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  1. Considering the fact that reported player has 5 prior warnings, 2 of them being for leaving the game to avoid robbery/death. He will be temp banned for 6 hours. Reason being /q midst roleplay. Concluded.
  2. Logs show that the reported player indeed crashed and attempted to rejoin the server after one hour but crashed again. Though. during that one hour, there wasn't any attempt to login. Assuming it was not a power cut, Anthony_Eix will be warned for force crashing midst shootout to avoid death. Concluded.
  3. -May 2nd. You can re-apply on August 2nd. DO NOT make new forum accounts or the time will be extended.
  4. Reported player will be warned for revenge killing.
  5. Insufficient proof, also you need to report at the designated board. This board is just for RP server.
  6. You have 349 hours of gameplay and 11 punishments along with 6 verbal warnings. You're not new here, you're well aware of the regulations. I spent 30 minutes looking for logs and questioning Bugsy_Gambino for the stuff that you were making up. Do you want me to treat you as a toddler and inform that reporting someone based on false accusations & lying to staff is wrong? So far, you disagreed with Billy, called Kira a liar and me a power abuser. I like how're you going here. I would prefer not to get involved in this report, just wanted to clarify it for Billy that your report against Bugsy wasn't related to casino scamming, it was for deathmatch.
  7. I'm very well aware how that situation started. You won the gamble from Gambinos and they were not happy with it, so Bugsy decided to roleplay robbery and ended up killing you. You reported him for deathmatch there to which Kira responded and later on I overtook it. Doesn't matter what made him roleplay a robbery. There is no correlation of casino scamming with it. "I never said scamming is allowed in there, I said it is allowed OUTSIDE of casino" - Kira.
  8. Your report against Bugsy_Gambino was related to deathmatch, not casino scamming. You'll surely be issued a warning for attempting to mislead staff. P.S: The Four Dragons, Royal Casino and Starfish are official casinos.
  9. Already forced under CAC.
  10. Clarifications from my behalf. The ban was issued based on following rulebreaks which Frank_Hawk committed recently which went unpunished: 1- Constantly returning after death (Respawning at GS9 right after dying and then going idle whilst the same shootout is on-ongoing) 2- Initiating a shootout with Triads based on a false backup call. 3- Initiating a shootout with cops based on a false server sided suspection. 4- This report. "frank hawk isn't innocent but also isn't fully guilty for the situation development" - Management. He was not banned for not using /me knifes Carlo. It wasn't the first time the player did that. He has opened fire at cops without being a suspect just because they are trespassing their hood which is a public place but managers think that my ban was exaggerated as I should have issued warnings one by one for different rulebreaks and then banned instead of combining everything into one punishment. There are players having 10 warns and no bans at all to which I agree completely. Notes have been added on the player regarding the rulebreaks mentioned above and as Dylan mentioned, Frank has been told to put some effort into his roleplay.
  11. Frank_Hawk was given the opportunity to understand that such roleplay is not valid but in their eyes, they can kill people as their character's movement can be considered as roleplay in every single scenario and they don't have to roleplay anything otherwise. For example, knifing or opening fire at people without any prior input (/l /me /do) in a scenario is valid in their eyes as their character can be seen holding a weapon, aiming and then opening fire. Although, this report is not that big of an offence for a permanent ban. Having 4 prior punishments along with 3 verbal warnings for DM and poor roleplay, with the perpetual mindset that their roleplay is appropriate and staff is wrong because "everyone's roleplay style is different". He has been banned. Concluded. Edit: About Ammy_Stokes, you can report him/her on staff report section.
  12. He'll be verbally warned for it. Concluded.
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