsters their taser. [04:43:22] Macon_Ravenwood (radio): shots fired [04:44:17] You added calcium to the pot. Wait for it to settle. [04:44:48] * Tony_Gambino (7) logged in to the server. [04:45:08] {FF0000}=AVt=Kacper_Thompson{C2A2DA} says: Staz [04:45:13] Staz_Clarke says: what [04:45:16] {FF0000}=AVt=Kacper_Thompson{C2A2DA} says: Why did you not RP with Macon? [04:45:23] Staz_Clarke says: wdym [04:45:36] {FF0000}=AVt=Kacper_Thompson{C2A2DA} says: He suspected you once you were AFK. [04:45:37] Staz_Clarke says: I did [04:45:40] {FF0000}=AVt=Kacper_Thompson{C2A2DA} says: You came back and shot him straight away. [04:45:41] Staz_Clarke says: Yeah [04:45:44] Staz_Clarke says: No [04:45:48] * Staz_Clarke takes out his gun out of holster and starts shooting, [04:45:57] Staz_Clarke says: typed that [04:46:04] {FF2121}Chip: {FFFFFF}Hey guys! {FF2121}igor465 (17){FFFFFF} joined for the first time! Wish them a great stay! [04:46:10] {FF0000}=AVt=Kacper_Thompson{C2A2DA} says: Why don't you interact with him? [04:46:13] {FF0000}=AVt=Kacper_Thompson{C2A2DA} says: You always take the gun way out [04:46:14] Toni_Castello (15): {FFFFFF}CR [04:46:18] * Sergei_Smirnov (22) logged in to the server. [04:46:19] Toni_Castello (15): {FFFFFF}Car kill nice [04:46:21] Staz_Clarke says: He was calling for backup [04:46:30] Staz_Clarke says: As i was suspected so i have the right to start shooting [04:46:34] [Help Chat] Toni_Castello (15): {FFFFFF}car kill allowed ? [04:46:40] [Help Chat] TiMoN (3): {FFFFFF}cops can ram u once [04:46:42] [Help Chat] Ricky_Martin (14): {FFFFFF}It was by mistake [04:46:55] Staz_Clarke says: I don't really think so anything is wrong in that [04:46:56] DerekC says: what [04:47:39] {FF0000}=AVt=Kacper_Thompson{C2A2DA} says: Not allowed. [04:47:44] {FF0000}=AVt=Kacper_Thompson{C2A2DA} says: Got it confirmed with a manager. [04:47:45] Staz_Clarke says: What's not allowed? [04:47:49] * Toni_Castello (0) logged in to the server. [04:47:51] {FF0000}=AVt=Kacper_Thompson{C2A2DA} says: What you did [04:47:56] {FF0000}=AVt=Kacper_Thompson{C2A2DA} says: You have a keybind for your weapon [04:47:58] Staz_Clarke says: And what i did? [04:48:04] Staz_Clarke says: Keybinder is allowed [04:48:04] {FF0000}=AVt=Kacper_Thompson{C2A2DA} says: Everytime a cop tries to interact iwht you, you take the gun way out [04:48:09] {FF0000}=AVt=Kacper_Thompson{C2A2DA} says: I'm not saying it's not [04:48:16] Tony_Gambino (7): {FFFFFF}Congratulations on killing us for the first time on a 6 v 2 fight. Bravo! [04:48:19] Silvester_Aaron (2): {FFFFFF}Evening sir. [04:48:20] {FF0000}=AVt=Kacper_Thompson{C2A2DA} says: I'm saying you always shoot against a cop and you don't bother RPing [04:48:20] * Johny_Castello (15) logged in to the server. [04:48:28] Staz_Clarke says: You're just exaggerating it again [04:48:34] {FF0000}=AVt=Kacper_Thompson{C2A2DA} says: It's not me, but a manager. [04:48:38] Staz_Clarke says: That's what everyone does [04:48:43] Staz_Clarke says: I was suspected [04:48:46] {FF0000}=AVt=Kacper_Thompson{C2A2DA} says: Actually no, you're the only one [04:49:06] {FF2121}Chip: {FFFFFF}Hey guys! {FF2121}Artem_Hlopkov (17){FFFFFF} joined for the first time! Wish them a great stay! [04:49:08] Staz_Clarke says: He suspected me before interacting,he could do some RP maybe? how about that [04:49:17] TiMoN (3): {FFFFFF}no richie no winnie [04:49:19] {FF2121}Chip: {FFFFFF}Hey guys! {FF2121}player1 (30){FFFFFF} joined for the first time! Wish them a great stay! [04:49:21] TiMoN (3): {FFFFFF}haha get it? [04:49:22] Staz_Clarke says: As i was suspected,you told me that i can shoot [04:49:22] Tony_Gambino (7): {FFFFFF}And Your boss died. [04:49:27] Staz_Clarke says: And he shot back [04:49:32] Staz_Clarke says: If i'd die that's normal [04:49:41] Staz_Clarke says: But he died so he's mad and reported [04:49:42] {FF0000}=AVt=Kacper_Thompson{C2A2DA} says: You shot first, yes you were suspected [04:49:43] {FF0000}=AVt=Kacper_Thompson{C2A2DA} says: But you didn't RP [04:49:50] {FF2121}Chip: {FFFFFF}Hey guys! {FF2121}JuLuST (26){FFFFFF} joined for the first time! Wish them a great stay! [04:49:54] Staz_Clarke says: What kind of RP do u expect ? [04:50:04] Staz_Clarke says: He was calling for backup on radio,i was suspected [04:50:04] {FF0000}=AVt=Kacper_Thompson{C2A2DA} says: some sort of interaction [04:50:10] {FF0000}=AVt=Kacper_Thompson{C2A2DA} says: you didn't even say anything [04:50:15] {FF0000}=AVt=Kacper_Thompson{C2A2DA} says: you did your keybind thing and shot [04:50:16] Toni_Castello (0): {FFFFFF}cops can returning after kill ? [04:50:21] Toni_Castello (0): {FFFFFF}revenge kill [04:50:22] =AV=Reapero_Garcia (9): {FFFFFF}no [04:50:24] Lorenzo_Gaviria (24): {FFFFFF}no [04:50:27] Staz_Clarke says: That's normal,nothing wrong in that [04:50:35] {FF2121}Chip: {FFFFFF}Hey guys! {FF2121}Peter_Qulill (32){FFFFFF} joined for the first time! Wish them a great stay! [04:50:39] {FF0000}=AVt=Kacper_Thompson{C2A2DA} says: there is [04:50:40] Staz_Clarke says: What do u think im supposed to say? [04:50:41] Staz_Clarke says: Tell me [04:50:52] AdmCmd: You got temporarily banned by =AVt=Kacper_Thompson for 12 hour(s). [04:50:52] AdmCmd: Reason: Failure to RP [04:50:52] Staz_Clarke says: When im suspected and a cop is calling for backup [04:50:53] Server closed the connection.
  11. Maybe you're mistaken,i didnt ram any cop car in order to help someone else to escape.I truly don't remember. Yaeh,i'll improve my "rp interaction" furthermore.
  12. If you don't know a thing,doesnt mean you have to leave it and chose any other thing.One could learn it and that's what im doing so. I myself got robbed quite a while lately so all i want to do is to rob others,not to kill them.According to the rules,after rp interaction one can act upon the situation. The crazzykiller scene was clear as you were present there,i reported him for intentional suicide.That wasnt my kill first of all and secondly i dont remember when i went back to kill him(?) Read that carefully,i didnt ram him.Our car was at speed so we nearly crashed,my car didnt touch the cop car so that's nor ramming at all. I've to interest in having 6 stars and cops following me,come on it's not a movie.My intention is never to gain cops' attention.We're just having fun with him and he reported for copbait,nice. Obviously,im willing to play along the server rules as i was looking forward to even create a group but thanks to you.Even i texted you various times to seek help but you wouldn't mind replying. I do know what roleplaying is. Yeah,i'll. (wat doe) P.S: Will this ban affect my group?
  13. I hope you remember that moment when we were in voice chat and i had no vehicle near police station,i was suspected and cops came towards me so i shot them back as i couldn't escape.Same goes for other situations,you can't escape so u have to fight back. In other words you're saying that i should keep running while cops keep shooting me from behind,right? I don't really helped any guy escape any police chase ever as far as remember or if i would do so,he wouldn't be random and neither remember when i asked a cop to stop and shot him(rly?) What's wrong with my gameplay? Mind being more specific? I see how quick you move to other scenarios
  14. What is your in-game name? Staz Which staff member banned you? =AVt=Kacper_Thompson When did you get banned? 06/21/18 What is the ban reason? Copbait Personal comment First of all,i dont really know what i got banned for as i m from tdm sever so i don't know much of roleplay terms. So i'd like to avoid all drama and proceed to the scenario, i was with my friend (vladrm).We're quite a bit just roaming here and there as we were waiting for dealer.We were on same car,i was the one who was driving.As we were fast so we kinda crashed with a cop car.I'd literally like to write what i said "are you blind?"(will provide exact chatlogs too) No response as he was talking with an admin, so me with vladrm stood there and suddenly mr.kacper as usual appeared and i got banned for "Constant copbait, not here to RP. Failure to follow the server rules" . I really don't wanna make a drama out of it but i'd love to know what i actually did for what i got permanently banned? Chatlog: [12:38:46] [WT 336] Staz (6): want sniper? [12:38:50] [WT 336] vladrm (14): no [12:38:58] Staz shouts: watchout! [12:39:18] Staz says: hey deadman [12:39:20] vladrm says: Whats wrong with your brain?? [12:39:21] Staz says: u there? [12:39:31] ** Sam_Jefferson o<: Please move the the correct lane. ** [12:39:39] Staz says: what if i say no? [12:39:45] Eric_Smith (30): {FFFFFF}hyi [12:39:47] [WT 336] vladrm (14): AHAHAHAHHAAHA [12:39:47] Staz says: lol ok sorry sir [12:39:49] Sam_Jefferson says: ... wtf )) [12:39:53] vladrm says: ahahaha [12:40:00] [WT 336] vladrm (14): poor guy [12:40:02] Staz says: Police job sucks [12:40:08] vladrm says: leave it [12:40:39] Staz says: Put your weapon inside,it scares me [12:40:48] Pablo says: hi mother fucker staz hi man rp how are you [12:40:48] ZeiKaru says: hey madefucker [12:40:49] Sam_Jefferson (radio): (( Well there was until an admin respawned my car out of no where )) [12:41:07] Staz says: Sam gun inside i said [12:41:18] vladrm says: hide your weapon pls mr.policeman [12:41:22] Staz shouts: GUN INSIDE! [12:41:33] Staz says: Are you deaf? [12:41:43] Sam_Jefferson says: Can you not see I'm talking to an admin [12:41:50] {FF0000}=AVt=Kacper_Thompson{C2A2DA} says: hm? [12:41:52] Staz says: sry [12:42:00] Sam_Jefferson says: Clearly you're just here to copbait [12:42:00] Mathew_Hagen (26): {FFFFFF}enter [12:42:03] * 3emimouh (28) logged in to the server. [12:42:06] {FF0000}=AVt=Kacper_Thompson{C2A2DA} says: what happened [12:42:07] Pablo says: fire [12:42:08] Pablo says: fire [12:42:11] Pablo says: fire ball [12:42:12] Staz says: kys [12:42:13] * Rusell_Wood (35) logged in to the server. [12:42:15] ZeiKaru says: fire fox [12:42:18] Pablo says: fire [12:42:21] Staz says: what happened [12:42:21] Staz says: ?/ [12:42:22] Ben_Taylor (7): {FFFFFF}wait is not alowed [12:42:28] * Marcello_Thompson (36) logged in to the server. [12:42:29] Ben_Taylor (7): {FFFFFF}show you driving pass [12:42:41] ZeiKaru says: sry [12:42:47] AdmCmd: You got permanently banned by =AVt=Kacper_Thompson. [12:42:47] AdmCmd: Reason: Constant copbait, not here to RP. Failure to follow the server rules [12:42:47] [12:42:47] [!] Place an unban request at the forums (www.mudoogaming.com) to request an unban. [12:42:47] [!] Please do not ban evade or you will not be unbanned. [12:42:48] Server closed the connection.
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