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  1. Moderator application - Ebaad_24

    He is no more intrested i think
  2. [Unbanned] Unban appeal - [IX]Raven[vVv]

    I am sorry, I didn't test it by pressing Run Key rapidly,you will given 250k money in-game by me for the time you have served the banned.PM me on discord when you come in-game. Unbanned.
  3. [Unbanned] Unban appeal - [IX]Raven[vVv]

    Before posting this proofs i would like to say that your punishment is gonna be harder now.... Here is the proofs: https://youtu.be/bYCpg1NtCWU This video clearly shows that you are running faster then any normal player. You have 2 choices now: 1. Admit it. 2. Stay banned.
  4. Moderator application - Rinzler

    You need to have understandable English Skills.
  5. Moderator application - [322]Artisty

    I Recommend him +Active +Helpful +Mature
  6. Moderator application - Ebaad_24

    I Dis-recommend him -In-active -immature +Helpful
  7. Moderator application - Hawk

    I am Neutral for him; +Mature -In-active +Helpful -Have to spend a little more time with us.
  8. I Recommend him; +Mature +Helpful +Active +Good communication skills
  9. I Dis-Recommend him; -Immature -In-Active -Not fit to be a staff member
  10. I Recommend him; +Active +Mature +Helpful +Patient
  11. I Dis-Recommend Him; -Immature -Rulebreaker(abused /ad yesterday) -Impatient +Active I will keep on observing you,if you would improve yourselve so i would change my opinion on you.