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  1. ok sorry for that,please unban me as soon as you can.i am waiting to be unbanned and play in the server.
  2. I am trying to learn rp same as my brothers.We are actually learning many things about rp in this server and we loved how dylan and locmax scripted this server in an awesome way.I am sorry for my attitude and behaviour also If it's possible unban us as soon as possible and inshallah we will improve and thats my promise.
  3. What is your in-game name? Zain_Najam , Ghost_Rider and Sam_Jordan Which staff member banned you? MatthewC When did you get banned? 05/29/18 What is the ban reason? Constant DM Personal comment Well we are sorry for Dming,we forget to rp many times and starts shooting players and etc, we are trying to learn rp by staying in the server and keeps asking alot of questions from the staff members to learn things.we are sure we will try to stop this habbit of dming peoples, Sorry for this thing.We posted all three unban appeals in one so it would be less mess.
  4. I am sorry, I didn't test it by pressing Run Key rapidly,you will given 250k money in-game by me for the time you have served the banned.PM me on discord when you come in-game. Unbanned.
  5. Before posting this proofs i would like to say that your punishment is gonna be harder now.... Here is the proofs: https://youtu.be/bYCpg1NtCWU This video clearly shows that you are running faster then any normal player. You have 2 choices now: 1. Admit it. 2. Stay banned.
  6. You need to have understandable English Skills.
  7. I Dis-recommend him -In-active -immature +Helpful
  8. I am Neutral for him; +Mature -In-active +Helpful -Have to spend a little more time with us.
  9. I Recommend him; +Mature +Helpful +Active +Good communication skills
  10. I Dis-Recommend him; -Immature -In-Active -Not fit to be a staff member
  11. I Recommend him; +Active +Mature +Helpful +Patient
  12. I Dis-Recommend Him; -Immature -Rulebreaker(abused /ad yesterday) -Impatient +Active I will keep on observing you,if you would improve yourselve so i would change my opinion on you.
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