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  1. Team name: IX Legion Player 1/Leader: Staz_Gonzales | @Staz Player 2: Luzziz_Walker | @Luzziz Player 3: Rock_Cahill | @Rock Player 4: Ron_Aternos | @MarksmanV2 Player 5: Luke_Gambino | @Volume Player 6(Substitute): David_Coleman | @David Player 7(Substitute): Exodus_Paparazzi } @Vladimir
  2. Unbanned and obliged to use CAC from now on.
  3. - Folder screenshots do not prove anything. Anything can be altered, the files themselves, file names, date modified etc. - The clips you're showing at just some basic shots on still players. Sure thing. Doesn't the decrease in FPS make it harder for you to aim? Any hack can be toggled. You did not miss last 4 consecutive shots against me while I was running around you. Not impossible but your ped aim was not synced at all. Also, according to damage logs. You hit 2 deagle shots against someone else within 1 second before. Would you elaborate on how did
  4. @st_alex Kindly update the report with your actual in-game name so staff can check-in with the logs.
  5. Reported player will be warned for providing IC information after dying. Concluded.
  6. He crashed, kindly provide appropriate information so no one gets mistakenly punished. Now, if it was a force crash or not, he crashed 4 times afterwards aswell within the span of one hour. Seems like he was rather having some issues with his PC. Concluded.
  7. Reported player will be warned for copbaiting. Concluded.
  8. Your report lacks the initial information required to file it, the names. There is also no evidence so I'd like to close it for now. However, an eye will be kept on Chloe McKlin. Concluded.
  9. Reported player crashed 5 times today, prior to the situation with you. I doubt it was a force crash. Concluded.
  10. Considering the punishment history of reported player, he will be verbally warned and informed about the regulation that one is only permitted to be lethal towards attackers who're posing a threat, as in brandishing weaponry or getting close in distance. About the wallhack, he could have just randomly opened fire, not even considering your nickname as maybe he considered the heli as a threat. We cannot count that was sufficient proof. He is force CAC'd already though. Concluded.
  11. Reported player will be warned for /q after getting knocked. Concluded.
  12. Alright so you were present in that area with the intention to engage in a shootout against them, doesn't matter if you opened fire or not. You got shot at which includes you in the shootout, then you fell off as you mentioned. That means that you got knocked whilst being in an active shootout. You are not supposed to leave the server until you accept death whatsoever. That's a lame excuse, if so then anyone can /q after getting knocked. "Ah i just had 3 painkillers on me and my mom called me. look at them crybabies reporting me for breaching a server rule." You will be pun
  13. Reported player is a newbie, being level-4. Currently, he has no punishments whatsoever. He will be verbally warned and kept an eye upon if he's continuously seeking deathmatch. Thank you for reporting.
  14. He would be punished if you hadn't crashed but you did, giving him the right to leave the scenario as he is not obliged to wait for you there. You can still contact him IG and request to continue the scenario if he is willing to. It cannot be regarded as /q to avoid arrest. Concluded.
  15. Apologies on staff's behalf for the report not being handled in time. Garry Lumberson, Papi Scaletta and Lance Wilson are newbies, being lower than level-5. They will be informed about the regulations. Mohammad Aldawi will be verbally warned for tag-hunting. Concluded.
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