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  1. Unbanned. Notified about the dis-allowance of camera mods and vehicle spawner which was found in their cleo folder.
  2. What is your in-game name? Staz Gambino Which player(s) do you want to report? Enes Soprano & Luca Changretta When did the rulebreak happen? 12/31/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Amin Gambino & Sylvester Gambino What happened? (quote what rule was broken) Leaving the server in the middle of shootout/roleplay to avoid suffering the loss of possessions. Luca Changretta called me at Pizza Stack for a drug deal. He claimed that he has 20kg of weed. I considered it as a scam attempt. Still went there, called some allies in /wt as backup and asked them to stay around. We dealt with 4 kilos of weed, then I decided to rob the rest of claimed 16kg. Asked them to get out of their vehicles. They rammed me and drove away so we started to follow. Their vehicle blew up near East Beach and both of them immediately left the server immediately while 3-4 of us were going to shoot them. Evidence [15:27:14] Mask_91247 says: from 1 kg okay? [15:27:17] Staz Gambino says: Okay [15:27:18] *** [#333] Mask_54504: staz will buy 20kg [15:27:21] *** [#333] Mask_54504: come here [15:27:22] Mask_91247 says: ENes. [15:27:24] *** [#333] Mask_10366: from who [15:27:25] * Mask_53192 hands over Weed to Luca_Changretta. [15:27:27] *** [#333] Mask_54504: idk [15:27:28] *** [#333] Mask_54504: mask [15:29:31] Enes_Soprano (4) gave you Weed in 1000 quantity. [15:29:31] * Mask_53192 hands over Weed to Staz_Gambino. [15:29:32] * Mask_53192 locks their Sandking. [15:29:37] *** [#333] Mask_54504: staz [15:29:40] *** [#333] Staz Gambino: yes [15:29:40] *** [#333] Mask_54504: deal? [15:29:43] *** [#333] Staz Gambino: no [15:29:50] *** [#333] Mask_54504: what happen? [15:30:04] Staz Gambino says: You know you shouldn't bring out that much of it at once [15:30:15] (( Luca_Changretta: 20080 x 91 = 1,827,280 )) [15:30:49] Mask_53192 says: will we continue? [15:30:52] You gave ,000 to Enes_Soprano (4). [15:30:52] * Staz Gambino hands over some money to Mask_53192. [15:30:57] *** [#333] Mask_10366: m there (aimed at them here) [15:31:04] Staz Gambino says: Get the fuck out [15:31:11] Mask_53192 says: Okay, chill out [15:31:15] Staz Gambino says: Get out i said [15:31:16] *** [#333] Mask_10366: staz he's domenico calcatera (they rammed here and drove away) [15:31:22] This vehicle is owned by you. Use /v to view management options. (started chasing) [15:31:25] *** [#333] Mask_10366: RUSH [15:31:28] *** [#333] Mask_54504: deal [15:31:32] Sylvester Gambino says: i dont have db [15:31:41] Sylvester Gambino says: if u want lemme drive [15:32:59] *** [#333] Mask_54504: they scam u? [15:33:18] Sylvester Gambino says: lol wtf [15:33:24] *** [#333] Staz Gambino: no (their vehicle blew here) [15:33:25] *** [#333] Mask_54504: sylv [15:33:26] *** [#333] Mask_54504: wru [15:33:29] *** [#333] Mask_10366: where tf did he go [15:33:30] *** [#333] Mask_54504: but what happen [15:33:38] No matching players found. [15:33:42] Mask_10366 says [Russian accent]: Frank [15:33:46] {FFFFFF}Amin_Gambino (33){FFFFFF}: Frank [15:33:53] {FFFFFF}Amin_Gambino (33){FFFFFF}: Luca /q to avoid rp. [15:33:58] {FFFFFF}Joshua_Gambino (15){FFFFFF}: haha [15:34:00] {FFFFFF}Amin_Gambino (33){FFFFFF}: take care of him [15:34:10] Sylvester Gambino says: who was they [15:34:14] Staz Gambino says: enes and luca [15:34:15] Mask_10366 says [Russian accent]: staz [15:34:18] Mask_10366 says [Russian accent]: got ss of them [15:34:22] Sylvester Gambino says: they qed [15:34:23] Mask_10366 says [Russian accent]: quitting mid rp [15:34:24] Mask_10366 says [Russian accent]: ? [15:34:26] Staz Gambino says: alright [15:34:28] Sylvester Gambino says: yes [15:34:28] Mask_10366 says [Russian accent]: report them [15:34:30] Staz Gambino says: stay here for a while (removed some useless logs to avoid confusion, can post whole log file if required)
  3. GAS STATION 9 Property Value: $360,000. Buyout: $12,000,000. Starting Bid: $9,000,000. Average Profit: ((Removed the unncessary logs of changing property name and restocking items))
  4. Make the server heavy roleplay. Players should roleplay minor actions especially whilst dealing with other players. Strict punishments. Reported players shouldn't get away with a "Verbal warning" every time. Turf shootouts and smuggle should be rare occasions. Increase the cooldown time span for turfs and smuggle vastly. Introduce regulations regarding metagaming. Disallow it. People who acknowledge others' identity without getting information ICly should be punished. It will reduce "/s stop or i shoot" aswell. Players should have a proper reason for roleplay robbery or murder. A person having 10m in his bank and using the lame excuse of robbery should be banished. Remove "This vehicle is owned by xxx". "Owned by Player-A" should be only displayed on businesses or large scale properties. Private houses shouldn't display the name and further on. Increase the wages of legal jobs. Players should be rewarded for roleplay such as forum badges etc. as Kacper proposed.
  5. My bad, fixed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Property sold for 6m. Thread to be locked.
  6. 6m offered via a phone call from Heller.
  7. Property type : Ammunition Property location : El Quebrados, Tierra Robada Property Value: 730k BuyOut : Offer (starting from 3.5m) Profit : 30-60k daily Property Image :
  8. It was an intentional ram. As i said they didn't roleplay any single thing in that scenario. It could be an accident if we were standing in the middle of road or around a curve but no. Raul's vehicle was parked on the footpath while Ned was standing next to the window of driver seat, me being in a separate vehicle. They could definitely see us being there. They could OOCly mention or apologize for it but they just continued to speed up and started to abuse us ICly while we followed.
  9. What is your in-game name? Staz_Gambino Which player(s) do you want to report? Whole Andolini (Keith, Tommy, Matrix, Sean, Bella, Steve) When did the rulebreak happen? 08/24/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Ned, Sean and Ace. What happened? (quote what rule was broken) Me and Ned were standing infront of Market mall, waiting for Raul to be back as he asked us to wait. They rammed Ned and drove away. Ned was pissed and asked me to follow them, we followed and asked them to pull over. They trash talked and went towards Market Ammu. We were constantly asking them to pull over and they did. Not even a single roleplay action from them other than just trash talking. Matrix got out and opened fire at our vehicle and it exploded. Like how in the world they have official status? And i just realized that Matrix and Keith are in staff, yeah great innit. Evidence [18:50:14] * Ned Gambino knocks on the window [18:50:21] (( Raul_Finney: Sec. )) [18:50:35] * Mask_49107(me) closes the doors of the Huntley. [18:50:36] * Ned Gambino closely inspects the rancher >They rammed here [18:50:45] *** [#333] Ned Gambino: get that nado [18:50:54] Ned Gambino shouts [Armenian accent]: pull over retarded fucks! [18:51:08] Ned Gambino says [Armenian accent]: they rammed my ass [18:51:09] Ned Gambino shouts [Armenian accent]: pull over retarded fucks! [18:51:12] Ace Gambino shouts [Canadian accent]: PULLOVER! [18:51:17] Keith Andolini shouts [Italian accent]: Your mom is a retarded fuck! [18:51:20] Keith Andolini shouts [Italian accent]: asshole bitch! [18:51:24] Keith Andolini shouts [Italian accent]: Come here motherfucker! [18:51:28] *** [#333] Ace Gambino [low]: backup everyone [18:51:32] *** [#333] Ace Gambino [low]: hq [18:51:34] Ned Gambino says [Armenian accent]: FOLLOW [18:51:36] Ned Gambino says [Armenian accent]: SULTAN [18:51:41] Ned Gambino shouts [Armenian accent]: Pull over now! [18:51:48] *** [#333] Ned Gambino: stop the sultan [18:51:56] *** [#333] Carlo Gambino: get me from market [18:51:59] Ace Gambino shouts [Canadian accent]: STOP IT! [18:51:59] *** [#333] Ned Gambino: stop the sultan [18:52:01] Ned Gambino shouts [Armenian accent]: Pull over now! [18:52:04] * Ace Gambino reaches for his holster as he withdraws his Desert Eagle Mark-XIX, as he then proceeds to turn the safety off. [18:52:04] * Ace Gambino holds his pistol in his right hand as he would be ready to shoot. [18:52:06] Matrix Andolini says [Irish accent]: Stop what my ass? [18:52:08] * Matrix Andolini turns off the engine of their Sultan. [18:52:09] Mask_49107 says: Are you fucking blind? [18:52:10] Ned Gambino shouts [Armenian accent]: OUT OF THE FUCKING CARS! [18:52:10] Keith Andolini shouts [Italian accent]: Motherfucker! [18:52:20] The engine stopped working due to battery death. [18:52:21] The engine stopped working due to battery death. [18:52:22] The engine stopped working due to battery death. [18:52:22] You have suffered severe injuries and passed out. [18:52:22] After 120 seconds, you can "/accept death" if you wish to give up on life. >Died by explosion.
  10. This thread is a source of interaction between IRC and civilians. Feel free to suggest new reforms and amendments. You can also provide constructive criticism to the party. Parliamentary members of IRC will have a thorough look into the suggestion. It will be further filtered and we will see what we can implement consulting the veto power of Congress and Senate. Kindly use the following format: In-game Nick : Context :
  11. The agenda of Independent Republic of Civilians (IRC) is to establish a good economy of the state, maintain peace, eliminate all the crimes along with drugs out of Sanandreas and provide its residents with a good lifestyle by offering them new jobs and vacancies. -The paychecks of various departments which work for betterment of the state will be increased. SAPD, FBI and SWAT will have 15% more salary while EMS and Fire Department will have 25% increase in it's salary. -LS:FC, LS:BC and FC:RC tolls will be permanently opened in regard to truckers and lower stratum civilians. On the other hand, the toll fee of other tolls such as LS:LV, FC:BC will be increased by 25% to overcome the wages of booth attendants. -Property taxes will be decreased in all over the state. -Law enforcement groups will be enforced to carry operations at a higher calibre where daily raids will occur and more scouting will be concluded as the recent news state that the illegal activities have reached their peak in recent times. If any property would be found in which illegal activities would be conducted, it will be tenured. -Drug trafficking has reached a state which Sanandreas has never seen before, it's time to put a stop to it. Law enforcement groups will be directed to plan major encounters of high eminence traffickers which will cut the major supply of narcotics rather than focusing on mobsters of drug cartels. It is assured that the narcotics' production will be reduced, certainly eliminated. -The government will take actions based on actual conditions according to a regime rather than panicking in this critical state of Sanandreas. -Our government will entirely assure the safety of Police Department and it's branches by providing them with better quality armor which will also be available for Volunteers. -There has been enough massacre in Bone County. JSOF will be held back for a specific amount of time in order to plan a major operation to avoid further deaths. We pay a huge tribute to honorable veterans who died for sake of peace. -There will be nothing hidden from the civilians, all the active reforms and projects will be disclosed through television, radio and newspaper by a trusted media source which the government will issue after the elections. -With the help of Congress and Senate, FOREX will be re discussed. The wood and fish export will be extended to numerous other countries which will increase their demand, resulting in the increase of wages for lumberjacks and fishermen. -Numerous local governments will be established in San Fierro, Las Venturas and Bone County which will directly report the conditions and state of active projects to the government, resulting in increased management and control. All the cabinet members will be hired based on a merit and government would not bear any corruption. -The governor will comply with veto power of Legislate and the Senate. -More CCTVs will be added to major zones in San Fierro, Las Venturas and Bone County for the safety of civilians and government's resources. -The government will be more determined about the safety of legal immigrant especially from Pakistan by providing them with new jobs and more safety. -Medical drugs will be legalized for a civilian to carry or transport to research laboratories but a proper evidence of the contract will be required . If the drugs will come out as illegal, they will be seized, SAPD and its branches will be obliged to run a thorough search on the civilian's income source and further steps will be concluded. -The past governments have entirely failed to maintain a good economy and peace in the state. We assure you that the economy of Sanandreas will be in right hands and its economy will eventually grow, not by increasing taxes or taking loans but by growing resources, exports and various classified aspects. The government will actively work on the mentioned reforms and be well aware of the economic progress of the state. The future of Sanandreas is in your hands. Every single vote of yours means a lot for the safe future of Sanandreas.
  12. In-game name: Staz Gonzales Date of when you discovered the bug: 09/11/01 What feature is the bug relevant to: other Explain how does the bug occur: All the walk/run animations do not end up by /sa whilst they should if it's like that by purpose. Additional content: N/A
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