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  1. What is your in-game name? Sanford_Ventrasca / .. Which staff member banned you? Not sure When did you get banned? 12/12/2019 What is the ban reason? Aimbot/Ban-evading Personal comment Hello, I am Sanford Ventrasca and Nicole Whitefield, later name-changed to Samantha Wilson. Both accounts are linked together and here I am to appeal for these two banned accounts. I had Matthew's consent on having multi-account (I had only two accounts). I was banned for aimbot while I was not having any hack or mod that gave me any advantage among the rest of the players in the server. Sanford was used for illegal roleplay and Samantha for legal roleplay. Samantha was in PD, but due to some complicated issues ICly, I had got kicked out. I had no malicious intention to harm anyone or the server in specific, please don't get mistaken or assume that by the term of 'multi-accounting'. If I recall the last incident correctly, Sanford was roleplaying being in a Afro-American ghetto gang and had IC beef with other factions. Me and my factions members went to murder someone who called us out and talked shit about our set. We went to murder him and got some heat on us. Cops were chasing us left and right, me and my boys drilled out the PD volunteers straight. I hid behind a tree and used it's large invisible mesh box to avoid getting shots (everyone does that, "covering"). Then an admin who was a cop, came in and got dropped by me. I believe, admins might had false assumptions on me using aimbot to drop like 3-5 volunteers. After getting banned on Sanford, I didn't mind it seriously and began playing on Samantha Wilson. After a while, the system might have flagged me as ban evading and got banned for ban evading by someone. I don't specifically remember the date and the person who had banned me. Because of my arrogant behavior and stubbornness of being banned on something which I haven't done, I didn't mind proving my innocence (Then I had been actively focused on heavy roleplay servers, getting into LEO factions and following LEO roleplay). While being an active member on this community, I have only tried/did to contribute for the betterment of the server and community. If you kindly take a moment to go through my forum posts, you will see how much I tried to do for the sake of roleplay and better standards on this server. Over the time after getting banned, I have tried to play here a couple of times for sake to meet my old friends and tease players in /p like the same old Mudoo and get the vibes, but the system is too tough and flags out me for ban evading. If I had appealed this ban before, I would have already done the time. I kindly request full clemency from the side of the server management and the admin team. Please consider giving me a second chance to play on this server again, I wouldn't say NO even if you put me in ban-worth conditions. I already had done enough time and I'd be happy to see if some of the old players would welcome me back, Thank you
  2. What is your in-game name? Sanford_Ventrasca Which staff member banned you? James Barkside When did you get banned? 03/12/20 What is the ban reason? Aimbot Personal comment I don't have any modifications or scripts other than some vehicle modications, unfreeze.cs and enterable vehicle mod. Well, I do not understand why you guys support someone with smooth skills. If I were a troller or hacker, I wouldn't get my ass here to post an unban appeal, I just want to roleplay with them TDB guys.
  3. By Nichole Whitefled Published on September 24, 2019 Welcome to Radisson Blu, a whole world in the heart of the state of Mudoo. Meet Mister Weston Lockeheed, the owner of Raddison Blu and a Lieutant of Police within San Andreas Police Department. We were very pleased to meet the polite gentleman, who has just up this grand wonder in the middle of Pershning Square. "Our main intention is to turn this five star hotel much popular in the city of San Andreas itself. I would also like to add that, this is almost like a Casino, where we conduct gambling and poker on a daily basis. We have ensured the security level to the maximum by the usage of latest technologies" said Weston Lockeheed. The owner was being busy in showing us their latest security technologies that have implemented in there. The waiters and the bartenders seem to only have on goal in sight; pleasing the customers. The hotel's personnel have an utmost sense of respect and politeness, clearly dedicated to their position within the establishment's staff team and, for the restraurant's Grand Opening, everyone recieved free drinks on request. \ Raddison Blu offers a variety of suites and services to enrich their customer's satisfaction and close engagement in their delighted atomosphere. It may include, large conference halls, premium hotel suites, a ballot hall, a mini bar and much more. For more information regarding booking and other services, contact - services@raddisonblu.com
  4. (( This thread will follow up the character development of Nichole Whitefield, a mere 19 years old white girl )) "Yesterday is but today's memory, and tomorrow is today's dream" - Khalil Gibran
  5. Username: ovuvuevuevue enyetuenwuevue ugbemugbem osas Comment: Trash
  6. You all are retarded, even the topic starter too. You cannot defend yourself without a firearm. You will have to certainly brandish and operate a firearm in public when you have to defend yourself. So, it is called 'Self Defence,' generally. In the case of neutralizing an attacker, you must use the 911 hotline to inform the situation after defending yourself from the attacker and must not leave the premises. You should wait until the officers show up at the scene. The laws against brandishing and operating firearm in public is not taken in account when it comes to self-defense. The scale of force in self defense varies from type to type. You cannot shoot down someone who just punched/slapped you on the face. This is where the 'citizen arrest' takes place. As I have mentioned above, this petition indeed has nothing in logic. Therefore, this is irrelevant.
  7. CITY LIFE NEWS By Nichole Whitefled 11 September 2019 The well established company, Luxury Auto Dealership, has decided to launch their own vehicle showroom at Rodeo, Los Santos. The company aims to sell newly built and used motor vehicles for fair prices. The dealership has a unique name for owning rare and unique cars, which varies from normal saloons to very rare sport cars. "Our company has accomplished to possess a great trust within the community in our long run and we will try to establish a monopoly in this field. Nobody owns rare and unique cars like us in this entire Los Santos, that's what makes us keeping our head upwards," said Lance Ricci, CEO of Luxuary Auto Dealership. Lance Ricci, the CEO of Luxury Auto Dealership, stated that they are in need of professional staff members, possessing relevant degree(s) to apply for the post of salemen. Preferably, Master of Arts in Commerce or Business Management.
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