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  1. What is your in-game name? Kazuto Walker Which player(s) do you want to report? Razor_McKlin When did the rulebreak happen? 06/28/2020 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? What happened? (quote what rule was broken) Triggerbot -> Aim assist/Silent Aimbot (Ones that CAC cannot pickup) Proof of this look at the smooth turning and locking on only when the skin is touched and when the crosshair went above the skin as you can see in timestamp 00:20 his aim freaks out then resumes to smoothly follow the skin model Evidence This Link here at timestamp: 00:18 to 00:22 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgvo-lLl8h8&feature=youtu.be
  2. Any updates regarding this report or still in the process of investigating?
  3. What is your in-game name? Kazuto Walker Which player(s) do you want to report? Nacir Sparrow and Gabriel Guerrero When did the rulebreak happen? 06/26/2020 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Eduardo Santos (Think he was afk due to sending recording) What happened? (quote what rule was broken) Trolling -> Blatant Cop baiting Side Note I personally would request another Administrator to look into this report, and not Enrique Mendez as he is involved in this report (which has been reported in staff reports) Evidence https://imgur.com/a/zhYxQ1y <- Link has proof to display the rule break
  4. Anthony he needs a place to attention seek dont worry everyone knows hes retarded
  5. In fact that is where you are wrong. This topic is regarding "COPBAITING IN REVERSE" I'm referring to a IC sense where you can report the officer. How about I make a topic about each group having almost every group as an ally, then when one is suspected you have 90% of the server rolling up to help that 1 criminal
  6. Then you can file a complaint. As shown in the screenshot. Take IC evidence and just file one simple document which takes what 2 minutes? then LT+ will check it and if found guilty then that cop will be suspended if not fired
  7. That applies to officers in your country. Look online about cops in other countries. some look around if not patrol looking casual with their patrol but they are watching incase any illegal acts are happening.
  8. From my 2 years of playing mudoo criminals have always ran and lured cops into a massive group of allies criminal groups. "70% of the time cops are patrolling around the Idlewood Motel, which is really annoying" you could speak to the Chief of Police or another high ranked officer regarding this. If not speak to the governor or send a IC letter to the president to discuss about it. "they call backup because we 'threatened' them." some cops do feel threatened. because not 1 person arrives but about 3+ people come. If a group of people rolled up to you IRL and said leave. would you feel threatened? Of course you dont know what they will do to you if u dont listen. also maybe considering your attitude. some quotes from people i noticed. "Cops fuck off" "Piss off" "LEAVE THE AREA" "LEAVE" You get the gist now right? As i stated above, your attitude can be considered as threatening. Let me give a example. Cop rolls up to Idle motel and parks there. Crim: walks upto the cop ALONE. "Officer do you mind leaving your making us feel uncomfortable" Cop: Gives their response most likely positive Cop leaves. Group at idle motel: Happy cause cop left
  9. "No, you arrest people without an SU on them, I experienced it myself." Theres a thing called Bolo heard of it? if not please let me enlighten you Bolo is initially a basic warrent for a suspects arrest. Also if they aided or there is literal evidence to put on them they can detain before it leads into a shootout or some other bullshit you do. "Cops tase people with their hands in the air too, have experienced it too." Sometimes it maybe a missclick if not its possible because the person who put their hands up done it after several times of being told to which is a logical sense to taze as they may quickly drag out a handgun from their trousers or as most of you criminals do is pull M4s and Snipers out your asshole. "No, also troopers abuse their power, sometimes even worse than volunteers." You can take IC evidence and report them on pd.sagov.us and then they can be punished. "No, they do not prefer RP rather than money, that's what I've noticed out of my experiences, most cops are looking for action, sensation." What YOU have experienced. Clearly you have not interacted with other cops, such as myself. "No, troopers annoy us more than volunteers, troopers are always 'patrolling', always around our Motel." Some may want to interact with you if not making sure nothing illegal is happening, Have you seen cops irl? clearly not
  10. "BC are not provoking, but defending their territory" -> Shows video of literal copbaiting. -> "I am not defnding BC, and if they were copbaiting, report him and he'll get punished, simple." At least you reconsidered your comment. Props to you Now back on topic. "No, we stay where we are, we aren't the ones who are supposed to change, but you are, you are the ones who should go visit other places." Some of us may come to have a chat get to know the locals maybe. or consider how one guy whos a suspect calls backup aka you+ your gang then it leads to a shootout. so basicly its the mentality of criminals at play here as well as the mentality of some cops.
  11. "Not everyone wants to murder cops on the spot." Exactly, yesterday i spoke to 3 guys. Thomas Parker and David Something, all 3 of us were at the LV smuggle point. what did we do? have a chat even had a laugh. Hell we even made a few bets on where it was gunna drop. Props to them literally I walked out untouched i mean i did lose 10k at that time cause i lost the bet but the moral here is that there are some people who prefer to negotiate and prove themselves as innocent rather than DMing cops
  12. ICly i see you as a gang yes. infact I see you as a group of men who chill at a community center all day. "Your way is that you can arrest everyone you want" Most cops arrest suspects, your referring to newbie volunteers who just joined the server. "abuse your taser" We use taser if someone is not complying with the /handsup request which by law we are allowed to. "your cop attributes and shit" Only applys to newbie volunteers or recruits who are learning. "without us doing anything back" you either threaten cops or attempt to kill them, You legally have the right to an attorney and to request a supervisor to prove your innocence. " giving you your money" Most cops prefer RP rather than money. As i said before applies to Volunteers. " letting you annoy us 24/7" Again applies to volunteers. Side note Just in a matter of 3 days I rped with different people, people who RPed as hookers, gang members mafia etc. and guess what Many of them walked free no jail or jack shit. Why? Because they decided to calmly comply instead of resisting and they proved their innocents with RPed evidence, many of them even at the end thanked a few of us given we spoke calmly to them and they gave a calm reaction back.
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